My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Thirty-fifth chapter of wagons (third more)

Thirty-fifth chapter of wagons (third more)

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Luminous has no idea what to say, is the relocation of the studio, but also to buy a house to settle in Nanchang, the reason is simply because he was in Nanchang.

There are more than this man's confession warm it?

Liu things about the pool house did not smoke and so luminous in question.

Liu pool cigarette: "The house was originally an old couple bought for his son to get married with, new house, not large, Liangshiliangting are renovated, but the son of a sudden there is some thing, marriage blew up, anxious the money, put the house to sell, I have seen in the past, the house is very good, the decoration is also very good, direct buy home appliances and daily necessities will be able to live. the key is a good district, only new real estate, from studios are also close, security is very strict, but also more remote, less people, I live more convenient. "

Luminous nodded, "That's fine, the province you live in the hotel every day, no matter how good the hotel looked very good on the surface is clean, but after so many people coming and going live, is not very good, there is a long live your own house is also quite good. "

Liu smoke Enliaoyisheng pool, "And this car is also new to buy, of course, I did not open it, is bought you."

Luminous surprise, "What? Bought it for me?"

Liu pool cigarette: "ah, bought you, most men should be like this style of car now, you look like it or not, like it can not retreat."

Luminous waved and said: "Love is like, but I can not have, which is too expensive, and see how the car also have more than one million now, no, I can not have you go back now."

Willow pool to make smoke angry: "how can not want to, you were my husband, I am your wife, we are legally married couples, I tell you how to buy a car will not be asked for."

Luminous still shaking his head: "No, not really, this is too precious a whole seems to me to be the same as your nurturing small white face, but also money, but also car No, absolutely not..."

Liu pool cigarette stared at him and said: "!. Well when his wife to her husband how to buy a car, and this for me is a mere trifle, you are not also you all of his possessions gave me yet."

Glow still insist not, though he did love this car, but this car is too expensive, really accept that they are always quickly eat soft food, the loss of face Okay, again, although his belongings were willow that point pool taking away the smoke, but he was a few Boyd, what the car is worth, ah, can compare it?

Liu smoke Yangnu pool: "You do not, you do not want me to open it to other men!"

Luminous: "How dare you!"

Luminous is a narrow-minded man.

Liu pool smoke refused to yield, "You see I dare! Send not only cars, people have sent me, men do not care anyway own home. Humph!"

How can bear this luminous stimulus, a slap snapped pumping in the buttock pool willow smoke.

Liu pool cigarette scared silly, and was so intimate contact with a man place his own privacy, shame Qiaolian flushed red.

Liu took a luminous pool butts look, very flexible touch made him feel mind waves, see Liu pool cigarette flushed red face, eyes wide and mouth slightly open as surprised, suddenly distracted up, did not hold back, on a pro go up.

Well.Willow pool luminous smoke has been secretly kissing.

Liu smoke pool was scared I do not know, or is luminous kiss I have a little distracted, and actually did not push luminous.

While, Willow smoke pool felt a little breath, only to jerk bite on the tongue luminous, luminous eat the pain, quickly moved away, angry charming pink car up.

Liu pool smoke shy bowed his head, relaxed and said: "Well, the bad guy, and bully others, do not give you a car."

Luminous accounted for just so much cheaper, very happy smiles: "!!! Do not ah, I want this car, how can my wife do not want to send the car must be"

Brother, do not say good, that good principles?

Luminous is just smoke and willow pool kissing time figured out, but it is not really bitch, eat soft food, their own pool and willow smoke but legally married couples, we are of her whole person, let alone a car, wife for the first time to send something to yourself, how you can do. Moreover, cigarette tubes after willow pool the money, in addition to his monthly pocket money of 800 other places to spend money had to ask Willow pool to smoke, which today can not stand? Then how to do?

Liu smoke also slightly ashamed pool looked luminous meaning: "Really?"

Luminous nodded, "ah, really, I like this car, this car saying how much was spent?"

Liu pool cigarette: "top with sky eagles, leather seats, glass is bulletproof, good safety performance, the car landed a total of 2.6 million."

Luminous surprised or underestimate the value of this car, ah, I had thought it a hundred million for the way, did not think two times also more than doubled. More than two million cars, after what he's up? A bit weird too.

Luminous did not in kind, like just get a new toy a child, Look here, where silent, also under the car three or four times, after research inside and outside the car belonging to his car. See also luggage on the back seat, luminous distressed rushed to put out the trunk to trunk went, leather seats, ah, how it can be used to put the suitcase? Well it's not spoil things.

Liu pool did not smoke his pipe, laughing study looked at the ins and outs of the new car luminous.

While, luminous only get enough back to the cab.

"You're in the studio where it? When I go to work?" Luminous asked.

Liu smoke pool looked surprised him, stunned for a moment, then said: "? You have to come to my studio to work it."

Luminous stunned, "ah? Not you say that to me?"

Liu pool cigarette: "You are not reluctant to quit it?"

Luminous: "I have resigned it."

Liu pool cigarette exclaimed: "When did this happen, how I do not know!"

Luminous a black line, Okay, it seems that he is completely mistaken, originally I thought it was Liu pool cigarette raw gas so he deliberately ignored him, so duty-bound to work to quit.

Luminous tone of some hidden bitterness, like a small daughter by the gas, "just the day before the speech, I also micro-Bo, can not you see it?"

Liu pool cigarette shaking his head, "too busy these days, but also to move the studio, but also to buy a house, BJ Nanchang, the two kept flying back and forth, watching free microblogging where you how suddenly resigned, and your original say, you are not still unwilling to do well, so I was thinking about the studio moved to Nanchang,I knew you would not quit to move it! "

Well ...... this big misunderstanding.

Luminous pool and Liu smoke looked at each other, basically understand, this phone is broken Nima are to blame ah! A resignation, a move.

Luminous and then get things exactly his resignation pool and Liu smoke say it again, including his parents for his trial and corporal punishment project.

That focused on the whole process of his father's sadistic inhuman!

To say what is a grievance.

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