My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Forty-first chapter slowly accompany you to the old

Forty-first chapter slowly accompany you to the old

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Speaking brokerage firm, luminous thought of the original contract smoke willow pond century media, the entertainment company is also one of the best in the country, Shoudexia lot of big names, these good years the most outstanding, the highest achievement was undoubtedly Liu pool cigarettes, have to say, willow pool to become smoke CETV days, in addition to his own condition, in fact, a big reason is because the century media packaging and marketing. Otherwise, the image under the sun so many good people, have the ability to conditionally also a lot of good people have the ability and the image is no longer a minority, but why is it so successful a handful of people?

Entertainment may not be directly Lift your throne, but no entertainment company's packaging, you want the throne is almost impossible! If we say that is because the individual can sit on the throne condition that entertainment agencies is the cornerstone of the next piece of the throne, not the cornerstone of secure throne can do it? Fear is not so easy, took Liu pool smoke, because the media and termination century, in recent years, the popularity is also great as it once was.

Luminous: "Yes, I heard you and Century Media because the contract had a falling out, how it happened?"

Willow Pool tobacco hear luminous ask this question obviously some are not happy, Duzhaoxiaozui said: "Well, when I was little, they do not know the entertainment curved around the wound, they coaxed signed with a decade-long contract is divided into 7: 3, I 3, although back then I changed into fame 5: 5, but this divided from me until I became famous days have been not changed over the hey days, sharing model was 5: 5, that is, those second-tier stars are a lot more than the sharing ratio, the most irritating is that my contract expired, they actually want to use 5:! 5 into contract renewal when I do stupid "?

"Not right, you are days, how the contract will be divided into so low? Less than the second-tier star?" Luminous asked.

Liu pool smoke reluctantly said: "I give them earn less chanting what else can because.."

Luminous surprised to: "You give them earn even less?"

Liu pool smoke curled his lip, "do not take commercial speech, and even less to participate in activities, the only way to make money is to work, although that day, but it is a name first, money and even some second-tier stars can not match it. "

Luminous asked: "Why ah."

"Too much spin nest entertainment, I was afraid when his accidentally fell into the go, so almost nothing to do and do not do anything works, I think that pure and, I think, should speak with star artists works. others want to just do it, do not do not want to! I do not want to do! "said Liu pool smoke enthusiastically arrange things.

Luminous endorsed nodded: "That is quite, so you can open your own studio?"

Liu smoke Enliaoyisheng pool, "in fact, open studio I did not much ambition, is thinking about your own boss, you can not suffer too many constraints. Century and after saving the media, I gotta do something about it, we can not rest on its laurels, and my fans so much, I can not let them down so the withdrawal entertainment world, so it opened a studio, he can be considered a have their own career. "

Luminous nodded, "With your reputation, the studio is not difficult to do,Bigger and stronger intentions also mention the experience. "

Liu pool cigarette smiled: "do bigger and stronger is good, but this is not what I most want to do it ......"

"What do you most want to do now." Luminous puzzled.

Liu did not immediately answer his cell smoke, but slightly propped himself, raised his head, kissed on the initiative of luminous lips, and then attached to his ear, and softly said: "before I met you, I did not want to do what is best things, upon meeting you, I most want to do is marry you ...... "

Luminous Saran smile: small scratch her nose, "you have done this, you put me to usurp the success."

Liu smoke shy pool hammer his fist: "You lied to me."

Luminous and she does not compete, ridicule and said, "What are you most want to say?"

Liu smoke pool attached to his ear, Qiao Lian red red, but did not see luminous, gently said: "Now ...... I most want to do, is slowly accompany you to the old ..... . "

Sweet words of love to the bone, so luminous mind while waves.

Luminous turned his head, his eyes full of love and willow pool cigarette in the eye.

Liu pool smoke gently spit out the word, "Kiss me."

A long time, because the two men kissing a sense of suffocation Caifen off.

Willow pool luminous gaze smoke eyes, affectionate, said:. "Believe me, I will accompany you never grow old."

Liu pool smoke ah said: "I believe you ...... even if you are lying to me, and I believe that I was willing to lie to you." (This sentence is the author of the king's ex-girlfriend said to me, her success because these words I fell into her nest spin.)

Late at night.

Luminous and Willow pool has come up sleepy smoke, smoke nest in willow pool luminous arms, luminous arms around her, "Go to sleep, staying up late is not good for the body, do not worry, I'll hold you to sleep, you will not do what."

"You just do not push me ... what, other anyway you ...... whatever you want." Willow Pool shy smoke softly Road.

Luminous take naked eye at once.


The next day.


Luminous like to sleep late, almost ten before leisurely wake up.

Sleep thrilled, ah, good soft bed, this environment how ... By the way, last night, Liu smoke at home in the pool.

Hand touched, do not touch the pool Liu smoke, luminous efforts opened his eyes, turned around and looked, Liu pool smoke was gone.

Luminous Shuibao, Shenzhuolanyao got up and saw a note on the bedside counter.

Open: Breakfast at the table, out to buy, oh, the family has not pots and pans, etc. under one roof, I give you to do it personally. I went to the studio, and if you get a cold breakfast own heat it in the microwave, remember to eat Oh. love you. muah.

Graceful handwriting, the end of the pen is also coated with a little love.

Mouth Raising luminous, sweet and full of happiness.

Get a lot of washing sieve, luminous eat breakfast willow pool cigarette prepared a box of egg tarts, a sandwich, a hot dog, a bag of milk, Liu smoke know that the great pool of his appetite, it is enough to prepare breakfast has been cold, luminous do not bother to heat, smoke willow pool ready for breakfast, how to eat is fragrant.

After breakfast,Luminous did not stay at home, ready to drive to the studio pool Liu smoke.

Today regarded as an exception, the future still have to pay attention to, although his relationship with Liu smoke special pool, but after all he is just the outsider of a new studio, the other will not speak, at least attitude is to correct the late or leave early every day someone Mian Bude gone over the line, and he's served as vice president, and have set an example, ah, or not to set a bad example to the studio atmosphere, the good news yesterday did not notice what other time he officially go to work, when you go into the post it today!

Liu smoke at home from the studio close to the pool, a few minutes drive past it.

The first day on the job, parked the car in the underground garage, luminous some mixed feelings in the studio door.

This is the place later to whom struggle, ah!

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