My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Thirty-second chapter microblogging scolded the (fourth more)

Thirty-second chapter microblogging scolded the (fourth more)

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Luminous still eating noodles.

"Dang lazy Secretary Chen De, lotus harm tender papers ......" luminous mouth full of noodles, slurred speech.

Mom a frown, "say something nice! Swallow to say."

Luminous swallow noodles mouth, "Of course, I could lie to you Well, worry Mom, tomorrow met with the money you believe!"

Mom somewhat reassuring nod, told said again:. "Really good, really good, Mom can warn you, not because you want to do what muddy face propped dead thing."

Luminous Hey cry, "Mom, you worry, son, you do not know what people do, certainly will not break the law do things to harm public order."

This relieved mother, son, although in recent years some do not worry, but the son of man parents or know.

"OK, you eat noodle bar. I go out, eat sleep early."

"De le."

Luminous eat a bowl of noodles was clean, no soup, eaten in the evening, some support. He took out his cell phone, luminous gave Liu pool called and smoke can be on or off.

what happened? You did not see micro-Bo?

Luminous some small loss, while some worried that ...... not ... do not! Luminous forced to smoke anything about the situation of Liu pool idea out of my mind, Liu pool cigarette is a big star, I really want anything about the situation hubbub of the Internet has long passed, but now she's on the Internet have not heard, what should not thing.

Luminous think a little upset.

"Do not want! Beaten today, the baby is not happy! Sleep!"

The next day, luminous got up early, have to go to the bank to withdraw money early, go late had to line up row for a long time, this luminous or clear. And as soon as these things do, Ye have let parents peace of mind.

But, he is now moving but smoke willow pool injunctions emergency credits, which the parents have done it first, Liu smoke if the pool held up, the fear of death and luminous enough headache.

Regardless, the first to take the say, is not this an emergency Well, it is if not treated well, have become home! There are more urgent than this it?

"Mom, I'm back." Luminous hands carrying a black bag door yelled, "Dad, you are still in it."

It seems, my parents still said to him, some do not believe, but some do not trust, today this point are not actually go to the store to work, specially at home waiting for him.

The luminous black bags to put on a coffee table, "two hundred thousand, I was all by now, Dad, Mom, look at you."

Mom can not wait, it quickly clawed bag.

Sure enough, the bright red bag Mao Yeye into neat bundles of code, a full two hundred thousand.

Dad also aim necks, that's right, two hundred thousand fifty thousand a stack, stack a total of four, very good number.

Mom and Dad looked at each other, looked at the luminous, it seems, his son said was true, and actually really been dug studio pool Liu smoke-paid? A bit weird, the son who had been on good grades, but parents seem, nothing special surprisingly, superior place, how it was Willow pool smoke fancy it?

Mom: "Son, do you really go to the pool Liu smoke studio to work?"

Luminous: "Mom, you do not believe so, no money are arrayed Well, really!"

Mom excited and said: "! Good, good, good, then you have to help me for autographs pool Liu smoke!"

Luminous sweat, co you because this ah. To what autographed photos, his son has come back to you when to marry a wife! However, this could not say something luminous.

Mom continued to whisper the sentence: "Liu pool smoke more than a good girl ah, if I can give breath to marry his son to come back to me like a daughter."

Luminous cold sweat scared to cry ...... Mom, you really dare to think.

Dad glanced at her, "Hey, do you think this thing ah. Dreaming!"

Mom is not happy, "how are dreaming, we son is not bad, ah, or willow pond can be dug him to smoke a fancy studio it? Having said that, proximity and easier Well, unmarried men and unmarried women, Zhibuding two people on the call of it. "

Luminous afraid to speak, shocked, Mom, you really a man of God! Son served.

Dad: "Well, what people smoke willow pool identity, your son, and we are in what capacity, than you can say, she is a big star, this daughter too ostentatious, or find a sense to live? it is good."

Mom: "also, that change out to his son looking at me looking for!" Then look luminous: "Son, you also live up to expectations point, if given the chance, do not hesitate, you can act not mom! you find a good home! Liu pool smoke ah, to be my daughter, if I become that out more than a face. "

Luminous embarrassing afraid to answer the chamber.

Dad laugh: "Well, OK, wake up, saw the money, do not put home, insecurity, bank deposit her son go."

"Hey!" Luminous replied.

"No way." Mom protect the back of a bag of a bill, "I'll save!"

Dad frown: "It is the son's money."

Mom: "! I do not know his money, I just give him a present, this later when his wife, he also gave Zhibuding how his works did not."

Dad thought, it seems quite reasonable, after all, the son of a little peace of mind.

In this regard, luminous did not refuse, said:. "Mom, you will help me to keep with it, I can not spend any money."

Mom: "to be, mom to help you aside, you have to spend money and mom."

So, on the resignation of luminous farce finally ended up so far, my mom went to the bank to save money, Dad go to the store to work, luminous it, sitting on the sofa in a daze it.

what happened? On or off? Work also resigned, also made microblogging, which are the fifth day, how on or off? Really anything about the situation?

Luminous a little upset, went to log in to it, and wanted to see Liu pool smoke there is no reply message.

However, nothing, he gave Liu the pool of private letters are sent smoke like a drain in general, there is no response, but rather a lot of micro-Bo the following comment on his hair, but most of them are scolded him.

Gian Fried: "! FML Ghost Blows host actually resigned?"

Nanchang rice: "? It is true how to resign?"

Jingdezhen Ceramic: "There is no insider can disclose inside information?"

Powder toot: "sucker host, said resignation to resign,My Ghost Blows how to do? You pay me Ghost Blows! "

Rational treatment: "host resigned and the program should be okay Ghost Blows will continue to broadcast it??"

One hundred twenty-three: "also broadcast ass, this luminous host is the original author of Ghost Blows he resigned, but also how broadcast.!"

Mimi pearl milk tea: "pink to black!"

Lara take: "sucker host luminous, rough to you, I promise not to kill you, you pay me Ghost Blows!"

Dema: "sucker luminous ......"

Madeleine: "luminous sucker ......"

White Rabbit: "Oh, you do not do this thing, maybe luminous host is there any special reason that the resignation of it, say, the Ghost Blows it will not necessarily off the air."

Potatoes are not tomatoes: "Upstairs sucker, sucker luminous identification is completed!."

Tomatoes tomato: "sucker luminous ......"

Luminous microblogging Comments in condemning already risen to more than 30,000 fans instantly fell more than half. But for these, luminous can now not in the mood to go to Dali, he is now head is full of smoke Liu pool lost contact thing.

You will love how the how the bar.

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