My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Forty-sixth chapter advertising shooting

Forty-sixth chapter advertising shooting

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To the studio, luminous no more to be in the office, yet have the mountains and Natsumi to find urgent roar after he passed.

Today not lose any time to take out the ad.

"Yet have guide, summer guide, Laila" luminous greeting, "how advertising can take it today?"

Natsumi affirmative nod: "No problem can shoot today!!"

A luminous, enthusiasm on the table, "de le, then I go and colleagues called over, pat now."

Natsumi: "So Jia?"

Luminous ah said: "anxious, certainly anxious, waiting for commercials to do!"

Luminous go convener, and yet have another look at the mountain and Natsumi hand carrying of the not eating breakfast, phase, as the smile.

Ten minutes later, night has led the entire staff number more than twenty people to the studio on the second floor of the converted indoor studio, props like yesterday and yet have mountain Natsumi had arranged to prepare the people, have all been in place a.

Employees know their own studio to shoot commercials, and everyone will leave the country, morale is very high, one gearing up sentiment.

Luminous: "the role of the arrangements have been no?"

Yet have mountain: "arrangements have been made."

Luminous: "Who played the female lead?"

Yet have mountain: "The new good snow in the foreground, the image of her very good."

Luminous: "? She ah ah?"

Yet have mountain: "how?"

Luminous: "Nothing, very good."

Luminous: "actor arranged it does not?"

Yet have mountain: "actor you ah?."

Luminous: "? Ah me?"

Yet have mountain: "For ah."

Luminous: "I can not, I do not evolve ah."

Yet have mountain: "Nothing, are simple shot, shoot when I teach you, it is not back to people."

These things can be a little rude to say, do not get mad luminous, arrange for him as a man he was very unexpected, but also refused thought, after all, his goal to climb to the top, but the entertainment ah, can be more naturally exit well, prestige value also earn ah, when it comes to prestige value, luminous system has not seen for several days, and these days are tired of smoke and willow pool together every day, what system where hollow tubes.

Luminous: "bouquet arrangements no male role?"

Yet have mountain: "arrangements have been made."

Luminous: "umbrella driver role arrange a no?"

Yet have mountain: "... also I arranged it."

Luminous: "glasses man and father figure no arrangements have been made."

Yet have mountain: "arrangements have been made."

Luminous: "the role of the assessment officer ......"

Yet have mountain: "You are not bothersome trouble moving machinery to do nothing!!" Yet have mountain can not stand him.

Luminous dingy ran.

These employees are willow pond smoke studio veteran, work experience is very rich, busy complete layout of the scene, also the official start.

The reception is best know as the heroine of snow when the excitement was intense.

"Yet have guide, yet have guide, really I do? I really do?" To snow good special excitement, "it lines, lines to me."

Yet have mountain: "really you, this morning you've asked me eight hundred back, ask not let you play, ah, no lines, lines are aside."Hear no lines, good snow in some small loss, but still very excited, hobbled down the left, not in trouble yet have the mountain.

Hill yet have a little headache, this is what people ah, one by one, the staff was like the entire studio into a collective twenty ducks, kept looking for him asking questions, especially the luminous, he was a people on the top twenty ducks, a noisy non-stop all morning, just a.

Shooting progress fairly smoothly, although the vast majority of employees are performers know nothing about, but fortunately the lens is relatively simple, most people have only one or two shots, and yet have Natsumi mountain guide in the next, also took a norm kind of .

But rather luminous, they kept scurrying in the studio.

"You're wrong, you should be, look to nature a little."

"Do not laugh ah, can not laugh, simmering."

"Yes, yes, that's it, slowly came. Ah, well."

"Note expression, attention to facial expressions."

"Let go, be sure to let go, Oh, how can you be so stupid, and I will teach you."

"One more time, ah, this time must pass."

"In a little fierce, fierce! Fierce will not it?"

Luminous kept on shooting meddling employees, yet have to see the mountains and Natsumi stupefied, in the end you are the director or the director ah we are!

Luminous does the director, drawn up some time ago a director of learning skills, usually can not see, but a time to shoot these things natural to reveal shown.

After a while we should shoot luminous shots, and he was a bit timid, starring ah, can show a little skill he did not, ah, there is just a kind of mold to other employees find fault, if he were a bad shot that shame may lost big.

Smoked a neutral, luminous secretly left the studio, no one's looking for a room.

"Days Lingling, ground Lingling, the Quartet gods quick manifestation." Luminous side and remembered while also enthusiastically arrange the worship of worship toward the four directions.

"It can be such a gamble!"

Luminous evoke many days did not open the system.

"How did such a point?"

Prestige value: 98532

Just over ninety thousand, remember a time when it did not draw the luminous then I thought, also, he is not on the radio to work, nor is he a ghost Blows continued to broadcast, and naturally can get to the reputation value is very limited, these Most of these are prestige value he did not resign when accumulated.

"Well, better than nothing." So saying, luminous ready to draw, suddenly, a thought flashed in my mind luminous, as if drawn some time ago a great good fortune was it?

Quickly open storage field.

Opportunity Knocks 2

1 no jump of the disaster

Spirits 1

Erotic 1

Kongwuyouli 1

The solid rock 1


Indeed, the number of Fortune pledge showed two of these consumables Luminous could not find a chance to use, usually not willing to make use of them, just to try it today!

"I hope there are results." Said, luminous use of a good fortune.

White flash. The head of the emergence of a luminous white halo, "Hey, this is as an angel yet? No, there are two angel wings do not know the others Kan Bukan."

Luminous find it interesting that, in order to test what others Kan Bukan, luminous also put a narcissistic pose selfie a piece, opening the photo, the photo only his narcissistic face, do not see the head of the aura, it seems the aura and systems are the same as only he could see felt.

Without further ado, sweepstakes!

First, the chest.

Second, the chest.

Third, or chest!

"Haha, really helpful." Done three times successfully able to get the chest, luminous very excited.

But just pumped the chest was not enough, he had to see if there is need of pumping.

"There must be ah, Lingling days, to Lingling, the Quartet gods quick manifestation." Luminous began the worship.

Opening the chest.

"Congratulations, you get no jump of the disaster 1"

"Congratulations, you get the skill book Fenbijishu"

Attached twice to open the chest, a jump of consumables no disaster, a skill book fired off letters, things are very good, but luminous was not happy, because nothing he wants.

Feeling some apprehension continues to point to open the last chest.

"Congratulations, you get 1 actor knowledge"

"Ha ha ha ha ha! I really was a genius!"

Yes, this is now the most luminous want something, actor skills! ! !

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