God Realm needs the opportunity

God Realm needs the opportunity

Rong Nianbing hehe smiles, „this has something laboriously, for God Realm. Yeah, I regret! Initially if travelled earlier, was insufficient to be remained.”

Tang San said with a smile: „Complaint is useless, this showed that God Realm needs you.”

Rong Nianbing showed the whites of the eyes, „resulted. I had not run in any case, said as you like, I am not your sense of responsibility so am strong. Does everybody want to go to my there to sit? Does some to you delicious.”

Although Rong Nianbing now does not have God's Position, but he in God Realm truly is very old generation Class One God, inside story extremely behind, although Food God this God Position on Oscar, but in fact, must say God Realm First Chef, then, belongs to this Magic Chef of Ice and Fire absolutely.

„Does not go, consolidates with great difficulty, I accompany Xiao Wu.” Mentioned Xiao Wu, the Tang San look was gloomy immediately several points. Wife's body condition is not good, is in his heart the biggest pain. The how strong person, the heart of hearts would the frail place, is Tang San so?

Rong Nianbing walked to pat his shoulder, „, all will be good.”

Ji Dong said: „Our God Realm is at present stable, although has been consuming, but relies on the seed that initially God of Life and God of Ruin left behind, used Destruction and Life Creation is the center of core reconstruction can supplement some Immortal Spirit Qi, temporarily worry-free. Brother Tang, we should try to find solution, how has a look to make from Space-Time Turbulent Flow God Realm. Otherwise, our an opportunity of return did not have.”

Tang San nodded, „this was also I wants to say. At present the God Realm situation has stabilized, we should look for the outlet time. According to us regarding the understanding of outside world, the great strength of Space-Time Turbulent Flow, is the entire universe disaster. Now we must wait for an appropriate opportunity. For example when the turbulent flow is closer the volume giant star, comes under the influence of star gravity, is very possible we to get rid of its opportunity, therefore, we must wait now, waits for a good opportunity.”

Ji Dong said, „on the day of hope comes earlier.”

Lie Yan (raging flames) looked at Ji Dong, she most understands husband's mood, after initially God Realm civil strife, Ji Dong very much has rebuked oneself, he thinks, if were not he and Lie Yan (raging flames) at that time no longer God Realm, God of Ruin impossible, because the idea did not gather initiates rebels, perhaps if Five Great God Kings to work with a common purpose, at that time can stand firm God Realm not by sweep away, therefore, Ji Dong has been putting together completely full power and Tang San to protection God Realm, hopes together can soon make God Realm relieve the present trouble.

„Was good, everybody rests. If some discoveries, God Realm's Center will forewarn us. Laborious everybody.”

Goes out of God Realm Council, the outside immortal cloud is remote, if not know that God Realm at this time in Space-Time Turbulent Flow, perhaps will not have any different feeling.

At least ordinary god now in God Realm life calmness and steadiness of as before, before does not have what difference.

Looks at the present beautiful scene, the Tang San look becomes gentle, since, in his innermost feelings the strongest wish, has been able with the family member in the same place, forever in the same place.

If all as usual, God Realm this disaster, then, he such happiness has not gotten down, the children circle the knee, the wife in the side.

Now sometimes recalled initially in Douluo Continent all, in his heart also will have warm reappearing. He can do has done, not only own family member brought God Realm, even including the partners, initially first generation Shrek Seven Devils also had brought God Realm.

But, a happening suddenly disaster, lets his torn, in his heart, thinks of the son?

However, he cannot display in front of Xiao Wu, he cannot make Xiao Wu see oneself pain. Because she was very painful.

Light shadow twinkle, space transformation. The next quarter, he went home.

„Good, Mom, do you look what kind of? My craftsmanship is not worse than the father!” Tang Wutong winning smile sweet saying.

When Tang San passing through the gate, happen to saw that daughter combed the long hair for the wife, as before was that familiar scorpion pigtail.

Tang San arrives at the daughter behind, puts out a hand, being quietly has covered her eye.

„Father!” Tang Wutong almost blurted out.

Tang San loses says with a smile: „How you know that isn't Yuhao that boy?”

„, Yuhao is not bored.” Although on the Tang Wutong mouth was saying, but the person has actually turned around, grasped father's waist, buries the father to cherish.

Tang San ill-humoredly said: „Your this slightly does not have conscience, had the husband on the heart fresh extroversion. Does not know that who most loves you?”

Tang Wutong laughs, „cannot. I most loved the father.”

Tang San satisfied say/way: „This also almost, if did not say of pleasant to hear, I punch Yuhao that boy.”

Xiao Wu could not bear turn head white husband eyes, „your multi- Sirs, how also with child?”

Tang San said: „This called to declare the sovereignty, this was my treasure daughter. Are you what kind of? What today has not to be uncomfortable?”

Xiao Wu shakes the head, said with a smile: „No, is good.”

Tang San loosens the daughter, walked to go forward, has hugged the wife, lowered the head kisses on her forehead, he knows, although the wife said does not have, may actually and really does not have not necessarily, she was feared oneself were worried. Since separates after the son, that lively open supple bone charm rabbit disappeared, turns into the present always foreheads to have the light sad appearance.

The Xiao Wu sickness is the worry, is not any immortal grass can solve. The worry must anything that sets one's mind at ease medicine.

„Xiao Wu, told you a good news.” Tang San said with a smile.

„Contacted with the son?” Xiao Wu has stood fiercely, stared in a big way the beautiful pupil to look at Tang San.

A Tang San heart pain, „did not have, the seed that but I leave behind should in taking root to germinate, the son will not have the matter on Douluo Continent, you felt relieved. A danger does not have. The good news that I said is, the God Realm condition was consolidates finally completely, at least millenniums did not need to be worried that were destroyed by Space-Time Turbulent Flow. As the matter stands, we can set aside hand, looks for the break away Space-Time Turbulent Flow opportunity, road that so long as break away Space-Time Turbulent Flow, then, by initially me in son localization, perhaps, we have been able to find. Although does not know how long wants to go back, but you believe me, we can certainly go back.”

Nod of Xiao Wu makes an effort, „certainly.”

Tang San holds in the arms her, said: „You must promise me, must be quickly good. We must go back, plays on Douluo Continent, is bringing Wutong, is bringing Lin Lin, our also travels around the universe. When the time comes, I resign from the God King status, specially is accompanying you, is good?”

„Un, un, I will be certainly good. When can we get rid of this Space-Time Turbulent Flow?”

Tang San eyes flashed with light, said solemnly: „God Realm, needs an opportunity!”

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