My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter 51 Dad showing off

Chapter 51 Dad showing off

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Liu sent smoke car pool, in addition to delivery vehicles also cause temporary luminous and parents can not confess, but added nothing to send the car without the knowledge of the.

Luminous explained:. "Mom and Dad, you do not worry, son, what things do not break the law, nor nurturing, this car is sent Liu Zong"

A mother, surprised: "Liu Zong Liu pool smoke??"

Luminous ah sentence.

Mom obviously do not believe, and asked: "She will give you such a good car company treated you so well before the entry would send more than one million vehicles son, your mom and tell the truth, do not blame your mother say???. "

Luminous reluctantly said: "Mom, really send Liu Zong, of course, this car is not a give away, there are requirements."

Mom and Dad are watching luminous, and so he continued to explain.

Luminous: "Liu Zong paid digging I went to his studio, did not point temptation I can easily agree that the car is not a give away, this is because I and Liu Zong signed a long-term contract?."

Dad asked: "What agreement?"

Luminous: "Work contracts, ultra-long-term, the next decade or two I might have to work again in her hands, which she regarded as initial investment, give me with a car not matter, whatever the outcome, I am also a senior, if the car worse, but lost out to open the company's people. "

Well that is not ultra-long-term contracts, have the marriage knot, and far more than a decade or two, the indefinite extension of the contract until the divorce, ah bah! Until the day I die a hundred years!

Mom still can not quite believe, skeptical, said: ".. That would not give you such an expensive car, ah, more than one million of it you can not fool Mother son ah"

Luminous: "Mom, how you do not believe it, really Liu Zong to send."

Dad is also very obvious concern, "hey, she sent such a good car to you? To buy a company that does not face such a good car, right? Even if she is sent, son, this car you can not be too expensive, and can not take! a man have to have backbone! "

Luminous frustration: "Dad, Mom, this car really that's all, Liu Zong send, absolutely not lie to your sons have signed your life away, a car is not really something!!"

See Luminous say so sure, but also enthusiastically arrange things like, my mom finally was forced to believe him.

Why is barely? Because the mother began to cross-examine the matter of the contract.

"Son, you and your company to sign a contract of what, in the end how long is long-term contracts, wages? Treatment? Let mom hear you say it."

Luminous dumbfounded, how to explain this? He and Liu pool where the smoke really have any contracts, some a marriage certificate! And, what wages ah, ah treatment, which makes him how to answer, he replied 800 a month? And even if there is a salary, may get married this agreement has been signed unequal treaties, Liu had to pool money after the breathing tube! But how bad himself with their parents say, what wages can casually talk about the first fool in the past, however, we can not have three months to faceless money, right? By the time my parents ask, you pay it? How this answer? Not to mention salary parents did not see, he is also in this life see, ah!

This is a problem ah ......

Helpless, the mother pressed, luminous only unconscionable nonsense: "The contract signed two years,And can not breach of contract, breach of contract if the company can then sue me penniless, jail, holding a wage salary, bonus there, I do not say specifically how much, but Liu Zong generous, we can not ill-treated I am. "

Luminous some good Haoshuodaiyue final mother finally believed, though always feel a bit weird, can not imagine why Liu pool luminous smoke no reason to dig when the company's management, but the wonderful thing someone can parents do not want their children to amount to anything, son has a good way parents are happy.

Dad nature came: "Son, give me the car keys, I drove to stroll around, such a good car, I did not take it sat, opened one had fun."

Luminous quickly handed the keys to, "Go, Dad, I'll go with you."

Mom is not happy: "What is open to open, not eating the food, not fuel costs money."

Father and son suddenly afraid to speak, the family or the mother call the shots ah.

Luminous and Dad suddenly have a feeling the same boat, are strong men and weak women ah.

After dinner, my mom did not really stopping luminous and father, he told a cry be careful to put Yeliang go out.

Dad is the car of the people, otherwise it will not actually use the home also bought a very Anda, sitting in the cab of the sky eagle there to see here touch of love.

Dad drove in less traffic on the road near the turn several laps, watching a little late to get enough of this car back.

Luminous: "Dad, you like this car you drive it."

Dad shook his head: "Do not I have fun on the line, you put up a front company assigned to the car, I opened the how you do, say I have no place to open, both at home every day Anda bike parked your mother not to open it. "

Luminous smile, "No, I actually use on less that what you put up a front is wide and mother's heart, this car is now my personal belongings, regardless of the company, Dad, either way, you first open a few days too fun, I want to take the car when I come anyway, not very far from home. "

Dad a little heart, he really likes this car, I thought for a moment, nodded and said: "! OK, then I opened a few days had fun."

The next day, night did not rush to the studio, pool Liu smoke has not come back, go to the studio all right, I spent a morning at home.

Dad this morning can be very, very happy, the store is not spent, so that the whole people look at a mother, drove himself to walk out of the sky eagle, mother although some gas, but so happy to see Dad, it he did not say hold back from showing off him out.

Dad drove not far away, wandering back and forth on this one accessory in their own place, and occasionally see an acquaintance, just drive past, whither the people around him stop, "yo, Zhang, walk the dog yet."

Zhang surprised to see Dad, Dad very surprised to see open sky eagles, some dumbfounded, "the old night, what are you won the lottery? Are open such a good luxury car?"

Dad objective was achieved, proud smile, and then deliberately modest waved and said: "What a luxury car ah, far worse than the luxury cars, 2.6 million, will generally like it, not in the lottery, my son bought this car . "

"2.6 million ah? My God, your son buy?" Zhang surprised,Pounding thumb, "the old night, lucky ah, the son of the breath ah! Lucky, lucky ah."

This scene in a morning time staged many times, so this piece of luminous Mom and Dad quickly acquaintances knew Dad was driving a luminous sky around the Eagle showing off things, the breath of the luminous message of the neighborhood also between the spread.

"Oh, I heard not? Old shop that night, he was the son of the breath! Young age, bought a car more than two million of it."

"Er er, heard, the sky a hawk, old beautiful!"

"Do not say ah, this house night old son is really powerful, smart childhood, a child I saw it, long ago said that he grew up quasi amount to anything."

"Cut, you have the nerve to say, who is also a few days ago and we say old son likes the night at home Scrapped, be destroyed, not a device, and said do not learn to let your son after him, to his son as a negative example education Well."

"Ai Aiai, people do not dismantle the storm ah."

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