My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Thirty-fourth chapter the whole story (second more)

Thirty-fourth chapter the whole story (second more)

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After more than three childhood, a luminous Nanchang Changbei Airport, called to ask where smoke under willow pool.

Liu smoke pool is big stars, public figures, such a person is not suitable for high traffic areas public appearance at the airport, but also specifically to pick people, even do a good job protection measures, wearing sunglasses masks, but inevitably will be people find clues to recognize them.

She waited luminous underground parking at the airport.

Parking lot, looking for a luminous pool according to Liu said the location of the smoke, did not see the car pool Liu smoke.

Willow pool to see him smoke, start the car, under the headlights flashed on him.

Luminous turned around and saw the car look black SUV, Ashkenazi, the sky Eagle brand name, the car is very new, very very domineering, Aggressive, Land Rover a bit like a dream world.

Through the windshield, saw a luminous pool Liu smoke, some wonder how smoke willow pool will be open this car? Her image at all and do not take it, this car is generally only men like them.

Lakaijumen, luminous luggage lost a back seat, then motioned to the co-pilot Liu pool smoke go up, seated himself out of the cab to start the car underground parking.

Liu pool identity-sensitive smoke, car park although not many people, but that is how many people eye miscellaneous places, not to speak of the place, although there are a lot of words to say, but still luminous first refrained.

Luminous driving a car, I feel very good, this car than Anderson's father up more comfortable, the car is very beautiful, great grades, basically gentlemen would like to look at, is not cheap, night thinking how this car also have more than one million, right? Liu pool is strange how the smoke will like this car?

Luminous drove into the woods on the edge of a lonely road, the parking stall.

A seat belt untied, luminous opened fire: "how is it that you are the first few days off every day, every day shutdown microblogging not returning, nor a bad news phone will not buy a ah!!!! ! you detract from the big stars will be worse this money ah! I do not give a news ah! Liu pool smoke! we are now legally married couples, I'm your husband! you're my wife! you can do your own thing off! but at least you have to give your husband a message you safe! Do not you know I'm worried about you ah! "

Then, unexpectedly disappointing luminous eyes were all red, and then suddenly he was scared Banguo some silly willow pool cigarette, holding her tight in his arms, his tone softened: "You know I'm worried about you I'm afraid you what happened, I see you too afraid, I'm afraid, I'm really afraid I lost you once dreaded. "

Why say then? Because the luminous has lost once, from the system evolves, luminous morning till evening for four consecutive years in a dream world and willow pond smoke, but after the upgrade is completed and he has not been in a dream world, and for him, At that time I had already lost once.

Willow pool of luminous smoke was scared silly reaction, then suddenly luminous and hold him in his ear sweetness of saying these words, Liu smoke the whole pool of people rushed exciting moment, awkward, gently the luminous waist circumference, did not pay attention luminous speech problems, softly luminous in the ear, said:. "Well I'm sorry."Luminous smoke release Liu pool, air-to-: "I'm sorry what's the use you have to give me an explanation why so many days the phone has been shut down!."

Liu pool smoke some aggrieved: "The people phone is broken Well, these days too busy, no time to buy also."

Luminous Lengheng soon, apparently not satisfied with this explanation.

Willow pool cigarette and said: "really busy these days, and today I just bought a new phone, do not call you as soon Well, I'm sorry Well, people are not intentional." I spoke also spoiled like pull the luminous pull the sleeves, Duzhaoxiaozui, big eyes blink blink of an eye Baba looked luminous, just like a sister next door Meng Meng da attitude, where there are days like.

Luminous just that a pass, my heart some unpleasant emotions already went to the half, and he mainly because of fear of willow pond smoke, what happened, so these geniuses in the heart suppressed for a lot of emotions, knowing that after Liu pool smoke all right, a stone fell from the heart, anger is a bit angry, but also a little bit.

See Liu pool smoke a wretched and cute, as males visual senses, almost luminous and it would be like to smoke willow pool sprouting up, with difficulty suppressing a pro-tobacco willow pool impulse, held out his hand , the first touch pool willow smoke.

"Later allowed this, you Busy, but you and I gotta reported a peace .I going crazy these days."

Willow pool smoke and apologized: "I'm sorry Well, really busy, these days are flying in the sky every day."

Luminous asked: "What do you busy do not have time to buy a mobile phone?."

Liu pool smoke some proud smiles: "I moved to Nanchang, the studio!"

"What !!!" luminous surprise, "You put the studio moved to Nanchang? When did this happen?"

Liu pool cigarette: "For the past few days, busy thing is to move the studio."

Luminous asked: "hey how the studio moved to Nanchang, why??"

Liu pool smoke at him, gentle smile: "I want to be near you ......"

All of a sudden heart of the almost luminous, moving mess, what mood any questions instantly gone, leaving only deeply touched, gently hold over willow pond smoke.

"Fool." Luminous softly, "I did not need this."

Liu pool luminous smoke against the shoulder, softly:. "My mother said, a man to look at, so many goblins out now, it was accidentally left hook, so I have to look at you."

Luminous laughed: "You are my little fairy."

Liu pool smoke blushing: "You can only go by my hook, and not like the other fairies."

Luminous: "There is no fairy comparable to you."

Willow Pool tobacco: "If it be?"

Luminous: "There is no case, in my heart, you are the most beautiful fairy, you are not a fairy!!"

They hugged Shuiliaoyihui love, then, these two just married couples, it has never had the experience, both sweet and was black and hot.

"Yes, how you change, and not a few days ago also see you both drove a white horse? That car may not in line with your temperament ah." Luminous asked.

Liu pool cigarette smiled and said: "White Horse is not my bike, rent,I had not long to live in Nanchang, how to buy a car will open in Nanchang. "

"So? What do you mean ......."

"Ah." Liu pool smoke laughed, "You're in Nanchang Well, then I'll live long in Nanchang, I bought a suite in the south. Has been deeded."

Luminous surprised at Willow pool smoke, she buy a house in Nanchang? So fast? Rich is rich, buy a house with play like. But more still deeply touched, that he felt emotions of smoke Liu pool is certainly in doubt, but Liu pool may not necessarily smoke for him, Liu comparison pool of smoke, the two men met time really is very short, and even doubted that she was not there any other purpose, but this time what wonder what vanished. To others he moved to the studio all the Nanchang, Nanchang also bought a house ready to live long, what else can you doubt?

Beauty grace heavy ah.

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