Change of the seasons

Change of the seasons

Tang San wisp of soul drills into God Realm's Center, immediately integrates to a warm feeling during, God Realm's Center is entire God Realm's Core, Immortal Spirit Qi of internal implication is purest, connects in entire God Realm each corner. to protection God Realm also controls God Realm.

Initially, God of Ruin rebelled, the matter that must first handle receives the God Realm's Center key, otherwise, even if he were God King, is unable to revolt in front of God Realm's Center.

In God Realm's Center, Tang San wisp of soul exaggerated on scarlet, orange gradually, the yellow, green, azure, blue, purple, black and white nine colors, making golden body wisp of soul itself look like more gorgeous.

The consciousness sinks to congeal, wisp of soul divine sense is reserved, in the double pupil golden light suddenly/violently to launch, the whole reduced one-third, own energy complete adduction, then that nine color halos condenses, micro changes into nine color light wheel after the brain. The next quarter, the Tang San divine sense thought change, the light shadow flashes, he arrived in outside world.

Beside God Realm is Black Hole, when did several things at the same time just to leave the God Realm instance, Tang San only thought that from transmitted a terrifying to extreme attracting force suddenly in all directions, that was an energy beyond description, was not the destruction, was pure swallowing, has filled greedy swallowing.

Tang San knows, in Black Hole, even if the ray is swallowed, say nothing of other. In this environment, even if god does not have the means survival.

The nine color halo brilliance twinkles after wisp of soul brain, transform light to cover his wisp of soul protection, even if so, the light covers also in the unceasing twinkle, relies on God Realm most peak core Divine Power to resist this swallowing.

divine sense flies to shoot to come in this time together exactly, to draw close to Tang San divine sense around, a Tang San right hand point, opens a gap, that said that divine sense receives and instructs.

This divine sense does not have what thought to exist, looks like an invisible line, is towing Tang San wisp of soul.

The thought connection, completes the guidance instantaneously. Arrived certain level, lots were interlinked. rays of light flashes, Tang San divine sense flashes not to have in this Black Hole instantaneously, without a trace of disappearance.

divine sense hauling, Tang San as far as possible contracts the God Realm's Center energy inward, sticks to own wisp of soul, reduced Black Hole as far as possible to own influence.

Regarding god, divine sense is extremely precious existence, even if loses one to need to restore for a long time.

Now God Realm external universe energy had not supplemented, did not have existence of strength of belief, Tang San not to dare to make own divine sense consume. Therefore, he not only with few divine sense, instead has not needed to be many some divine sense, making divine sense itself more tenacious, this is also good to return successfully.

Receives and instructs own divine sense regarding these, Tang San extremely had not been worried, the reason is very simple, Black Hole is the non- difference attack, regarding any exists is the same. Before and these divine sense exchanges time, Tang San can feel, these divine sense natures and looked like, this showed that everybody's situation should be also similar, was meeting misfortune. Such being the case, now mutually attacks does not have any significance, let alone is only this together wisp of soul.

In the Black Hole move in absolutely is an extremely difficult matter, even if only divine sense, in the situation of any entity, in the process of high-speed movement, Tang San cannot feel own consumption gradually to increase obviously, almost every point and every second in the promotion of by how much multiple.

This without doubt is a very terrifying matter, before has not experienced truly, definitely is unable to imagine, since become a God, even if in initially by the process of God of Ruin captivity, Tang San had not had the feeling like present, this is one true fear, came from in the source, fear that as if oneself momentarily can vanish.

Is getting stronger and stronger in the Tang San sense of fear, God Realm's Center entrusts with his Protective Force already starts to creaky, suddenly, change of the seasons and dizziness. Pressure suddenly one light, came from is instantaneous surrounding attracting force.

In this flash, Tang San has the intense release feeling, light wheel that God Realm's Center forms condenses the forming, nine color halos covered, making his own divine sense become solidify instantaneously.

Is this?

The Tang San surprised discovery, after as if passes through attracting of Black Hole has pulled, own divine sense instead becomes concentrates.

Must know, he now is one generation of God King, his cultivating, his divine sense, early has achieved in peak condition of God Realm, like the promotion feeling, he does not know that many years have not experienced.

Has not waited for him to go to sincere feeling these, surrounding all suddenly become clear, no longer is a darkness, when he sees clearly at present when all, by all these deep shocks.

That even is one type nearly in affected shock, because, he saw the star, saw also more than one star. Although these stars vary . Moreover the appearance that arranges also appears somewhat strange, but, this after all is real existence!

Said accurately that is also not the star, but God Realm condensed to be similar to the appearance of star, nearly in entity.

The quantity of star somewhat strange, what is most noticeable is in left three, these three purple black star volumes are smallest, but they are actually centralized in the same place, composes a triangle, center triangle, jet black just like vortex general existence, moreover to the feeling of person, even is more like small Black Hole. The star of that three purple black appearances, revolves this small Black Hole in slowly the rhythm.

By it, is azure bright God Realm, in all these are similar in star God Realm, this God Realm overall volume is biggest one. The green colored light faints partly visible, the interior also faintly had golden electric lights to pass over gently and swiftly, seemed very strange.

All God Realm complete platoons become ring-like, looks like looks like strange Magic Array, but the space that Tang San just entered, in their covering scopes. God Realm of these similar stars are sending out own rays of light respectively, has haunched one pure light covers together, in this Black Hole world, formed one to be similar to internal minor cycle unexpectedly.

Besides front two God Realm, third God Realm is the white, one group of white halos are partly visible, the interior has Tang San very familiar Holy Aura to be partly visible faintly, the God Realm surface looks like the gable fog is being common, quietly circulation, partly visible. To person compatible feeling.

After two God Realm, looked like somewhat has been again similar, said accurately, is God Realm that and Tang San was is similar, from the overall aura, wanted to be smaller and weaker than Douluo God Realm, but the nature was similar, was the colored light fog winds around, just like solid body planet is ordinary.


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