My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter Forty-fifth goddess cook

Chapter Forty-fifth goddess cook

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Liu pool smoke is still heavily armed, but fortunately the weather is not hot, you need to wear a jacket, she can own a windbreaker bag tightly, put on big sunglasses and masks do not have to worry about someone recognized it, and if in summer, trouble, wear less in summer, at least Liu pool smoke this figure is not hidden to her body, will inevitably lead to people's eyebrows, one to two to the probability of being found on much larger.

Liu scored from department stores began to smoke pool installed dumb, no way, her melodious voice, a high degree of recognition, a fear of talking to fans was recognized.

Buy too many things, pots and pans, daily necessities, daily necessities, luminous and smoke willow pool almost see what what to buy, buy with all the significant need not, of course, do not need to buy cigarettes are willow pool and I believe the majority of their male compatriots have a deep sense of home is always a woman to buy back some seemingly useful, but also throughout the year, in fact, does not take stuff once or twice.

Buy too many things, luminous points several times and only then these piecemeal stuff to move the car, a trunk full of the heap, even on the back seat have put a lot of things, really tired sweat out soon .

From the mall came out after five, and the two discuss a bit, would not return to the studio, straight home, Liu pledged that give luminous pools of smoke cooking to eat, because this one is not too familiar with, after all, just arrived a few days, all the supermarket to buy food, but fortunately fineness are good. Liu looked like a luminous pool physique white smoke, the smoke of the willow pool will be cooking this thing has been skeptical, but she was CETV days, you will deign to cook their own food?

The hardships of home and then buy things in batches moved back home, and then again these things away, where they were put to the stay, indeed, the luminous pool and willow smoke tired enough to choke.

Taking advantage of a tool like the dishes in disinfection cabinet disinfection, Liu smoke and luminous pools are paralyzed on the sofa to rest.

Rest for a while, luminous attentive to crush Liu pool cigarette pinched feet, but in reality is to take the opportunity to take advantage of, willow pond smoke know he played bad idea, but did not refuse him, anyway, my body is the bad guy to touch times, the last being flushed luminous tease of some can not stand, this pushed him into the kitchen.

Luminous pitching, pool Liu also followed the smoke to cook him doing anything, followed by Willow pool to help him smoke Zecai vegetables, Liu saw smoke Daogong skilled pool, this pool thing for Liu smoke cook letter seven Minute.

Why seven? The remaining one-third rely on the taste buds to the test.

Liu proved indeed pool cigarette cook, but also to do quite well, the three dishes and one soup pan, a sweet and sour short ribs, a steamed sea bass, a Fried cabbage, plus a bowl of soup meatloaf. Are common dishes, but the taste is very good, eat luminous repeatedly shouted, "You get the value of a wife!"

Typical got cheaper still cold, CETV days after you are married you what's worth.

Finally, the three small half pot of soup and rice are the two men ate his shirt, willow pool cigarette eat much, her diet relatively modest, though not diet, do not eat meals to lose weight, but also control of appetite better, most of them are luminous to be eaten,Liu pool does not smoke do what Eat, smiling at eating Masaka luminous, very satisfied.

Luminous also asked the cook what time the pool Liu smoke learned, Liu pool smoke told him, "will be early, and high school that says I'll cook, and my mother told me to stay cook woman live man. "

Luminous deep feeling, Liu's mother smoke pool is really good mother, she taught in the end how much ah, finally a very decent pool of smoke Liu said: "! I must thank you for your mother"

Can not thank Well, if not her mother's earnest instructions, Zhibuding pool Liu smoke will not marry her, but also so gentle and virtuous, when CEOs also got to do the cooking.

They go out for a walk after dinner, a walk elimination and digestion, and came back to nest together watching boring TV shows, just like a very plain but very sweet young couple warm picture of life.

Bath at night to sleep, Willow smoke although the pool last night to have been touched a luminous transparent, shame shame to do a lot of things, but today is still very shy, but can not because of her luminous shy to let go of her, lying willow pool bed with a good burst of smoke and manipulate, prompting night willow pool tobacco are red in the face, and finally embracing sleep.

The next day, get up when Liu pool luminous smoke has been busy in the kitchen.

"Awake." Liu smoke around the pool scarves, milk in his hand, "You go wash sieve bar, breakfast will be OK, wash finished be able to eat."

Luminous obedient to wash sieve, and after washing sieve pool Liu finished out the smoke has put breakfast on the table, and very rich, toast, bread, fried eggs, oats, milk, and fruit, colorful put together very beautiful .

Luminous a little surprised, "You did this."

Liu pool smoke nodded and smiled and said:. "Ah, you taste it good."

Luminous caressing touch her head, "you do have delicious breakfast in fact out to buy it, do not be too hard, I would sleep in the morning."

Liu smiled and shook his head pond smoke, "rest assured that no outside to buy their own to do, to do breakfast only, not hard, I usually do at home are themselves, but can you make breakfast every day and I'm happy, I'm willing to give you do."

Luminous smile, say nothing, and willow pond smoke began to eat breakfast.

Can eat her breakfast every day, luminous and very happy.

After breakfast, go to the pool together willow smoke and luminous studio, originally thought the two men to avoid arousing suspicion, but yesterday when Liu pool and luminous smoke from the studio to the department store is open luminous car pool Liu smoke Times Square car is still underground parking studio where it's parked.

Coincidentally, no, very unfortunately, in the underground car park of the time they just met Jiang Xin.

Jiang Yan looked at in a strange sitting in a car pool to the luminous and willow smoke.

Liu pool smoke quickly explained: "Sister Jiang, yesterday I did not open the car back, so that luminous morning to pick me."

Luminous also quick with a nod.

Jiang sister did not ask silly in the pool yesterday, Liu smoke Why did not drive back to what they do, nodded and said: "OK, now's your assistant Little Night Well, that should pick you up, I'll see you do not own a car, other people's CEOs have it with driver,Since you do not want to let the driver with a small part-time at night to pick you up to work every day now. "Then turn on the night light, said:" Little Night, you can Biexian trouble ah. "

Luminous quickly said: "No, no trouble, can serve as Liu Zong was my pleasure."

Liu pool cigarette eyes bright little star, Jiang sister proposal seems very good too! So do not be afraid after he and a fellow passenger car was misunderstood on others, or else have to waste effort of excuses to explain.

So, luminous in the studio have another job, willow pond smoke chauffeur!

Luminous also be happy in this new position.

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