My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter 28 Advertising completed (plus more for the motherland !!!)

Chapter 28 Advertising completed (plus more for the motherland !!!)

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Because commercials lenses are relatively simple, is a mosaic of shots into a particularly easy to shoot up in the mountains and yet have under gesticulating Natsumi's directed and luminous, went off smoothly after lunch all the shots are taken finished, the rest is editing and post-production.

Editing and post-luminous do not understand, though eager to want to participate, but Gehangrugeshan, he can only look on in despair watching.

Although the commercials, time is very short, but the lens does not need to how large clip, almost put a shot spliced ​​together on the line, but later work was not easy, and only then after work has been busy throughout the commercials to do out, and then he sent last step is the most crucial step of this ad! Dub!

This is a successful advertising, this point in the dream world has been inspected, while the most successful advertising this place is that it's the voice narration!

This luminous dubbing work is naturally doing my part, whatever the outcome, he also worked broadcast ah man, though they do not dry a few days, but it is also not done, but the results still bad.

Late little care: "Night consultant, has been off work friends, dubbing do it tomorrow."

Luminous without thinking: "No! Today you have to do it will add class!!"


"How? Is there a problem?"

Gu is not late yet have a small hill, he can not directly open and luminous hate, after all, luminous high position in the company, although not willing to work overtime, but still reluctant nod, "That's ... okay."

Many employees were a little reluctant, who are willing to work overtime ah, dubbing part of the whole company's employees have copies, must be full participation, so to work overtime to complete the dubbing, I do not just post-recording and a few people, who could not walk was but they do not say what the next surface, but the heart is certainly some blame.

Yet have mountain, Jiang Xin, Jiang, who also were in Fengxian, they'd dare to split a split luminous views, but a few are considered top-pillars, do things in a measured, this time may not take the lead in overtime say something.

Willow Pool also smoke, she was supposed to call luminous after work, employees see some reluctance, began, "it will add class bar, the commercials do it in one go, plus bonus back to you."

Boss has spoken, but also bonuses, heart Lishu Tan crowd this point, no way to work overtime it.

First, the background music to put together a post-production and sound engineer in the commercials, this process is somewhat successful, a group of people around them to see if they fiddle to and fro over an hour before finally completed.

In all of anxious waiting, and finally to the last step, a narrative voice!

Dubbing start.

Luminous indeed done a radio host who, Keke, because there actually is extremely rich and articulate skills, rhythm and voice grasp just right.

As the screen shot forward, luminous and full of magnetic voice sounded appealing.

"You just smell my perfume, I see no sweat."

"You have your rules, I have my choice."

"Do you deny me now, I decide my future."

"You laughed at me nothing, unworthy of love.""I pity you always wait."

Luminous sound soothing, calm tone.

"You can despise our young"

"We will prove that this is who times!"

Read here, luminous voice suddenly heated up, the presence of all the people he jerked magnetic and full of emotion sound fried goose bumps.

"Lonely dream is destined to travel."

"Road ultimately questioning and ridicule."

"so what."

"Even black and blue, but also live pretty."

To read this entire company present were preoccupied looked luminous, luminous saw beckoned, the staff uniform:

"We are Xian Qi entertainment, we speak for themselves!"

On the computer screen slowly freeze as a background for the photo studio staff, and finally 'There Xian Qi' logo consisting of three words emerge.

Advertising end.

When recordist press the Enter key on the keyboard, and the presence of all employees burst into warm applause and shouts!

This is a dream world, an online shopping platform surnamed Chen advertising executives shooting, the ad came out, had hot moment, the network is the emergence of a variety of users friends adaptation of endorsements body, all the rage.

I heard that the company give their commercials when the first luminous thought of the ad, inspirational, blood, accent, creative, and very consistent with the current situation they just started the studio, say, say to give their endorsement, as well as better suited than the ad do?

Of course, it is impossible luminous dream world against the ad directly mechanically, the other did not say, not on the actor, where the change or have changed, and that the ad but they all company employees to be out of the country Although some people just got off a hurried shot, but it is also not leave? Many naturally want to change places. Throughout the filming to editing finished down, in addition to the plot substantially no deviation, essentially all of the details and the dream world are not the same.

To say that the actress shot under the stairs, where the original is rainy, Cock wire male and male Tyrant is a see-through shower, there is a driver umbrella. They can be luminous when shooting today but sunny outside, in the case of artificial rain is not a good shot, put this into a scorching sun at the Cock wire male sweating, holding one has developed a drip popsicles, local tyrant is a man holding a rose, eating ice cream, next to two bodyguards, a name umbrellas to help him, give him a fan next to the fan.

Originally I was last paragraph XX, I speak for myself, because this is a collective work studio, luminous put into a 'we are Xian Qi entertainment, we speak for themselves! ', But by the collective voice of the people, the effect is very shocked.

"Quick, quick to play and see the effect."

"Right right right, quickly and see!"

Everyone should be and.

In all the harmonies to be, Liu pool cigarette lighter smile pressed the play button.

Advertising begins.

Exit from the front to snow good as the protagonist, luminous voice of narration also will be sounded, 'you just smell my perfume, I did not see the sweat.'

Reception is very good in the snow next to the man he pulled excited and said: "Look, my, my!"

"Hush, look at advertising!" Fengxian yet have denounced Jiang Shan Road.

This good in snow shut up shut up, but holds his fist, his eyes could not stop look excited.

'You have your rules, I have my choice. 'Screen one by one forward, one after employees leave the country, the presence of employees see their exit when one is very excited, and looked excited, but are fighting back, the turtle did not say anything.

It is worth saying is, yet have criticized Hill played the son of a strict father, luminous at heart and feel with his very image, are irritable temper unreasonable. (In the end who is unreasonable ah Hey!)

Navy Wei, Wei army, air force guard this land and air triplets brothers, luminous specially arranged for them that high three airs investors, no way, the three exactly the same length, and if separate exit, then others also It is not that a person? Of course, this arrangement can be considered a highlight of this advertising film.

As for Liu pool smoke, in order to dilute his presence at the press conference only when hastily gave her a shot.

A in three-nine commercials soon finished playing, 'There Xian Qi' logo emerges when he is representative of the commercials is over, the studio has sounded enthusiastic cheers.

By a perfect pass! The rest is a little late in the plus point rendering, and then to give voice to do a little processing, the whole ad is completely finished.

Advertising done!

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