My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter Thirty-seventh wonderful name

Chapter Thirty-seventh wonderful name

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Liu pool and a smile smoke greet the crowd, followed by Liu luminous smoke around the pool, smiling.

"Everyone be quiet." Liu pool cigarette spoke and said, "to introduce a new co-worker."

"This is luminous, vice president of the new, unified management studio work, that we will always work and more with the night." Liu pool cigarette with a smile, "we applaud."

"Papa Pa."

Very warm applause.

The presence of some employees looked curious luminous, it seems, is an ordinary guy ah, how come it when a vice president of it? Liu pool cigarette family relatives, right? He did not dare to think about aspects of love, mainly because of luminous look a little ordinary.

Fortunately, however, what jealousy or hatred luminous eyes have not seen eye to these employees, more employees are basically the presence of technical eat rice, each perform their duties, the leadership pool Liu also smoke a person, no intrigue power struggle.

Liu pool cigarette with a smile: "I always say a few words, please night."

"Papa Pa."

There was another round of applause.

Luminous Qingke loudly: "Hello everyone, my name is luminous, and later on we work together, I am a newcomer, a lot of places do not understand, since you please more attention in the future work we hope cooperation happy, of course. privately I hope you stay in contact. Thank you. "luminous Having a slight bow, did not say anything, he did not know, had just arrived to also know what to say.

"Pa Pa Pa"

There was another round of applause.

Next, the smoke gave Liu pool luminous introduced one by one over the presence of employees.

Two managers and a woman, the man called Jiang Feng Xian, age, getting bigger, forties, looks very look familiar, a very experienced and capable person, according to Liu said before the smoke had been a pool of executives in state-owned enterprises, negotiations are powerful. Woman named Jiang Yan, thirties, turned out to be an assistant Liu pool cigarettes, tobacco and willow pond century media falling out when he resigned along together, be regarded as a confidant of pool Liu smoke, and when the luminous see Junction some impressions, it should be is the original and willow smoke with pool access television station that one o'clock Shaoai a woman.

The director asked Shang Shan, forty years old, deputy director called Natsumi, smaller age, but also several of the thirty. Luminous hear their name almost did not laugh, it all smoke Liu pool where to find talent, two directors, a mountain a sea.

And that triplets are actually three cameras, but also not much older, it seems also less than thirty twenties look, name easier to remember, a man named Wei Navy, a man named Wei army, Wei called the Air Force. Okay, triplets armed forces gathered!

HTC plan called the summer, the producer called Zhong Cheng, co-ordinate called East-blue, slate called Shen Wen ...... a lot of names, but for luminous had never forget skills, time really may not be able to remember these two No more than a dozen names.

Liu luminous introduction to the pool to smoke, they simply say a few words, took Luminous left the meeting room.

Assistant Junction chase to see it, "smoke children, the night ... the night of the total office arrangements where appropriate?"

Liu pool cigarette smiled and said:. "Sister Jiang, you call him a small nightclub his younger, but to hear you call him the night I always quite awkward."

Jiang Xin Liu old man smoke around the pool, the pool and willow smoke either after work or private feeling good, usually are called Liu Xin Jiang tobacco smoke children pool, pool smoke Liu also called her pet ginger sister.

About Luminous office arrangement, Liu pool smoke thought again and said: "? Large office seems to me that this will not be possible between now do ......" pondered a moment, Liu pool flue: "Ginger sister, you add a table in my office now, and I work with luminous later! "

"Ah?" Jiang Yan surprised, whispered to Willow pool cigarette and said, "Is that alright?"

In fact, some confusion pool Liu smoke, put a no as being to: "There is nothing wrong, I look very good, just luminous, a lot of places do not understand, and I work together Finally, sometimes things facilitate communication , it had better do ginger sister. "

"Okay. I know." Jiang Yan could only nod, but my mind was some whispered, this luminous backing? Liu smoke other people do not understand the pool she did not know? She is such a willing and men shared an office with people? What do the authors of the two had relatives? Jiang Yan can only guess so.

Out of the studio, luminous asked: "nothing if left?"

Liu pool Smoke:? "Otherwise, it is now the studio has not officially opened, some of the equipment did not have equipment in place, are also some of the things their equipment and organization of the work they have just discussed in the conference room, these things are their specialty I do not quite understand, not lend a hand, stay doing. "

Luminous Oh sigh, "that we are going to go?"

Liu smoke lovely pool crooked neck thought, "go to Circuit City now! A lot of home appliances have not, just now free to go and buy appliances, breakfast can live in it!"

So, luminous carrying willow pond smoke went Circuit City.

In the Electric City when the smoke Liu pool may be heavily armed, coat, cap, sunglasses, a large mask. Possession of his own tightly.

Electric City to the pool Liu smoke do not speak, thanks to the luminous shopping guide and exchanges, Liu smoke on the pool with your fingers to refer to, for a look at this for a while to see that.

Purchasing Guide to see some strange eyes, luminous some sad explained to him and said:. "This is my wife, a little disability, dumb"

Purchasing Guide handed him a sympathetic look, also boldly said, man, you is not easy, and today give you 97% off.

Luminous laughing, Liu smoke the pool fiercely glared at him, but it did not dare to speak, but taking advantage of the shopping guide do not pay attention when two fingers and luminous waist had a close contact.

Luminous grimace in pain, but did not dare say anything.

Two-finger Zen, this is all women self-taught talent skills.

Also, remember that, do not mess with a woman, they will retaliate ......

In the Circuit City shopping for a long, Liu bought a lot of smoke pool thing.

Double-door refrigerator, 55-inch 4K TV, all intelligent wash bake one washing machine, one-piece hood, air purifiers, air conditioners, water purifiers, hair dryer, fan, sweeping machines ...... this should not buy she bought are bought, looking at the long shopping list, luminous even suspect, Bedroom can plug these two appliances......

Is the most luminous silent, Liu pool pick smoke are expensive to buy, as long as you are! Sometimes Purchasing Guide could not stand, pulling luminous say which product is also very good, high cost of the class, pool Liu smoke management are ignored, she just expensive! As long as you are! Although the time when the payment is not luminous money, but the smoke Liu pool card to pay luminous let him go, watching the luminous totaling fifty-five list Routeng consumption or feel, this is a one-time business manager to see noctilucent I bought so many things to hit the consumer 95% off.

Prodigal bitch ah!

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