My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter forty POST CHANGES

Chapter forty POST CHANGES

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For the Willow pool to make luminous tobacco is responsible for advertising and Jiang Feng Xian Xin Jiang did not say anything, be the default.

After all, luminous than their official position but nominally higher level, something determined by the leadership, obey the command on the line.

"I have a question." Luminous says.

Liu pool smoke: "What is the problem?"

Luminous: "What is the focus of the studio Yes Yes focus on for your service or business to focus on its own development studio??"

Liu pool cigarette and asked: "Is there any difference?"

Luminous smiles: "Of course there are differences, if the focus is to serve you advertising, then it will come to you personally take exit to your popularity and influence of advertising will bring many benefits, but if the work is focused on chamber itself, then we can not allow you to shoot, or even the best creative advertising may also be masked down your own aura. "

Willow Pool tobacco thought: "That's for the studio to focus on it."

The tone of the ad so calm, luminous, Jiang and Jiang Xin Fengxian three have no opinion.

"Ah, I can not to make a request." Suddenly, luminous and began.

Liu smoke pool looked puzzled at him: "What are the requirements?"

Luminous strange looking, he said: "The vice president can not improper of me?"

"What?" Liu pool smoke anxious, busy: "Why properly, you promised ......" thought Jiang Xin and Jiang still Fengxian, Liu pool smoke looked at them, "Jiang brother, sister ginger, no matter if you go to busy bar. "

Jiang and Jiang Xin Fengxian leave nod, knowing they would say slick Junction to go out when it comes to slide down the door swing closed.

Jiang and Jiang Xin Fengxian went out, willow pond smoke immediately becomes vice appearance, Duzhaoxiaozui, pitiful, he said:. "You obviously promised me."

Luminous knew he was misunderstood, explained:. "No, I do not want to resign, I mean, can not change jobs."

Liu smoke a pool, that he misunderstood, by the Warrington immediately, "why you changed jobs? Deputy not you?"

Luminous touch nose, said:. "Nice, but ...... nightclub, a little ... you know it."

Liu pool smoke know why, "I do not understand. Is there a problem?"

Luminous look strange, airway: "Night of the total, bastard, did not understand, today, when one by one they always call me the night, almost did not fainted with anger!"

"Puchi." Liu pool cigarette understand, it did not hold back, laughing out loud.

Luminous white at her, snappily, said:. "You laugh, anyway, what I always inappropriate, ah."

Liu pool Smoke hold back a smile and said: "What do you say, what you want to post."

Luminous: "Just to give a small staff will do."

Liu pool smoke is not happy: "I will not, this is my company, I can not let other people in addition to the tube for you."

Luminous smiled and said:. "What do you say let me do what job, anyway, what I am sure is the total of the improper"

Liu pool cigarette: "It is not you cause trouble, you let me think."

Luminous ah: "The quick thinking, start with the good, and the total can be stained any relationship will not work, can not stand this."

Liu pool cigarette serious thought,Suggested:. "Why do not you give me an assistant it."

"Assistant?" Luminous waved, "This I will not ah, where you would be what I assistant, and you are a big star, the entertainment is curved around I do not know."

Liu pool smoke laughed: "It's a simple matter, nothing to do, is to follow me on it, I'll tell you what to do, I now notice is relatively small, and do not you worry about these things, ginger sister will be a good deal, you follow every day I'm on the line. "

Luminous still shaking his head: "No, not that idle thing."

Liu pool cigarette: "how it is idle, you as my assistant, is to help me deal with things ah studio, studio there is anything I will let you help me to do, after you're in the studio on my behalf, so no one tube with you, and you and I and improper vice president in an office, then there is a fear of outsiders gossip it, when I was an assistant, then you would not worry about it, than the vice president is not easy to gossip yet. "

Luminous some heart.

Liu pool smoke continued advised: "When I was an assistant, I go you have to go with me, people want you around every day thing." Said finally, almost all of Liu smoke in a baby pool with a luminous.

Luminous instant surrender, "OK! I'll give you an assistant."

Liu pool smoke suddenly happy, nodded, and thought: "Assistant nice it does not seem that out a bit of a face, so be it, giving you a safe studio general counsel title that out there face!"

Liu pool smoke have a good mother, because this is her mother told her, woman to take care of the man's face.

Luminous course, pleased that he is really a good man of honor, "OK, I'll do!"

Half an hour later, Liu smoke convened pool staff opened the rally, a brief description of what matters advertisement shot by luminous responsible, in addition to once again announced a luminous new appointment, vice president level or level, but the position changed : studio General Counsel and Assistant smoke willow pool.

In the case of a burst of applause everyone puzzled.

This is the trouble that?

New to the front desk called to snow good girl, she was very surprised ah, the original morning that he was vice president xiaonianqing ah, when she was far from that to heart of it, it really was in vain concealing art, so young vice president, forehead, now general counsel and chief studio assistant Liu pool smoke, anyway, no matter what how high ah, so young, promising young ah there is wood there. Reception daughter called to snow good the more I see of luminous pleasing to the eye, imagined luminous handsome, eyeful of little stars almost spilled out.


After lunch pool Liu pulled luminous smoke want to purchase large department stores, but also a lot of things at home do not have it, pots and pans and other kitchen supplies, daily necessities, and so many are short, Liu smoke on the family pool, but I got the idea.

Luminous refused, for good reason: "The next time go in, I though nominally high position, but the company most of these people are your original team, on the surface may not say, but my heart is certainly not for me this xiaonianqing convinced that this time can not skip work, I have to seize the time to do it advertising, to make achievements in order for them to be convinced,After the team Ye Hao with. "

Willow pool to see him enthusiastically arrange things like smoke, he did not stick by him up.

Glow in the office dedicated countersunk says advertising planning program, willow pool cigarette nothing to do, listening to music in the office, did not disturb him, just helped him pour a moment, take a moment to help him fruit, squeezed shoulder to give him a moment, just like a little wife wait on her husband's appearance.

If this picture is Willow pool to smoke many fans saw the luminous Guarantee will be Luandaokansi pool Liu smoke furious fans! MMP actually dare to let our goddess Liu serve you!

Also, in the end who is the assistant who ah? How in turn feel of it? Well wait staff is the boss?

This unscientific.

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