My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Thirty-eighth chapter of smoke Liu pool house

Thirty-eighth chapter of smoke Liu pool house

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After buying home appliances have been more than four in the afternoon.

Luminous and Willow pool spree smoke alerted the manager, because it is a big customer, business manager of special care, chest camera will immediately ensure the delivery and installation of all appliances must finish in 3 hours, so that they can properly use today.

Luminous the address to the business manager, business manager will arrange to home appliances to the Willow pool to smoke at home, and also the mission of appliance installation and deft master four hands and feet, because the family has no valuables, Liu smoke directly put the key pool to the delivery of the master, then gave Jiang Yan called and asked her to go home, staring at it, is not afraid to throw something at home, but morals dangerous, not harm anyone have defenses can not be no, willow pool identity and smoke sensitive, cautious changes still have to be careful of some.

But why I do not want to be called Junction to stare at?

This is because the pool Liu smoke a business manager, said after today will be able to put all the appliances are installed, all of a sudden little eyes lit up, pulled luminous necessary to buy bedding, blankets, sheets and the like. He says tonight is going to live in, but also want to live in a hotel.

Luminous also frustrating from the get her.

Into the Furniture City, Liu picked up a pool of smoke three favorite colors, each set of two rooms, as well as a spare set, immediately after a good pick let luminous pay.

Luminous when the payment was another Routeng, it really is improper leading a poor family do not know expensive, so expensive original bedding of the bed sheets and the like, of course, which is why Liu pool smoke all vote for you, three spent a total of 90,000.

Luminous sense takes heart, this is where the quilt ah, this is simply gold! Rich world we really do not know.

Of course, Liu is also good reason to smoke pools: "These things are personal, not bought how the line point."

Luminous speechless.

Furniture City has a speed wash service, the quilt and the bed sheets were asked the waitress to take it to wash again, luminous and willow smoke in the pool furniture in the city waiting for a while, scored twice packages of the things Lindao car inside, looking at these things, although many, but not too much room, but also no furniture in the city to make a special delivery, and installation will be able to own a car back.

Crazy shopping one afternoon, luminous and smoke willow pool be tired and hungry, looking for a hotel room packages to the dinner, during which Jiang Xin Liu also called and asked where the pool of smoke, said home appliances have been installed well, the key special trip sent her over.

See also luminous, Jiang Yan's eyes filled with confusion, looking at willow pond smoke is not entirely natural.

Liu pool smoke a little embarrassed explanation: "Too many things to buy, so luminous help me some advice, but also help me carry things down, so many things a person can not carry me."

Luminous also nodded: "For me is when a coolie!."

Jiang Liu Xin simple and pool Smoke said a few words, what did not ask, luminous eyes a little strange to see him and say hello also left.

I do not know Jiang Xinxin did not believe this explanation, anyway, luminous believed.

After Jiang Xin go out, luminous touch nose, "Jiang sister is not to see what is coming? Feel strange look in her eyes."

Liu pool smoke stunned for a moment, then eat a mouthful of rice, light, said: "Nothing,Jiang sister will not utter. "

After dinner, according to the luminous smoke guiding pool Liu, Liu first went to stay at the hotel pool original smoke took his luggage, then drove her home carrying.

Sure enough, Liu smoke buy a new pool house not far from the studio, also from four or five traffic lights, residential and named Harmony Garden, elevator room, green area do well, getting bigger spacing between buildings, see very comfortable, somewhat geographically isolated and very quiet, smoke willow pool to buy is the ninth floor, middle floor, not high not low very good.

Willow pool with a luminous smoke upstairs carrying large bags, too many things, indeed, some trouble.

Open the door, turn on the lights.

"Ooh." Luminous, "You ah well, big."

Liu pool smoke also looked inside, and a lot of home appliances are bought today to install the master very responsible, that the family did not leave garbage, household appliances also are placed in a particularly good position, very satisfied smoke willow pool and smiles: "okay, $ 130 level, two bedrooms and two living original looked very empty, and now these appliances put on the feel pretty good.."

Luminous nodded and looked at the house, modern decor, looked very comfortable, dining and living rooms are large, after all, $ 130 level, only two rooms and two living rooms, a little strange.

"Really good ah." Luminous added the sentence.

Liu pool cigarette and smiled, "You like to like."

The size of the package on the handle 往沙发上一 throw, Liu pool cigarette rubbed his arm:. "The remaining one of those people you get to, I carry no more."

Luminous laughed: "Just do not let you carry, I Tate's husband in this matter which also need your hands." Then, luminous turned down the stairs to get the rest of the linen.

Glow up when Liu pool smoke no longer a living room, bedroom lights, luminous carrying things into it.

A large bedroom with a balcony, the room looks very warm tone, willow pond smoke were past men working to quilt and sheets like paved, large bed, she was too busy running around in circles.

Luminous Things down, smiled and said:. "Let me help you."

Liu pool did not smoke and his kind, two-meter bed, bed and quilt really difficult to deal with.

"Come on, you are pinching the two corners. Clenched his ah." Liu smoke the pool are two angles are into the hands of luminous, and then go to the other side of busy.

"Well, stretch a stretch."

"Oh, you tap."

"Pillow case over there to get me to come."

"You acquire a quilt aside."

"Help me lift at Simmons, ah, Dui, carrying Do not move."

"Sheets big point of it, but all right, you go over there you get to the point, ah, it is so."

Luminous has been his mouth smile, looked after busy preparing just like a home smoke small willow pool of experts, filled with a warm heart.

Busy most of the day, managed to tidy up, luminous forehead are some fine sweat, casual Willow pool to pool of smoke in bed.

"Finally I know my mother is not easy."

Liu smoke chuckle pool, luminous lying on his bed did not say anything, stroked his messy hair, past men began cleaning out your closet, then put the clothes into them.

Trunk some personal clothing, willow pond smoke a little embarrassed,For Luminous he said: "You go first."

Luminous lie being comfortable, looked at the twisted neck, willow pond smoke quickly put the trunk lid up, blocking the luminous sight.

"You get to you, I do not see." Luminous turned his head, "This is a good comfortable bed, I'll lie down."

Liu smoke some blush pool, croon a cry, not in a hurry luminous, changed direction, back to the luminous, luminous physically block the line of sight, and then packed up to personal clothing.

Liu pool may cigarettes do not know, it is dead in seductive clothes that, her back to the luminous, for a bend, one will tiptoe, that perfect curve of the back, almost on the spot to see the luminous incarnation of the beast.

Induced dead attractiveness baa?

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