The opportunity came

The opportunity came

Yes, God Realm needs an opportunity, but, Tang San have not thought that such rapidness that this opportunity can come.

Over a hundred god all centralized around God Realm Council God Realm's Center.

Tang San occupies the seat of honor high, at this moment , he under these at least are third-level above god numerous Gods, on the face is revealing excited look all.

In a moment ago, before a moment ago soon, God Realm's Center suddenly felt one to come from attractive power beside Space-Time Turbulent Flow.

This opportunity happening suddenly, from discovery to disappearance, but has continued for several seconds, but the instantaneous early warning of God Realm's Center, makes stable under arrive at the present from God Realm immediately, waited for several months numerous Gods excited.

Tang San without the slightest hesitation has summoned all certain strength above god.

Ji Dong somewhat anxious looks to Tang San, „not only appears that time?”

Tang San shakes the head, said: „, Space-Time Turbulent Flow will not have its characteristics, it is not the change of that straight line, but will be circling the flight. Before that attractive power intensity was not small, therefore God Realm's Center first felt. Then, may have the second time very much, even is the third time. We are ready first, cannot possibly let off all.”

numerous Gods nods.

Tang Wulin one step steps forward, arrives at the God Realm's Center front, „everybody prepares, to work with a common purpose.”

„to work with a common purpose!” numerous Gods simultaneously loud said.

Tang San both hands press to leave, according to above front God Realm's Center, in an instant, the body of his whole person becomes bright, huge incomparable Divine Power to hold nothing back transmits to enter to God Realm's Center.

Ji Dong, Lie Yan (raging flames), Huo Yuhao, Zhou Weiqing and Rong Nianbing five people follow, in their outer ring is Class One God, is Class Two God, most outer ring is Class Three God. numerous Gods simultaneously releases Divine Power, full power pours into to God Realm's Center.

Tang San eyes transform into golden, through God Realm's Center, his sensation was promoted the pinnacle instantaneously, as first God King, God Realm Council Supreme God. This time he, under the assistance of numerous Gods, oneself looked like changed into entire God Realm, entire God Realm just like his body is ordinary, was controlled by him.

The Space-Time Turbulent Flow energy is extremely huge, otherwise impossible God Realm sweep away, but at this moment, relies on numerous Gods make an all-out effort, Tang San is controlling entire God Realm slight sway together.

The energy in Space-Time Turbulent Flow extremely viscous, looks like the spider web is ordinary, holds to entire God Realm. Even if concentrates all God Realm's Power, possibly does not have to ask this spider web huge energy. But now Tang San does, as far as possible makes this spider web loose.

As the matter stands, once there is outside world's power to join, he has the possibility to bring God Realm to ask the present control immediately, break away Space-Time Turbulent Flow.

Naturally, the situation of this all theoretically having, actually whether to ask, Tang San does not know, did not have anybody to give the affirmative conclusion, but at least, this is the only opportunity at present.

God Realm is swinging gently, difficult struggles in Space-Time Turbulent Flow. numerous Gods also starts to be nervous.

Must know, starts such break free, regarding God Realm is in itself also the quite huge consumption, once is unable to get rid, this consumption can make God Realm weaken several points regarding the resistance of Space-Time Turbulent Flow, the number of times of if attempting were many, will accelerate then the God Realm collapse.

„Came, preparation!” Tang San loudly shouts suddenly.

As God Realm's Center control, his feeling is keenest. He suddenly discovered, attractive power transmits from God Realm. This attractive power is not quite weak, entire Space-Time Turbulent Flow appears instantaneous deflection and distortion.

Entire Douluo God Realm blooms instantaneously under the control of Tang San brilliant, thick Divine Power, blooms outward, will twine to compel several points in oneself Space-Time Turbulent Flow forcefully, hits rapidly toward that attractive power.

That Strength of Attraction is truly strong, was almost instantaneously with the God Realm's Power union in one, attractive power transmitted, leads God Realm to affect outward.

Tang San pupil light big release, own Soul Power to hold nothing back release of outward, behind him, two rays of light also flashes before, resplendent golden golden trident, dark-red Asura Sword is almost simultaneously appears.

Two Great Ultra Divine Tools similarly is rays of light big release, own energy injection continuously to Tang San within the body.

„Bang--” God Realm hit fiercely in the Space-Time Turbulent Flow edge.

Space-Time Turbulent Flow this energy was in itself one has filled existence of Destruction Power, in the outermost was it most tenacious place, only then ran out of this surrounding, can the break away turbulent flow.

The entire God Realm fierce shake, the numerous Gods heart lives to drag all, as six big control of center, including Tang San, six people simultaneously rays of light big release, this is they exhausts full power is using own strength to protection God Realm.

Must know, this collision possibly has the command God Realm collapse!

The Tang San sudden brow is tight, because he feels obviously, the tenacious degree of Space-Time Turbulent Flow edge surpassed him to sentence in advance, this, God Realm not only has not flushed, was rebounded unexpectedly also to return, although not shatter, but clearly, this time is unable to run out.

Went bad!

The Tang San heart clutches tightly, such opportunity, will possibly be not necessarily able to bump into one time in the next a lot of years! But they exhaust full power, actually as before cannot clash.

In this time, suddenly, Rong Nianbing is crying, „also has!”

Tang San awakens instantaneously, is almost opening mouth of without the slightest hesitation, a golden red blood blowout, emits above God Realm's Center.

Was stimulated by Blood of God King, entire God Realm's Center instantaneous rays of light big release, the unequalled huge fluctuation of energy releases suddenly outward.

entire God Realm has been covering golden-light halo instantaneously, God Realm's Center, Life and Ruin Two Seeds similarly is also rays of light big release. Creation's Power jumps shoots, with God Realm's Center melt together.

Arrived at this time compared with formerly bigger attracting force above entire God Realm. Next flickers, Tang San is controlling God Realm, the meteor is ordinary just like is burning, initiated the collision toward the edge once more.

„Rumble!” entire God Realm fierce trembles, even including God Realm's Center in this flash appears „” shatter sound.

This, Tang San is the eruption of without the slightest hesitation unprecedented strength. Even does not hesitate the price initiated this collision.

The Tang San six people almost simultaneously spurt the blood, stimulates God Realm's Center to protect God Realm with own Blood of God fluid.

Success or not, in this at one fell swoop.

Suddenly, in entire God Realm's Center chaos halo suddenly changed, all suddenly become insightful.

Vast boundless universe, everywhere star light, in this flickers the projection in entire God Realm's Center.

Yes, they, succeeded!

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