Black Hole guest

Black Hole guest

Black Hole, that absolutely compared with Space-Time Turbulent Flow more fearful existence, Space-Time Turbulent Flow itself, although will also consume the God Realm energy, but that is not initiative, but is God Realm withstands to attack own consumption unceasingly.

Black Hole is different, Black Hole itself has to swallow all abilities, in this Black Hole, even if God Realm has their numerous Gods protection, temporarily can also maintain, but the time is long, first did not say simply does not have the possibility that break free exits, clean that will finally be certainly swallowed.

Therefore, falls into Black Hole, might as well before , in Space-Time Turbulent Flow, at least can also live on dishonorably in Space-Time Turbulent Flow, in this Black Hole, having more than enough one year or so, God Realm will perhaps be melted clean, to that time, numerous Gods did not have certainly any possibly survives.

In Tang San was discovering when God Realm places Black Hole, the heart sinks depressed, suddenly, some different feeling appears in his divine sense.

Indistinct within, he felt obviously several similar divine sense as if have swept from oneself divine sense.

In Black Hole has divine sense? divine sense is higher lifeform has. In this also has other lives?

In Tang San hesitates, from his divine sense slightly crosses several divine sense that quickly to come back, and all centralized above his divine sense.

Tang San can feel obviously, these divine sense intensities are quite not weak, although is inferior to itself, but does not have the disparity to be too big.

„Newly arrived?” divine sense transmits a thought together. The exchange between divine sense is simplest, does not need any language and writing, only needs to express clear own meaning, the opposite party can understand.

„Who are you?” The Tang San divine sense release, several divine sense that own thought simultaneously releases sweeping.

„It seems like is one by God Realm that Space-Time Turbulent Flow curls.” And a sound resounds, somewhat sigh with emotion saying.

Tang San was stranger, „are you also God Realm? Comes from different God Realm? You where?”

„In God Realms Tomb, can swallow including the ray, therefore you cannot see us, only has divine sense, holds through the God Realm in addition can each other feel reluctantly. Our situations should be similar. Said accurately, in the Universe appears a series of catastrophes, numerous universe turbulent flow appears, many Plane(s) God Realm were stave recently , some strong God Realm resist reluctantly actually by sweep away. We are this kind, looks like you should also be so, excuse me, your respective God Realm why?”

This time is a feeling is more temperate the thought that divine sense transmits.

The Tang San hesitation moment said: „You can call us Douluo God Realm. Our God Realm came from remote place, there, most important star named Douluo Star. Everybody?”

God Realm unexpectedly more than one that in this Black Hole swallows, this made the Tang San mood change for the better slightly several points. The same life is connected, since everybody is facing such situation, can perhaps some mutually help place.

„Wait a bit, such cross Black Hole divine sense exchange to us consumes is too big, you can prepare first, later we give you one to guide coordinate, you can divide wisp of divine sense to come, like this exchanges more convenient.” That thought of first passing on transmits once more.

„Good!” Complying of Tang San without the slightest hesitation. He did not worry that this is a trap, is only a wisp of Dividing Spirit, he also loses. What is more important, so long as has an opportunity, cannot give up at this time.

divine sense takes back, the thought of Tang San returns to God Realm's Center.

When he opens the double pupil, discovers the vision of all people strongly on him.

Tang San said solemnly: „Situation is not very good, but does not go bad to the degree that is unable to recall. We are in one type in heavenly body that has gravity, was absorbed. But in this day within the body, I discovered that also has other God Realm to exist, is similar to our situation, they already and I communicate through divine sense, wait a minute us to be able the depth communication, first understood here situation said other again.”

numerous Gods look at each other in blank dismay, this situation has filled obviously uncertainty, but at least is not the worst result.

Disbands numerous god, in the committee only the remaining Tang San six people.

Rong Nianbing asked to Tang San: „Is situation not good?”

Tang San nodded, „is Black Hole, we had been inhaled draw by Black Hole, but I have not deceived everybody, truly also feels to have in this Black Hole with our same God Realm exists. They wait a minute to be able with me to exchange, I need a look, actually they are in what kind of condition. Has the opportunity to be able break away here. Before them with my communication, should not hope that completely, otherwise, they do not need to exchange anything with me, but waited for death is OK.”

Hears Black Hole these two characters, people all mind shock on the scene. Especially as God King, similarly has glanced through ancient book Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames). Their clear Black Hole means anything very much.

„I rest first, waits a minute to with wisp of soul and they exchanges.” At the same time was saying, Tang San sits down same place, in regards with rapt attention, with the aid of being in God Realm Council, restored formerly to consume divine sense that.

Rong Nianbing said: „We collaborate, first makes God Realm contract as far as possible, reduces by the speed that Black Hole swallows.”

„Good!” Ji Dong complies with one.

Five people simultaneously lift the hand, searches the hand respectively according to above God Realm's Center, pours into Divine Power slowly.

Dense brilliance once more appears in God Realm Council, gentle halo outward diffusion. Adduction of entire God Realm slowly under slight trembling, making own protection density greatly, only has so, the swallowed speed will reduce speed.

God Realm intensity very big, the energy level surmounts the common custom, when is containing universe initial Creation and Ruin Power, can therefore also temporarily survive in Black Hole.

In God Realm, did not have any feeling temporarily. So long as the God Realm guard/shield does not collapse, interior will not be affected. Pours into without the outside world energy origin, God Realm own energy will sooner or later consume completely, to that time, all will disappear in Black Hole.

On Tang San is rippling light golden-light halo, sits is ordinary just like the sculpture there, the forehead place, light golden trident rune/symbol writing is partly visible, condenses own Soul Power with the aid of Ultra Divine Tool Sea God Trident, without doubt is the desired effect.

Dark in has the induction, Tang San sits there stands one's ground steadfastly, the golden trident design on forehead actually suddenly glistens, the golden light projects in the midair together, the golden light condenses, the moment time transformed a small human form appearance, that impressively is Tang San itself exactly the same existence, is only all over the body resplendent gold/metal, itself extremely congealing reality, looks like with general that the gold carves becomes.

He float there, nodded to the Rong Nianbing five people, then swings the body in a flash, changes into golden to drill into God Realm's Center to vanish without the trace together like lightning.

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