Zither Emperor!

Zither Emperor!

But last God Realm is strange, because, it gave this independent space to bring the sound, delightful buzz the whining noise often spread from this God Realm, the God Realm itself volume was smallest, but in this not big volume, actually outward shook halos. In this independent space in complete six God Realm, instead seems centered on it. All six Divine Power of entire space, under the function that in these buzz called compromised perfectly in the same place, was resisting outside world Black Hole strength.

It seems like was coming really right!

Tang San cultivates is, after short shock, a point that he first can determine is, existence of this independent space is marvelous, in this space, although these God Realm's Power as before during was swallowed by Black Hole gradually, but the swallowed speed wants slowly were many, even should be swallowed speed of Douluo God Realm in Space-Time Turbulent Flow is similar. In other words, here, they will not have the too major problem in a short time.

„Welcome to God Realms Tomb.” A clear and melodious sound resounds, compared with the beforehand divine sense transmission thought that many that must clean.

rays of light flashes through together, appears that the form is quietly together in Tang San front not far away, he wears a white long gown, the style is plain, seems 27 and eight -year-old appearances, the look is handsome, has a marvelous charm regarding around the body.

„Human?” Tang San somewhat surprised saying.

After all this is in the universe, he thinks these similarly are existences of God Realm, very possible is different types of lifeform. Has not actually thought that first sees unexpectedly is human, this also made him have several points of kind feeling subconsciously.

The white clothing youth shows a faint smile, „! The main road myriad, reaches the same goal or conclusion from different approaches. Arrived god this level, in fact, only had human to achieve such boundary. Even if not human, will practice finally also our human appearance.”

both sides both exchange through divine sense, therefore does not have any barrier in language.

Tang San nods slightly, „said is also, but, I first time see these many person of same belief people actually. You said before right, we were also curled by Space-Time Turbulent Flow. Has not actually thought, in this Black Hole, really also has the so mysterious world.”

Listened to his such saying, the expression of white clothing youth actually instantaneously became somewhat desolate, „present meteorology, after had sacrificed innumerable God Realm , the way of trying to find out, was barely manages to maintain a feeble existence. Has not consulted, your surname high fame.”

Tang San sees the politeness that he said that naturally will not conceal anything, „I called Tang San, God Realm that I was, before has said that was called Douluo God Realm. My God's Position, Sea God.”

The white clothing youth nods slightly, „below Ye Yinzhu, God Position is the zither | Jean. Everybody called my Zither Emperor.”

Tang San said suddenly: „It seems like, that marvelous rhythm is you plays?” Formerly he had felt, this white clothing youth came from former that by him is thought was the star of center.

The white clothing youth said: „The future is a guest, first arrives at my there to sit, I also please come other God King. Many ally, to us, is always good. On an opportunity also many point.”

Listens to him to speak of the opportunity two characters, in the Tang San heart moves, if there is opportunity, then, regarding them, without doubt is the biggest good deed.

But he had not asked that in fully did not understand in the situation of opposite party, urgency that extremely cannot display.

Hand signal that Zither Emperor Ye Yinzhu makes invitation, swings the body in a flash, flies toward own God Realm, a white light releases from him, receiving and instructing naturally on Tang San, Tang San does not need to make anything, naturally will be following him, as soon as took off the past.

divine sense naturally absorbs this comprised of the energy in space six God Realm, restoration that formerly came under the influence of Black Hole in the entire flight been quietly.

When will soon fly Zither Emperor God Realm, Ye Yinzhu suddenly turns head to look at Tang San one, said: „Your excellency divine sense is really formidable, it seems like we formerly induced not wrong, God Realm that you are is very powerful.”

Tang San smiles bitterly, „, but similarly is also inescapable by the Space-Time Turbulent Flow volume arrived here destiny.”

Ye Yinzhu gives a calm smile, body white light flashes, the next quarter, Tang San and he went to a place.

The surrounding carpet of green grass, the light delicate fragrance heads on, compared with the Douluo God Realm palace, here appeared simple.

The surroundings are the bamboo grove, but place that they are at now, is around one makes the small courtyard in fence with the bamboo, in the courtyard has 78 bamboo rooms, all looked like have been full of the countryside character and style.

But if carefully looked that will discover, that all bamboos send out light azure to be bright, in seems containing endless life aura.

A gate of upfront bamboo room opened, goes out of one to wear the faint yellow long skirt and bright eyes good look around young girl from inside.

Sees Tang San, she has not revealed any surprised look, but nodded to him, then approaches Ye Yinzhu saying: „Came the guest. I prepare the bamboo reveal and bamboo shoots entertainment.”

Sees her, in the Ye Yinzhu look full is the soft light, „was laborious you, Sura.”

Sura smiles, two people flirt with the eyes, she turned around.

Ye Yinzhu then approaches Tang San saying: „This is my wife Sura. Please.” At the same time was saying, he to the hand signal that Tang San makes invitation.

In this time, side another bamboo front door was also opening, goes out of one from inside seems the age slightly long young girl, said to Ye Yinzhu in a soft voice: „Master, came the guest, hello, I was Anya.”

Anya charm not under formerly Sura, moreover what strange is she is sharp-eared, seems not an ordinary human, the feelings of some of her peerless grace and talent, the graceful beautiful woman in the proud bamboo grove, has increased several points of moving appearance.

The Tang San expression immediately becomes somewhat strange, Ye Yinzhu actually very natural walks to go forward, has hugged her gently, „Elder Sister Anya, I entertain the guest to be good.”

„Elder Sister Anya, we have a look at the black bamboo god needle to do how.” Also is a bamboo front door opens, goes out of a as before outstandingly beautiful young girl from inside, a court lady style of dress, noble elegant, is the winning smile is sweet, is having several points of lively flavor.

Anya said with a smile: „Good, Hai Yang went, we have a look. The problem that however Xiang Luan, your this has a long lazy sleep may probably change.”

Xiang Luan spits the tongue, „who lets this body is not my. Every day does not rest to suffice always to think exhausted.”

Anya walks, holds her hand, turns around to nod the head to Tang San said: „Guest has neglected, our a little matter, first went to be busy.” Then, she draws is being called the Xiang Luan young girl, the half step goes.

The Xiang Luan vision somewhat curiously looked at Tang San one, said to Anya quietly: „Before this guest , has probably not seen. light wheel after his brain also very well looks.”

Anya has drawn her, two people then left the courtyard, floating goes.

„. They are my wife, called Hai Yang, temporarily not.” Ye Yinzhu slightly somewhat awkward saying, this awkward naturally came from the Tang San strange vision.

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