Palpitation Xiao Wu

Palpitation Xiao Wu

„Son--” Xiao Wu awakens from the sleep suddenly, tears uncontrolled flowing.

This does not know that was her many time awakened, the intense palpitation feeling along with it transmitting, made the oppression that her some are unable to breathe.

Regarding existence of Class One God, such situation is at all impossible appears, but she actually really fell ill.

The gods did not get sick easily, once falls ill, is very dangerous.

God Realm can have disaster appears from initially the Tang San prediction, to afterward God of Ruin expansion God Realm, causing God Realm to defend weakly. Arrived the Space-Time Turbulent Flow attack, the Golden Dragon King recovery sticks out suddenly the sneak attack again, finally God of Ruin quickly awakened with wife God of Life sacrificed itself to compress God Realm, finally God Realm by Space-Time Turbulent Flow sweep away. The entire process occurred in short time.

Xiao Wu and Tang San son Tang Wulin, because before receiving Golden Dragon King at the point of death, own essence irrigation, has to keep Douluo World, because in order to avoid absorbs Immortal Spirit Qi too to inspire the Golden Dragon King essence dead a violent death.

The mother and child are intimate friends, after God Realm by sweep away, Xiao Wu cries all day, sends to have the serious illness finally. Even if as one generation of God King Tang San, does everything possible also only to be makes her condition alleviate is actually not able to cure completely. Heart tying difficult solution.

Moreover, now Douluo God Realm is also in Space-Time Turbulent Flow, as God King, to protect Douluo God Realm, Tang San and numerous Gods are transferring Immortal Spirit Qi consolidated God Realm every day, therefore cannot accompany frequently side Xiao Wu.

„Mom.” Hū lightly resounds, the next quarter, the form walked from outside together, the pink-blue long hair hung loose after behind, the beautiful tender face was actually heavyhearted.

Sees her, the Xiao Wu palpitation weakened several points finally, stretches out the arms, in the future the person will hug into the bosom, will cherish one's relatives her cheek, said in a soft voice: „Wutong, has you luckily side me.”

Gently is stroking mother's back, Tang Wutong said in a soft voice: „Mom, you think that younger brother, the younger brother will certainly be all right. Road that we can certainly find.”

„But, that does not know how long wants. He in that side, I do not feel relieved really!” The Xiao Wu tears once more flowed, „Lin Lin left us from the birth, even Aunt even/including breast milk has not eaten, I was not a good mother, I was unfair to him.”

Tang Wutong enclasps mother, „mother, you left said. You do not want like this . Moreover, that side Douluo Continent, doesn't have the grandfather and Grandma to take care of? The younger brother will not have the matter.”

The breath of Xiao Wu is gradually steady, the intense palpitation feeling passed finally, sighed one lightly, „hopes that all were good, good to want quickly to go back, quickly returned to side him.”

Tang Wutong laughs, „mother, how I thought you more and more eccentric. You must love me.”

Looks at the daughter winning smile sweet appearance, Xiao Wu provoked laughter finally, has blown under daughter's nose, „was big has also struggled for favor.”

Tang Wutong snuggles, in mother bosom, „many greatly is also your daughter.”

„Good, good, helping mother comb the hair.” Xiao Wu moves own long hair, gets out of bed to sit before the dressing table.

Tang Wutong stands in mother behind, combs the long hair for her, „father also is really, did not come to comb the hair to you.”

Xiao Wu shakes the head saying: „How can blame him, the pressure that he bears is biggest. Actually I have known, Lin Lin in the side, the pain in his heart will not compare me to be few, but he must give dual attention in the entire God Realm safety, consolidated God Realm is insufficient to damage in Space-Time Turbulent Flow. As God King, he is shouldering too many things. If not your father, perhaps God Realm already collapsed. If not he, even we retrieve the hope of your younger brother not to have. Your father is the most laborious person.”

Tang Wutong nods, „! Sometimes, is really good to hope father to be able some relaxation times.”


God Realm Council.

The giant light ball is sending out the gentle brilliance center the main hall. Six people stand in an corner/horn separately, is injecting the different brilliance energies inward.

Center the inside the position, the Tang San complexion sinks to congeal, in both hands, is releasing sky-blue and dark-red brilliance separately, that is his Sea God god and Asura God god strength.

The first position under his left, is a black clothes, the whole body is sending out light evil looking God of Wickedness Ji Dong, another side, is a white long skirt, the whole body is sending out the auspicious halo, this auspicious halo gives people a body and mind gentle feeling, is God of Kindness Lie Yan (raging flames).

Under them, is standing separately a handsome youth and another stature big and tall seemingly simple and honest youth of golden hair.

Golden hair youth naturally predecessor God of Emotion, had been about to leave God Realm to roam through the world Rong Nianbing, but another person, then initially came from Heavenly Jewel Change World Strength God Zhou Weiqing.

Initially when Tang San and God of Ruin confronted, finally because of Zhou Weiqing this card in a hand, Tang San can make a comeback finally, controlled God Realm.

With the Tang San relative position, is being a tall youth, the pupil light is similarly thorough, as if can complement the universe to be ordinary. Initially one generation of legends after Douluo Continent already Tang San, organized Spirit Transferring Pagoda Ice Spirit Douluo Huo Yuhao, inherited existence of Rong Nianbing God of Emotion. After the Tang San rise into God Realm, only has him became Class One God.

Naturally, he also has another status, but before this status also lets Tang San, did not treat sees his reason, initially on Douluo Continent, Huo Yuhao really received many pain. That is the Tang Wutong husband, Tang San son-in-law.

Any father, marries daughter time, will not be happy. Tang San naturally is also so.

In six people, Tang San, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) originally is God King. But originally God of Life and God of Ruin in Five Great God Kings had not been sacrificed by the Space-Time Turbulent Flow destruction for to protection God Realm.

Rong Nianbing, Zhou Weiqing and Huo Yuhao about three people of strength, can replace them to help the Tang San three people reluctantly maintain the operation of God Realm Council this key position.

At this time this giant light ball demonstrates, is the situation of God Realm guard/shield at present, where has the weakness, they need to supplement the God Realm Immortal Spirit Qi guidance through God Realm's Center in the past, to guarantee Space-Time Turbulent Flow unable to destroy God Realm.

Such procedure, they do not know that has carried on many times. But God Realm energy in fact continuously in consumption, if were not initially God of Ruin finally were repentant of the life goddess sacrificed together compressed God Realm, perhaps God Realm had already been unable to withstand the load.

Finally, rays of light of center restrains gradually, restores to the condition of unified whole. Six people then slowly take back respective Divine Power.

„Everybody was laborious.” On the Tang San face reveals wipes smile.

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