My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

The fortieth chapter as long as you like (and then modify)

The fortieth chapter as long as you like (and then modify)

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Luminous push the door into the bedroom.

Liu pool smoke also maintained its original sleeping position, luminous came to hear the voice whispered:. "Ciwo not let you go to bed thing."

Luminous side pulled the quilt to go to bed, side said:. "I do not like the feng shui of that room."

Ok! Very good reason.

Liu did not smoke in the pool talking head buried in the yard when the ostrich, luminous lie down, Liu smoke covered pool nervous gently Yi Chan.

The room drove a dim lamp light, soft, luminous lying in bed, my mind was starting to complain Why such a big bed, lying on his side, Willow smoke sideways pool on the other side, in the middle also separated by more than a distance.


And then move.

Continue to move.

Luminous a little bit of smoke around the pool to move past willow, willow pool luminous smoke to feel close to, and then move to the middle of luminous point, she started for the edge and then moved past a little, luminous and always kept his distance.

Finally, Liu pool smoke almost half of the body are suspended at the edge of the bed, and also just-luminous, and a pool Lan Guo Liu smoke, pulled her into his arms.

"Ah." Liu smoke softly exclaimed a pool, then wriggled and struggle.

However, in the end is a girl, the effort is big luminous, ultimately did not get rid of the smoke willow pool luminous, some finally resigned and hugged him.

"You do not do this, I'm afraid." Liu pool holding down the smoke luminous hands and begging them not honest.

Luminous has a little brain congestion, and where Huili, hands secretly hard, you want to get free press and hold the smoke willow pool of his hand, suddenly, Liu pool smoke had been pressing his hand and all of a sudden give up the struggle like loosened, resistance luminous suddenly disappear, however, he has some doubts, how willow pool the smoke will obey it? Liu looked a little pool of smoke.

Moment, like a luminous putting the dog days are poured ice water in my brain at once soaring desires off without a trace, and instantly subsided.

Liu pool smoke disheveled, burst into tears, so peering at him, great big tears kept rolling down from the eyes immersed in the temples on the pillow, eyes filled with helpless, pleading, sad , disappointment, fear, fear, loss, and so luminous difficult emotional words written descriptions.

Such eyes, luminous never seen, never seen him smoke in the Willow pool, nor had seen in a dream world wife.

At this point the pool Liu smoke, like a cornered tiger is the ruin of a frightened rabbit.

Terrified but helpless.

His heart would break.

I've done this is what ah?

Trembling hand back, lift up high, not tinker with willow pool in smoke.

Gently hold the smoke from the Willow pool, luminous and softly said, "I'm sorry, I should not like this, I bastard. I'm sorry ......"

Willow pool by his smoke in my arms, crying because Jiaoqu Yichanyichan, cried and muttered:. "I'm afraid"

Luminous arms tightened pool Liu smoke, and softly said the sentence: "I'm sorry." At this moment, apart Sorry, no words are feeble, he also has the urge to leave, because of the current pool of willow smoke , he is to expose her landed tiger fangs of the dead, but he can not leave,The time to leave is the greatest harm to the pool Liu smoke.

Luminous so quietly hugged Liu pool cigarette, one hand gently stroking her hair.

In addition to his now sorry, only silence, the rest is gently holding her to his chest and a warm embrace, her frightened mind to calm myself down slowly.

a long time.

Liu pool smoke gradually calm down, luminous chest was also soaked a piece of her tears, she is not really afraid luminous, on the contrary, is luminous holding his arms, listening to his powerful heartbeat thump thump, she I feel very at ease, very warm. She is not afraid of such a luminous, she was afraid that just as animals possessed mind is full of desire luminous, though the same person, but essentially there is a difference, a behavior is governed by the brain and emotion, but a is dominated by instinct and desire behavior, so luminous, like a senseless beast fangs opened for him, want to swallow, willow pond smoke natural fear.

Moreover, Liu pool and luminous smoke is legally married couples, marriage certificate as evidence! Since the determination married luminous, did not say do not want or do not fulfill the obligations of a wife, otherwise it will not so easily and luminous living together, but also he and his acquiescence sleep in a room, which she used as a husband's wife, to do duty in his wife's efforts. But the luminous senseless dominated by the desire to act, really made him feel afraid, last-ditch effort to prevent luminous, it is reserved for a **** girls.

Afraid to go afraid, but think of him at the last minute was stopped, and my heart some warm feeling, in the end he cares about is himself, not just his appearance ......

"I'm not ready." Liu sound pool of smoke still tearful, "I'm afraid."

Luminous gently kissed his head and said:. "I'm bad, I'm sorry, I should not like this, you're too pretty, I'm sorry ......"

"I do not blame you." Willow pool smoke gently shook his head, the sound because just cried, his voice hoarse like pressing, said, "I was not ready, you do not force me good, you give me some time really well, you wait for me ...... wait for me ...... "

Luminous heart would be Liu of the pool to smoke, put a slight hold up under her, in her mouth gently peck.

"Ah, I wait for you, as long as you like, no matter how long I have to wait ......"

Luminous pool and Liu smoke in bed embracing say a lot of love, then, a hint of sweet love, then the gap to just produce a little bit slowly heal, hearts seem to rely closer.

Liu smoke pool very pleasant luminous nest in his arms, a little reluctant to come out, luminous arms made her feel very warm, very peace of mind it.

Luminous ear to the chest, listening to his heartbeat thump thump, willow pond smoke muttered:. "You know, before I met you, I have not really want to do."

Luminous silence her head: "You do not want to do it you are days ah, but now my own boss open studio?."

Liu pool cigarette shook his head: "Actually I'm also a chance to become a star, and in junior high school students to play Hengdian, somehow was director fancy,I also feel strange, it ran a bit-part player in that play, and later a fire that play, I also took a fancy to the brokerage firm, in fact, be the days are packed and brokerage firms Chaozuo good, without their packaging and various Chaozuo, it will not be so easily when the days yet. "

Luminous: "That is because my wife had looks, talented, both wisdom and beauty of a person otherwise casually in how packaging is also not on the day when.."

Liu pool cigarette proud hum laugh.

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