My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Fourth twelve chapters to commercials

Fourth twelve chapters to commercials

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A van parked outside the studio, several movers in the studio to constantly move some of the equipment.

Luminous into the studio.

Reception has a pretty little girl, luminous never seen yesterday.

Between luminous came, the little girl smiled politely and said:. "Hello sir, may I help you, we have not opened a temporary studio, you have what we need can wait in the studio officially opened to consult"

Luminous smile, "No, I would go to work, just arrived, you may not know."

Girl a little embarrassed, "ah, I'm sorry, sorry, I just come to work today, I do not know."

Luminous: "OK, you do well, come on, go back and do a good job to give you a raise good!." Spoke on upstairs.

The little girl smiled and nodded, but the heart he whispered, Who is this man, talking to get the chamber to take notes, but let me work hard, give me more money, if it is true? I have not looked at the old big yet, it will generally small assistant.

On the third floor.

Most employees are, see luminous have come to say hello.


"Ah, summer guide is good."


"Shen continuity."

"Night of the total coming."

"Ah, Zhong producer hello."





Luminous along the way, and was constantly greeted him, he smiled and able to respond, but his face more and more strange.

Luminous silent, a full head of black lines can not look strange? Someone told him to stop nightclubs, he started listening also happy to listen, but heard the more feel wrong, nightclub, nightclubs, night total ...... wild species.

Homophonic night total bastard ......

It not on the spot freak had been regarded as luminous Mom and Dad usually a good education.

Evil surname, ah, evil homonym ah.

Luminous made up his mind, we must make a collective meeting, let the big guy from another call, or feel a day being called wild species, which he can not stand, it is not always what it is the improper! Do not misunderstand, just another job, this time not resign, because it is the company's own wife, another job is not simple?

Luminous look all the way down the corridor all the way to find, finally found the office pool Liu smoke in most inside, the door is not listed, you may not have enough time to do it.

The door was open, entered, looked luminous, willow pond smoke, Jiang and Jiang Xin Fengxian also, there are outsiders, out of courtesy he first knocked on the door.

Three men turned to look at him.



Jiang and Jiang Xin Fengxian have to greet him.

Liu smiled pool smoke "coming."

Luminous: "I did not bother to you now."

Ranging speak to other people, Liu pool cigarette busy:. "No, no," he pointed to the side of a desk, "you sit this office after it, here is the future of your office."

Luminous nodded and went to sit down in front desk, very comfortable swivel chair, office supplies on the desk are also ready to complete.

Liu pool smoke looked at him and said: "You will sit first, we discuss something." Jiang then turned to Fengxian said: "Jiang brother,You went on to say. "

Jiang Fengxian nodded and said: "Studio preparations are also similar, with an estimated in a few days can be formally opened, but in Nanchang, we had just arrived, a little fame and no, the original BJ accumulation of contacts in this also does not work, so I think we have to own studio is imperative to fame playing out again. "

Jiang Yan also nodded and said:. "Jiang Jingli point of view I also agree, but first fame is playing out, or fragrant wine and then buried in the earth is nobody cares."

Liu pool smoke nodded, "makes sense, that Jiang brother, sister Jiang, do you have any ideas?"

Jiang Fengxian: "I'd have an idea, Liu always CETV days, many fans, the studio is not difficult to play for fame, send a microblogging can get a lot of fame, but I think that this fame only your personal reputation within the fan base may have some influence, but among the people and peers in on little success, after all, studios and individual stars, although closely related, but there are differences. my advice is to be advertising, with ads way to put the reputation of the studio to play out. "

Liu pool smoke thought a moment, "Jiang brother you're right, do not be confused studios and individuals, can, I agree to be advertising, the things handed to you brother Jiang is responsible for the fight before we officially opened the ads do it. "

Jiang Fengxian nodded: "I was not in charge of my problem, but ......"

"Just what?" Jiang Yan asked.

Jiang Fengxian undaunted: "If you simply shoot ads, no problem, we have Shoudexia director, there are cameras, there are late, what people do not lack, but we wanted to make his own studio fame playing out advertising, so be sure Advertising should do, in order to get the masses and peer recognition, to do advertising, then it must have a good creative advertising planning programs, commercials us to do this, but we are afraid advertising planning program is powerless , unless it is planning to buy expensive programs to outside advertising companies, but I think we opened it, ie, those advertising agencies to come up with let's satisfaction and creative advertising planning afraid is not easy in such a short time, shooting after post-processing takes time. "

After listening to the words of Fengxian Jiang, Jiang Yan and Liu smoke also undaunted pool, it is a difficult question.

Liu pool smoke like a long pause, "how do we go now? Is the next best thing or think of other ways, the studio first opened, and then find the advertising company to do the planning."

Jiang Xin thought, said: "advertising is really a good way, I am in favor of advertising, it is not only the first opened and then the ad break out of this advertisement is good or bad may be directly related to our studio. fame, sloppy, have better job. "

Liu pool cigarette frowned and nodded, "That can only be so ......"

"Creative hard?" Luminous interjected.

Liu pool smoke, as well as Jiang Jiang Xin Fengxian three are invariably look to him.

Luminous continued: "creative Well, I have ah."

Liu pool cigarette: "You have?"

Luminous affirmative nod: "I have!"

Liu pool smoke suddenly very happy,He laughed: "That's great advertising you do it!."

"Well." Luminous replied.

Liu pool Smoke happy nodded, "That will give you anyway."

Good fun, all of a sudden problem is solved yet.

Jiang and Jiang Xin Fengxian simply silly, what happens? Play with? This set the matter? What ideas do not say, can not make a good luminous do not know yet, let him ask how nothing to do advertising ah? He will not, ah, ah okay, so you do not just promise ah Hey, this may be related to the reputation and image of the studio ah Hey, did you consider carefully ah Hey!

Obviously tell you, Liu pool smoke not thinking clearly.

But he said there is luminous, so she let him do it, not to say how talented the trust of luminous, luminous in the end she did not know advertising can do.

Just because - love is blind woman ah.

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