My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Thirty-ninth chapter to be living together

Thirty-ninth chapter to be living together

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Large closet, a full accounting of a wall.

Liu smoke while finishing the pool while also muttering.

"This summer I hang the clothes."

"This winter I hang clothes."

"This is linked to spring and autumn."

"This layer put shoes."

"This layer T-shirt put it."

"This put the shirt."

"Hat put here."

"This will give you put clothes now, and not too unfair to me, I am a girl, clothes and more thing."

Luminous paralyzed in bed, smoke finger along the direction of Willow pool looked.

"Oh." Luminous faint to be the one, then sat up suddenly panic, pointing to the wardrobe, "I put in here?"

Liu pool smoke thought he was too small place, grumbles said:. "Is a bit small, I give you the point where it Teng"

"Do not mean that." Luminous waved their hands, uncertain and asked, "I mean ...... I ... have come?"

Liu Yanyan pool spent some sprouting a crooked neck, asked: "Are not you coming?"

Luminous rub about to stand up and stormed out of the pool under willow smoke surprised eyes.

Why you go?

Pick up the luggage!

This is to the rhythm of living together, ah, do not be a fool!

Fifty-six seconds after a minute, yes, the luminous time accurate to the second, one second can not delay! Luminous holding a suitcase flew back, into the bedroom when coming to a screeching halt, and then the trunk to put a cigarette in front of Willow pool.

"I come!" Luminous still breathing heavily, "you say put what to put where, listen to you!"

Willow pool to buy cigarettes was originally intended to do two people live together, although some also began to feel a blush of modesty uneasy, but to buy a house for several days, gradually has adapted, subconsciously feel at this house is bought and luminous to live together, but he forgot, luminous do not know! The pool Liu has never smoke and he said, this house is bought for the two to live together.

See luminous and surprised, and Huoshaohuoliao luggage downstairs to get a reaction, this response came willow pond smoke, think about just said, suddenly blushed, smiled down ineffectively, and did not dare to, as the luminous, the luminous silence of the trunk to pull over and open, the luminous clothes one by one, the new folded out or fixed with a coat hanger and put it in the closet.

Luminous stood grinning, smiling with a fool.

Glow in the Willow pool to help clean up the trunk of smoke when the luminous cell phone rang, and saw my mom on the phone.

Luminous cold sweat on down, as if to say to my mom this morning and BJ was it? Then had never made a phone call to the family, it seems the inevitable chatter meal.

Walked into the parlor, luminous picked up the phone.

"Hey, Mom, amount ...... Yes, I went to, ah, yes yes yes, my bad, yes yes yes, I'm sorry, yes yes yes, the one on a variety of busy, busy forgot this thing is yes yes, your lesson is, I'm fine, now ...... hotel yet. Er er, see you, no problem, I let her give you a sign to fight! ah, will soon be able to go back, ah, ah, you and my dad also take care of themselves ...... "

"All packed." Liu pool smoke out of the bedroom, to say something luminous.

Over the phone, my mom pointed ears,"Ah? Son, how do I hear a woman's voice?"

Luminous spoke to Liu pool wink smoke, made a: 'My mother''s mouth.

"Ah ... is the hotel staff, the hotel has just accidentally broke the cup to, the waiter came to clean up."

Willow pool with a clever smoke and said: "Hello sir, broken glass have been packed, but also the cup for you for a new, little things, then do not bother, there is need to call for service at your side, I wish You Goodnight. "

Liu pool luminous smoke stood thumbs.

Mom at the other end there is no doubt, and said a few words and luminous, luminous chatter a few words, told him what to be careful away from home, what not to eat, what to pay more attention to the class, and finally hanging off the phone.

Hang up the phone but rather Mom, Dad long period to the sentence: "When did this kid also had tea?"

"My mother's phone." Luminous. "He thought I was in BJ it, and I did not dare to tell the truth him."

Liu pool smoke chuckle, "is not a good boy lie."

Luminous embarrassing Momobizai, braved the naked eye, said: "Anyway, word has been said to go out this evening would definitely not go home, you have to take me ah."

Liu smoke Minzui pool turned and smiled, gently say: "Whatever you."

Luminous overjoyed.

Night, Liu pool smoke like a hard little bee, tidy up here, where the sweep, scurrying over the house, do not seem to know tired in general.

Luminous had followed her to pack with cleaning, but later found, where Zhe Nizi really want to clean the house, she was afraid to go to bed! Here there intentional about it at the time of grinding.

Luminous Mozhe, not to mention the pool Liu smoke, and even he was a big man some heart apprehension.

Cohabitation ah, tut.

Luminous comfortable paralyzed on the sofa, quietly watching the busy time before Liu looked at the pool of tobacco busy, has eleven pm, but he is not quite so hard, I thought, you toss it, toss it enjoy , see if you can toss a few points, there is always when you're tired. Hey.

Sure enough, Liu pool smoke and toss for a while, and then into the bedroom, holding a towel pajamas walked into the bathroom.

Luminous exposed on the sofa proud and wicked smile.

Woman taking a shower is a very time-consuming thing, luminous sofa finest all asleep, and finally back to the bedroom door closed to the sound awakened after bathing pool Liu smoke.

Luminous rose, some apprehension opened the bedroom door, went in, Liu smoke has pool side lying in bed, covered with blankets when the ostrich.

Liu pool luminous smoke coming hear the voice back to the luminous, some confusion, said:. "Why do you come in, I want to sleep, you sleep Ciwo"

Luminous also a bit cramped, "the amount of ...... I came to get clothes to take a bath."

"Oh." Liu pool cigarette should be a cry, did not speak, continue as ostrich.

Luminous took the clothes, turned out of the bedroom.

Bathroom, pool Liu smoke down just for the clothes still on Zangyi baskets, the luminous if not to make the pool holding a willow smoke indecent clothes to move, but two sexy and seductive that we get at what is so he was somewhat pulse raced.Because many have not had time to buy daily necessities, toilet empty, there are two small bottles of shower gel and shampoo, the pool should be smoke usually willow with carry-on baggage, as well as two toothbrushes, one has used the pink , another blue one day not opened, only a towel and some wet, it appears to be just used smoke willow pool, but can not find it too luminous, holding a towel willow pool cigarette began to take a bath.

Despise? What dislike? It was her wife! How many people would like to use her used towels also do not need it.

Ten minutes later, luminous quickly wash bath, wash the head, also with a pool Liu smoke has been prepared to give him a new toothbrush in the bathroom to brush his teeth, and finally with a hair dryer to dry the hair.

Have to say, this is the difference between men and women treat the bathroom.

Pajamas, luminous apprehension hesitant to the bedroom door.

The right is the second bedroom, the left is the master bedroom.

Into the master bedroom is it? Or into the master bedroom it? Or into the master bedroom it?

The right is the gentleman on the left is a wolf beast.

Luminous faced with a dilemma, whatever the outcome is when a person had their own teacher of the people ah, this problem must be cautious, and then carefully!

Consider for a moment, a luminous teeth, the kind of animal we are people there!

forget about it!

Into the master bedroom! Zan is such a beast man.

Slowly turning the master bedroom door handle, the door gently opens ......

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