My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter thirty two hundred thousand

Chapter thirty two hundred thousand

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Luminous reached into the trouser pocket, wallet pretend, from the storage column actually took out the purse.

Liu took the luminous pool cigarette to his credit card goes, "Dad, Mom, you see, this is the pool Liu smoke personally gave me the card, there are two hundred thousand of it, saying that I quit fee!" Luminous dared say, say two hundred thousand, to say that their home can be considered a huge sum of money.

Mom and Dad surprised, quit quit fee back? Two hundred thousand? This is not a small sum, they do not believe, but look luminous enthusiastically arrange things like, more or less a little skeptical.

Mom said: "how do you prove this card had two hundred thousand in case your kid is to play the fox to fool us?."

Luminous: "I dare ah dad what this all started, I dare to play silly games it's not the toilet lighting, you find feces.?"

Dad hum: "Count your sensible!"

Mom obviously still not the letter, Liu pool smoke ah, who is that? CETV days ah, high above the big star, how will intersect and son? Also hired his son to go to her studio? Well I can not figure out how.

Mom: "I will not speak card thing, things willow pond smoke studio you first explain explain clearly."

Luminous nodded, busy:. "Mom, I know that you may not believe, but I'm talking about Barbara, I smoke and willow pool is encountered on television."

Mom frown thought, ah, the star thing, and television stations have to play normal, but he recently fell in love with Liu pool TV smoke, smoke more concerned about Liu pool, like entertainment news to hear what is said Liu pool suspected smoke Nanchang what's coming.

"Well, you went on to say."

Luminous: "I and Willow pool smoke chance encounter took place a little misunderstanding, and then we met, and then it has casual contact several times a second to go, she actually was impressed by your son's talent, just Liu pool smoke now desperately short of manpower in the studio, I think your son is the only available, so they hired me to the studio. such a good opportunity, I certainly can not let go, and Liu pool smoke ah, ah CETV days, I followed him on the radio to work better than strong? "

Skeptical parents looked at each other.

Dad: "I said rumor, you're saying now, let us believe that the extent of only 50-50, to the elution your guilt, your evidence and come up with an iron-clad evidence!"

Luminous busy:..? "Card ah, Dad, this card is evidence of two hundred thousand ah ah, this is the iron-clad evidence ah your son have a few steel Beng you do not know this yet twenty Cary million and I can prove that I say are true! "

Mom and Dad looked at each other, some believed luminous words, regarded today gave him a big lesson, and how he loved hanging toss should also not afraid to deceive their parents are still at this time, after all, when the father and mother, son Bao is the heart, although his son to do a darn, not a device, but also the parents turn iron into steel.

"OK!" Dad said, "believe for you, but you have to prove you this card really had two hundred thousand!"

Mom chimed in: "The only way you can prove that you are not lying and making up stories, elution guilt!!"

Luminous undaunted: "Dad, Mom, all the points,Banks were closed, I now really no way ...... you will believe me! This card really had two hundred thousand, if you do not believe, next morning I went to the bank and take out your two hundred thousand. "

Mom thought, that is, banks are so late from work, and today by the luminous learned more than enough, as parents, do not listen to the lessons of his own son right and proper, but wise parents know, the lessons learned go but not to force too tight.

"OK, being the first to let you go." Mom said, "but you do not get too excited, you still wear a scapegoat! Waiting for you to come up with evidence tomorrow to redeem!"

Luminous nodded and said: "rest assured that, Mom, next morning I went to the bank, before you get to come back to prove your innocence organization clemency!."

Dad snorted: "loquacious dare go back to the house, look at you to gas!."

Dad off the premises, and be put on a horse luminous, luminous heart took a deep breath.

Finally passed.

Luminous some pitiful, said: "Mom and Dad, I did not eat it ......"

Mom: "criminals without food, tonight you hungry now!"

Luminous: "ah criminals have human rights."

Mom: "Go!"

Luminous dingy back room, and finally said no food is pretending to be poor, so my parents vent its anger.

Today they are passed off, hey, so much people actually still beaten, and think a little ashamed. But it was put to appease Mom and Dad down.

Luminous Ma slip of his own clothes stripped, leaving only a pants, looked at himself, Okay, two legs thirty-four red whip mark, certainly has the ass, but he could not see. Dad can really start not light, but the good news is skin trauma, no harm.

Dressed, luminous looked at the time, has been at half past eight, Okay, full interrogated him for over an hour. Took out his mobile luminous gave Liu pool called and smoke, or shut down, helpless, luminous had to turn on the computer, log on microblogging made a microblogging articles.

Did not say anything, just saying: 'You win, I quit ah, almost won. '

Luminous microblogging Liu pool and smoke are concerned about each other, but still afraid willow pool luminous smoke can not see, and gave her a few private letter.

This time is no problem, right? Prodigal bitch, but we suffer because of you. Humph! Back a good deal with you!

Than nine at night, the mother holding a bowl of noodles came in the door.

Luminous said: "Mom, how do you not knock ah."

Mom cut a cry, and said: "even knock on the door at his son into his own room mom's belongings?"

Okay, this is a common problem when the mother of all the world and the subconscious, the son into the room do not need to knock on the door!

"Come on." Mom put in front of luminous face, "you ah, really not to worry."

Luminous hungry, but still grinning took the pasta, big chunks of it. In the end is a pro-mother, angry at how, will not let his son is really hungry.



"You say this is not true."


"Really like." Mom some concern, "You can not work on this kind of thing and we lie,Your father has disappeared gas, if you just say two hundred thousand are lying, then your dad and admit you were wrong, be careful not to break the law commit muddy what stupidity! "

Two hundred thousand is not a small sum, my mom still skeptical in this matter, for fear their son is lying to it, and if a son of brain cramps, because two hundred thousand things to make any irregularities that may make a big sin a.

The money is nice, but the son of the most important!

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