My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter thirty-sixth studio (IV more)

Chapter thirty-sixth studio (IV more)

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So big also parents to beat, luminous heart wronged ah, but the bitter heart baby, the baby can not find someone can say, for fear of shame!

Liu pool cigarette is his wife, and he only complained, he was not afraid to lose face in front of her, might even add a little sympathy points yet.

Spoke also roll up the sleeves and red marks on his arm subsided yet to see smoke Liu pool, thighs and buttocks have, but that place is not convenient for her to read.

Liu looked at the pool of smoke whip marks on his arm luminous, distressed and thought it was funny.

"Aunts and uncles really, you are so big how it also hands-on."

Luminous waved and said: "This matter can not blame them, really I do not authentic, do not forget to say look at this, it is sad to think about, and I take from 210,000 in emergency credit to my parents before. these things to round later, my mother was taken away money, get it back ah. "

Liu smiled pool smoke, indifference and said:. "OK, when is my honor aunts and uncles, I'll give you back fill" Then another thought, staring Luminous said: "Why is not 210,000 or 200,000!! how, or 300,000! more than a fraction of it going on! say! is not secretly hiding their own money? "

Luminous shocked, raped or you are the star detective ah? This can guess, quickly denied:. "No, absolutely not, really gave my parents 210,000"

Liu pool smoke do not believe, "you fly BJ money where's the ticket! BJ economy class tickets from Nanchang to have more than a thousand! I'll give you the cost of living a total of only eight hundred!"

Luminous cold sweat down, this is the eyes of fire Jingjing ah, but managed to hide the point of their own money, luminous plea can not be so easily pay out quickly sophistry: "I want to walk far, how can we not bring him some money, I I asked my mom to two thousand. ticket and money to fight fare not doing much got left up. "

Liu looked at his cigarette pool skeptical: "Really?"

Luminous red in the face of breath firm nod: "! Really."

"Well, let you." In fact, Liu pool cigarette mind clear, this stock is certainly secretly hidden the money, and it is definitely hiding ten thousand, but she did not say break it, the man is too governing, but they can not too hard! It was her mother told her.


Afternoon, hungry and willow pool luminous smoke of the day went for more rice, tobacco and willow pool on the proposal to go to her studio with a luminous look.

Road, luminous some doubts.

"Studio people are with you from BJ to do? They are originally from BJ to Nanchang?"

Liu pool smoke laughed: "Most are related to, but in fact these come with much of the staff are not BJ people, considered North drifters in BJ, BJ is also in exile to Nanchang no difference, moreover, in the same industry who, I opened the wages and benefits but the best! the studio I gave them all move up one salary, they have no reason not to do? "

Luminous nodded and asked: "? How many people studio now."

Liu pool smoke while snapping fingers counting, side said: "There are now over two managers, a director, a deputy director, a plan, a producer, a co-ordination, a log, the latter two, three cameras, two recordings, a light, an art and an art assistant, two make-up, a financial,Oh, and a driver. "

Luminous: "Oh, a lot of people still, you have a dozen men count it, almost able to cobble together a crew up."

Liu pool cigarette: "Originally, but it was a crew, when people turned out in BJ's even more, but some people are old BJ, unwilling to Nanchang, now left these people friends."

Luminous asked: "So how many people?"

Liu pool cigarette: "irrespective of position, then fifty or sixty of it, is a seasoned veteran, I was on a TV series on my staff are from the studio to shoot it."

Luminous: "Oh, that is quite powerful, but only to a dozen mostly related to how you said you came."

Liu pool cigarette: "pillar fact, most of these now come with me, and the other are some assistants, such a person can not find where to?"

"I say." Luminous nodded, "Then I went to the studio to work doing what you work?"

Liu pool cigarette without thinking, "deputy ah!"

Luminous, embarrassed, said: "Well no, I just opinions as vice president, also elderly people who may not have opinions."

Liu pool cigarette cut a cry: "What views, each perform their duties, to say, you are my husband, to do the vice president of the company improperly also arrange for you a position just to give you a tube of someone's home, not by the gas thing? even if you can stand this grievance, I can not see past! "

Luminous grinning. What a horrible woman ah, all for the sake of his men!

Studio to. Luminous parked the car, and get off before the smoke willow pool, pool Liu also specifically told luminous smoke in front of people to pay attention.

Luminous smiled and nodded, but my mind was thought to himself, before people pay attention, that no one is not the time to think about ...... a little excited about it.

Liu smoke studio pool is named in a business center in Times Square, this was originally a sales office business center, buy real estate now over, the sales office will put up for sale, and down three, getting bigger area, evidently covers an area of ​​five or six hundred square meters.

No sign, probably just moved here, time is relatively short, and there are several cleaners in the door to clean up some of the construction waste.

Luminous looked at this building three-storey building, asked: "big ah, a year rent was a lot of money now."

Liu pool cigarette light, said:. "Bought 40 million."

Luminous: "......"

Money is capricious.

Willow pool with a luminous smoke into the studio, the door is a hall on the first floor, there are several sofas, the front reception area also in this, is not large, about a hundred meters way. Reception hall empty, does not have a reception, luminous reckon it should be not enough time to recruit.

Willow pool with a luminous smoke take the elevator on the third floor.

Hey, actually there are only three elevators, this is really ......

The third floor is divided into various rooms for office and what reception room, conference rooms, editing rooms, recording studios, post-production houses, a number of large and small, but seem empty, a person at all.

Willow pool with a luminous smoke reached a conference room, push the door.

Oh, the original people do this alone, it is no wonder that ever since the door to a luminous figure did not see.Roughly counted heads, touching about two dozen, Liu pool should smoke in this studio full of.

This is after the joint efforts of the team, ah.

Willow pool to see smoke come in, everyone stood up to say hello.

"Liu Zong."


"Liu goddess."


Luminous music, and actually there called Liu goddess, looked at the direction of the man called Liu goddess, and luminous dumbfounded.

FML! How three of exactly the same length? Seeing things or what?

Luminous and quickly got into blind eyes.

look in.

Okay, or three!

Nima is rare triplets ah!

And actually three brothers all work in the studio pool Liu smoke?

This is simply a national treasure-level rare animals ah!

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