My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter 47 advertising photography

Chapter 47 advertising photography

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After Glow out of the room, the people have become valiantly dash.

"Thank god Quartet, thanks to good fortune."

As for skills, fired off letters luminous also flew on the use of this skill increases with both hands a degree of flexibility.

Back to the studio.

Luminous: "yet have guide, who I now take it to the right??"

Yet have mountain: "This scene was shot half of it, it's your turn to have a will, you said you put the last part of it?"

Luminous: "? Ah I have said this?"

Yet have mountain: "There must be!"

Natsumi also nodded in affirmation.

Luminous: "It will not, I did not say these words, you must have got it wrong Come, come, first shoot me, shoot me first!."

Yet have mountain: "first, and so on, and so on Jiangjing Li finished first of these shots."

Another pause.

Luminous: "yet have guide, yet have to guide me, to me..."

Yet have the mountains: "Not yet you do not worry ah.."

Luminous: "Jiang sister is not finished yet to me, to me?!"

Yet have mountain: "No, shooting plan arrangements have been made, not your scene, looks to rearrange scenes, you wait!"

Luminous anxious: "No! To shoot me, shoot me first, can not wait for it!"

Yet have mountain ask the amount of silent, this guy is wrong to eat what medicine? This morning to see him motivated and ready to put his camera to shoot, but he quit life and death, we first have the opportunity to say what other colleagues, on their own initiative came in last, at the moment they Sipilailian first shot, let not enough, what people ah that is.

Luminous can take care of him the prize he had just drawn the actor knowledge, not excited head over it, was going around showing off showing off, may yet have chosen mountain has been pressing him would not let him shoot, which let him bear it.

Yet have mountain fail to beat him: "...... and so on in it, so this scene finished soon shoot you okay!."

Luminous: "It's still a few people?"

Yet have counted mountain: "four or five now."

"Also so much? No! To shoot me! I do not care, I'm in charge of this project! To shoot me, shoot me first." Luminous rogue Road.

"......" mountains yet have gas, "Do not Noisy, I'm the director, I say, in a line and you see those starring gave!"

What? I do not have to roll up my first film starring? Luminous violent temper has come up, "yo, old yet, you can pretty ah, my line and starred in, you roll up a try!" Luminous guide yet have not called, "I'm the person in charge of the overall project! I have the final say!"

Yet have mountain: "I control How about you, I was the director shot the things I say!!"

Luminous: "I was always in charge!"

Yet have mountain: "I am the director!"

Luminous: "I am always in charge!"

Yet have mountain: "I'm the director!"


They kept the same as the two nursery children quarreling, getting off the mark, attracted the presence of the staff have eyebrows, not ad lens shot, one by one around to see two men fight them, not to persuade, have Yanzui lucky theater, video of sea and air three brothers also interesting to gloat open the lens to shoot up.

Precisely, Yoo pool cigarette down, she also has a shot to shoot, to see everyone get together,Luminous Mountains noisy and yet have their hands full, Lian Manggan in the past, "they are doing it?"

Natsumi sweating a bit of explanation, Liu pool smoke suddenly almost to tears, yet there is this old violent temper side? Luminous can be so shameless? Really eye-popping.

"Knock it all." Willow pool to stop smoking, "just such a point as to what you do? Really."

Liu's words pool smoke luminous and yet have still listen to the mountain, and repeated the phrase I am responsible for my director also said the tired, grunted their mutual turned away.

"How much something ah, look deceives you, but also got into a fight?" Liu pool None of smoke beep laugh, and then make a decision, "Well, then shoot yet have lead you, guide your summer with nothing to colleagues in the arrangement of a scene, you help a good layout luminous beat. "

The final word.

Hill does not yet have gas, and then with people clapped advertising shots, he did not really angry, really the day was luminous mix of tired, but the plane had risen at a lot of heart, but also comfortable.

Luminous nor noise no trouble, no matter how kind of process, the result was a good thing, can immediately take his camera for the first time on the mirror, think there is a little excited about it.

After half an hour, the decorations look great scene, directed by Natsumi, commercials luminous part finally start shooting.

Over the hill yet have scenes are completed, he is not worried then shot, but fork to proceed with interest to see them shoot luminous, luminous and occasionally transfer to the two eyes are turned away from each other hum, public employees secretly laughing, Liu also smoke at the side of the pool to see that there is good air funny. Well, maybe clown.

Although the luminous star, but that is commercials, limited length, not many of his shots, and shots are also relatively simple, in fact, do not need any acting, plus lines are next, so do not read filming after the speech, a few shooting, Natsumi large waved his hand: "well, shoot, and call it a day."

Luminous hesitated, what? They finished up? No fun of it, hurriedly asked: "Really shoot it?"

Natsumi: "Really I finished it."

Luminous: "...... I think it just is not a good shot, I can play at a good point, Come, come, we have a shot."

Natsumi: "For a just commercials, play has been very good, not in the shot."

Luminous: "No, no, we have to do better to be rigorous, Come, come, come in a!!"

Natsumi: "I do not come."

Luminous teeth: "the last one!"

Natsumi: "You just say the last one."

Luminous: "? Ah I have said this must be you are wrong Come, come, take in a?!."

Employees are looking at the whole studio with contempt in the eyes luminous, what this man ah, how such a rogue, how Willow pool so the smoke will ask individuals to positions of influence studio, invited trouble it.

Luminous is people want to face, so the crowd is a contempt, but also some awkward touch the nose, but still angry teeth, "you shoot do not shoot!"

"......" silent Natsumi said, "Well, I do not want to see those, then make another last, talk about the good, the last one, ah, finished this call it a day,Even if you killed I do not shoot! "

Willow pool to see smoke luminous being Hing head, not good stopping him would not let him shoot, but also feel some shame own husband, though people do not know is his luminous husband, but he was still a little shy and feel uncomfortable, regardless of how they are going to toss , and their first back to the office, the sight of the net!

Gave a luminous film shoot after Natsumi would not say on hemp slip of flash people, luminous forced back to catch up to him in the urge to take a little something more to say.

Natsumi yet have mountain and meet each other smile.

Hill yet have exclaimed: "This is a wonderful ah, later estimated that some toss."

Natsumi: "Who is not it, two days ago really did not see it."

Yet have mountain: "All in vain ah, the heart may have hidden it in the stomach."

Natsumi nodded: "Old yet, you say small night is not learned acting ah?"

Yet have mountain: "Without it, he said, could not act that way."

Natsumi: "Do you believe?"

Yet have mountain, "it does look a little knowledge."

Natsumi some emotion: "There is far more than simply regarded as a professional actor, are much stronger than some second-tier stars!!"

Yet have mountain: "will not it?"

Natsumi: "how not to old yet, I can not lie to you, I see Barbara!"

Hill yet have a little look a gift horse, "or else he had learned, or that he was a born genius eat this rice line."

Natsumi:. "If the latter, it may really promising ah, the old yet, tell you the truth, I have a feeling we will witness the rise of a legend."

Yet have mountain: "For him?"

Natsumi: "ah, wait and see!"

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