My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Forty-ninth chapter to vote CCTV advertising

Forty-ninth chapter to vote CCTV advertising

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Employees are very excited, this is their full participation in the shooting of commercials, filming feel anything, according to the director's shot put meaning on the line, and most of the staff and my heart whispered, because at the pictures too simple, but how and chaos, a line full yet, just shoot as pantomime.

After post-production editing work is completed, many employees are watching, but did not feel the commercials have what the color of the place, is not that a simple shot stitching together do? Incoherent story, picture and miscellaneous and chaos, there are not any Highlights thing. In fact, many people were a little disappointed at heart, already feel that this is a failure of the works, and one reason is that from shooting to post-editing they almost did not see this ad film what the color of the place, along with the ability to turn luminous had a question, I feel young in the end he is still fledgling, seniority is limited, naturally, can not make a good plan, this is the only level of.

What level?

The level of luminous let them shocked!

Originally seemingly bland clutter the screen, accompanied by the background music and narration actually like a chemical reaction in general, at once so that all the people present think that's incredible! Natsumi is a mountain and yet have seen the complete plan of the book, although they would have a luminous think this ad shoot out should be pretty good, but actually see the finished work of the time, could not help but surprise, much better than expected ah.

"This is our shot?" An employee of some incredible.

"Although I feel weird, but it really is our shot."

"I rely on, plus dubbed simply no way out!"

"The original narration is the essence of this passage too taste, good inspirational, listen to the people's blood boiling."

"No, nothing if you count the ad?"

"Yes ah, never seen such commercials, ah, good-looking is good looking, do not know the effect of publicity okay."

"It is not enough? I'm sure this will definitely create ad aired advertising the new trend!"

Many employees talking about.

Advertising is finally completed, the original can not wait to employees from work is now in full swing of the one argumentative advertising thing, nobody mentioned opening home from work to do, and finally Chiang Fengxian waved his hand, "Come on, are off work Go home, we have work to do tomorrow. "That the employees' enthusiasm to dispel some before something more to say home.

Luminous pool and Liu smoke is the last to go, of course, smoke or take willow pool of luminous car, with luminous in, she does not own cars, and now say they do not avoid arousing suspicion, luminous comrades have been promoted to her full-time the driver, not afraid of gossip.

Plus nearly two hours of classes, a bit late, luminous wanted to go straight home, the pool Liu refused to smoke, have to go shopping luminous took him home to say good food to reward him. Along the way, eyes full of little stars, very, very excited, luminous than the success of this advertising planner also finished shooting fun. Woman Well, who does not want her husband to have the ability, as seen luminous advertising to do so well, Liu pool smoke even than he proud,Feeling particularly face! Look, this is my man shot, though you do not know that he was my man, but I am still very proud ah.

"When the studio was officially opened ah?" Luminous and arms before going to bed at night pool Liu smoke and chat.

Liu pool cigarette: "Preparations are also almost to it these days, to find someone to pick a lucky day tomorrow."

Luminous: "Oh, do you still believe that."

Liu pool smoke: "Figure auspicious Well, why not the letter."

Luminous smile: "Yes, Figure auspicious."

Liu pool cigarette: "Tomorrow will have to put things broadcast advertising arrangements, I may have to go back BJ trip."

Luminous doubt and said: "ah broadcast advertising to BJ Why??"

Liu pool cigarette: "CCTV in BJ ah, so the ads have to go to BJ talk."

Luminous exclamation, "What? You want to put the CCTV?"

Willow Pool tobacco lightly: "ah, how?"

Luminous: "play too much of it and I thought about just running on the network, you switch to other local stations also OK ah, CCTV world do have a choice, it is too expensive advertising?!"

Liu pool cigarette smiled: "CCTV promotion effect is Okay, this is the first time the company to do promotion, the intensity a little too big for the job."

Luminous: "words to say yes, but still too expensive for you, and I have a shot this advertising minutes and 40 seconds too long, we really want to vote CCTV, that price does not fly to heaven ah, I knew I on commercials short of the point. "

Liu pool cigarette: "Nothing, since they will vote for CCTV, not bad this money."

Luminous Hey look happy, "You Tu Depo."

Liu pool smoke gently pinch him, gently said:. "And, this is your first work it, I want more people to see your work, I am willing to spend more money."

Luminous bad was about to move, do not know what to say, so say we should do, facing the pool Liu mouth cigarette down on a deep kiss.

"...... trained to do bad things and bad guys ... ...... ah, you do not fumble."


The next day.

Willow pool to smoke and luminous studio later, Liu pool is no more to be smoke, explain things a little, and then went to BJ Junction together, talk about things going CCTV advertising.

Public employees know to vote CCTV advertising are excited and feel incredible.

"Great! CCTV vote, we have CCTV, ha ha!"

"Yes, ah, ah on television, no, I've got to call and tell my mom."

"Right right right, play with the same fight."

Employees are very excited, this full ad but they are out of the country, you can exit in the CCTV, even the ads, that is one thing worth boasting, and particularly excited undoubtedly good reception in the snow, but he care of the household .

Of course, employees sane point also made some comments.

"Vote CCTV, ah, play little, ah."

"Yes ah, saying, This is our studios, entertainment companies, investment and advertising in the CCTV really good?"

"Yes, certainly better effect CCTV, did not have to say this, but it seems that will not be necessary ah."

"Liu Zong can only say that money."

Natsumi mountains and yet have very happy, as domestic unknown director, the director's own work can suddenly on CCTV, and this is simply a big surprise Yeah,Although only one ad.

Liu pool not smoke, and now no studio business, luminous in the studio quite a boring person, simply went on to write Ghost Blows follow-up story, Li Delong side of the story is the fear about it, too quickly to he intersection of the manuscript.

Hands on the keyboard flying, luminous themselves feel surprised, fired off letters drawn up skills, he is not tried, but simply looked at introduction, said that to improve the flexibility of hands, but he did not expect this skill so Guards , the keyboard fingers hand speed fast can see a blur! Luminous can even feel in a little faster, but his mind could not keep pace, and almost immediately think of what period the story whipped his hands, immediately put on the computer to write the story out fast scary, almost input method He keeps up his speed, and sometimes luminous keyboard while knocking down the passage over, but the computer did not show, over a twelve seconds to look around for some words. This speed is simply a! Now if you go to any luminous typing game, properly properly you could get a champion, runner-up had dumped a few blocks!


The system produced, are fine!

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