My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter 44 advertising planning

Chapter 44 advertising planning

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It took more than two hours, luminous finally wrote a complete ad planning program.

In fact, the creative class is very simple, but did not make luminous advertising solutions, to get hold of the complete advertising scheme while he is looking for professional templates on the Internet, there are some professional knowledge, this took so long.

After all, this is the first project he joined the studio of smoke Liu pool, all aspects have to more carefully, so as to be convincing.

Luminous planning to write good programs do not know from a professional point of view, anyway, luminous himself very satisfied.

"Yes, the studio What is your name? Pool tobacco called Liu studio do?" Luminous asked.

"Ah?" Liu pool smoke exclamation, "I did not tell you?"

Luminous: "You have to tell me?"

Liu pool smoke embarrassed, said: "It's like ... it is not a registered company called Studio has the immortal gas entertainment but generally the star performers registered directly with the studio people are called names of artists, like on our work. room, people are usually called Liu smoke studio pool, other artists, too, they are the so-studio, rarely know the real name of the company. "

There Xian Qi, the name ...... is not to say weird name, but the name of a luminous, instantly remembered the dream world a very famous website called Yaoqi, but people are doing the animation website .

Luminous nodded and said: "Do you want to use advertising companies registered in the name of entertainment or have Xian Qi Liu pool with smoke studio?"

Liu pool smoke thought again and said: "There Xian Qi with the right ad to the studio is playing reputation, but not to advertise myself and my popularity has been high enough, now runs the studio, you have to work! room fame playing out the job. "

Luminous nodded: "to, it would have with Xian Qi, maybe not named but can you please shackles, studio bigger and stronger in the future others will not say all because you are a fan effect."

Liu pool smoke mischievous smiles: "I'll maybe do not notice it take to become a star, you can quietly when a beautiful woman president."

Luminous chuckle.

Print staple holding good planning book, luminous yet have found a director hill, just Natsumi also deputy director.

For these two names a positive one of the two directors, luminous simply unable to Tucao, heart lucky eight hundred times, if the two names separated anywhere normal, but met together, but also a unit also special What is a positive one two inseparable director, this embarrassing, this luminous stems can laugh a year!

"Yet have guide, Ha guide, in it." Luminous greeting, saying the advertising planning book to hand it over, "advertising planning I have done, you take a look."

"Yo, night consultant." Natsumi and luminous greeting, then took the planning book, "so soon well, OK, I see."

Yuehua Jian Natsumi looks to turn, not much planning book content, also two A4 paper, Natsumi casual look at, and then ever more surprising, more and more closely, quite a while to read the entire planning book.

"Old yet, you see." Natsumi yet have the planning book and handed Hill.

Hill yet have just put Natsumi reactions in the eyes,Planning is also very curious about the book's contents, do the authors write bad? Xiaonianqing is xiaonianqing!

Planning took the book and began to read yet have mountain, and his face has become wonderful together for a long while, yet have mountain assured planning book, looked surprised luminous, "Night consultant, this is what you write?"

Luminous affirmative nod, while laughing:. "Yet have guide, you call me the night on the line, I was young, listening to the night a little uncomfortable to listen to."

Natsumi mountains and yet have each other as the one, yet have Hill:. "That line, I call you Little Night" studio as not many people, most in private friendship is very good, usually also casually call, did not see the luminous shelves, yet have it down the mountain he promised, "little night, to be honest, your creative is really good, but if this be advertising planning, then this advertising campaign is certainly a failure."

Luminous hesitated and failed? how is this possible? It is the Internet to find templates follow suit Okay.

No other luminous ask questions, yet have mountain and then said: "Because you planning programs simply do not like this ad planning, advertising, although there are some technical terms, but also advertising planning template, but in my opinion, this is more like a script."

Natsumi interrupted him: "that the script is not right, more like a scene reproduction."

Hill yet have nodded: "Yes, scene reconstruction, has been like a good shot with the same camera, each picture is written clearly, even every figure how to play, how to shoot are clearly written."

Luminous bit awkward, is not the scenario reproduction Well, does he know what advertising creative, advertising planning what ah, can make this plan is completely in accordance with the dream world to write a great ad Yihuhuhuapiao out of. Others shot out of the dream world is finished, he remembered, of course, is the finished product, so that it can be so written, just change the details of the necessary reform.

"Yet have guide, guide summer, I am a layman, it is casually written, badly written your criticism." Luminous touch nose, humble way.

Yet have Hill laughed and said: "What are we guide it, this idea that you so well, and how to shoot every shot change are clearly written, and I do not have the old summer, you just get a machine will do the shoot. "

A luminous, laughed, "That does not work, industry specializing in surgery, professional thing to do professional people still have, yet have guides, as well as summer guide, this little ad you can take it out."

Of course, we do not yet have the mountain is really not shoot, just joking compliment it, "Today, some of the equipment installation and commissioning still, there are only shipped to the afternoon, to shoot, then estimated to be tomorrow."

Luminous nodded, "OK, no problem, then shot tomorrow."

Natsumi: "actors really let our employees come?"

Luminous: "! Ah this is to promote our company's commercials, and I my creative point of view, with the most suitable employees, the company is now serving staff, there is even one, I had to leave!"

Hill yet have laughed: "to speak for himself, how can I find out who beat!!"

Natsumi: "Liu Zong also said that this exit is not advertising to get rid of her aura it??"

Luminous thought, said:! "She also exit CEOs,Companies are her employees have full participation, and how can her less, but give it a shot, as long as she is not starring in it will not affect the overall advertising, outsiders will not abruptly put ads to her sleeve. "

Yet have mountain: "OK, then so do I, and research studies in the old summer to see how arrangements for staff, how to shoot the right, comparing although many employees are considered to do a circle, but still show what a layman!."

Luminous nodded: "OK, that two of the fortunate suffer."

Advertising photography finalized down, shooting tomorrow!

Natsumi and luminous mountains and yet have two directors chatted for a while, things will leave nothing left, yet have mountain Natsumi will continue to look at how to shoot.

Back at the office, because no matter, Liu smoke pool was boring to play mobile games.

"Come on." Luminous says.

Liu smoke playing pool game did not see him, "Where to?"

Luminous: "Did not you say you go to department stores to buy things go?."

Liu pool smoke surprise looked up at him, "Really?" I looked up, the game mistakes, "Yeah! Died soon pass off ......" Liu pool smoke some can not be reconciled.

Luminous smile, "That's right, let's go. I'll help you come back through customs."

Liu smoke off the pool game, deft back bag, "Oh clearance at night to help me."

Luminous bad with a smile said: "just do not play this evening, at night we play more fun games between men and women."

Liu understand the pond smoke, spit said:. "Rogue"

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