My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter thirty explanation

Chapter thirty explanation

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Dad fury that can not mercy, wielding the whining feather duster, and impossible to smoke in the luminous body, and good father to start as well as a sense of proportion, a rarity in meat and more places to play, what thigh ah, ass Yeah, specifically to these places smoke, there is a whip in his arm on the luminous, luminous as home to put the coat off, and roll up the sleeves, the whip down, suddenly a long red marks out.

Mom see some unkind, or soften a woman's heart, between luminous have eaten some headaches, it took the father would not let him hit.

Dad gas had not cleared yet, facing fierce mother to "how? You still defend him? You are normally accustomed to! You are so used to him, sooner or later to the day he can poke you down ! mother and more lost children, short hair and long experience! "

Mom see her father so fierce, the air suddenly came up, a akimbo, "Well you just London night! You're a dog do? Who bites who arrest! You still fierce at me! What you fierce fierce at me ! I'm from dawn to dusk every day, Chores Yeliang wait on you, I still have my wrong? you say, ever since I entered the house, outside the family home which I do not manage with! I told you where too a day good day! now you reprove but I come! I have a son who is, ah! you have a skill, you experience large, heaven Why do not you do! "

Family atmosphere suddenly becomes strange up, luminous in the side of pain grimace in pain, but Mom and Dad left him alone, but two people arguing their hands full, the original trial luminous objects thrown to the side, the luminous look of a moment leng.

I took the opportunity to slip?


At this point do not slip now, when!

Luminous cat with the body, try not to cause Mom and Dad's noisy bustling note crept wanted the bugger.

"You come back here!" Mom and Dad in unison!

Dad stared at him, "You want to run?"

Mom also stare at him, "it is that the problem did not explain clearly, you wanted to run where to go?"

Dad: "an honest account of the problem is not made clear what all do not want to go!!"

Mom: "frank resist killed!!"

Dad: "to hurry conscious accountable, accountable Well I promise not to kill you!!"

Mom: "After all, you still own, do not kill not crippled, but you play a few days stuck atop a bed or can quickly explain the problem, otherwise, hum."

Luminous dumbfounded, what happens? Just not yet in full swing noisy thing? How instant they united front, good with just what had happened? Luminous could be crazy, Mom and Dad there this skill?

Mom looked luminous looking bad, I thought, you want to take advantage of when I was kid and your dad fight bugger? Well, think! Me and your dad fight, it belongs to the internal struggle of the revolutionary ranks, but still highly unified front, unanimously, you reactionaries molecules as wrong, you want to bugger? Enemy at the Gates, unanimously, which is the basic principle!

Luminous dare not speak, his head down, look at the toe, not when the place was secretly rubbed with a feather duster father smoked, burning, is really hurt. From small to large, Mom and Dad have never manipulated him, did not think so big but was beaten to the father,Think about humiliating enough.

Just hit luminous meal, we had a fight and my mom, dad a lot of gas has disappeared, to see him putting on airs, soft heart a lot.

Dad sighed and said:!! "You say your kid is doing nothing ever since the beginning of the college entrance examination that year, you will not have had a good thing going when somehow graduated elementary school teacher, was not as long to resign dry, and did not even say hello to your mother and I fight. then say what you want to become a star, let me give you Uncle Li hello to his work, I put my old head fight it looking for you to do this thing Uncle Li, you touch! your talent a few days, you have to quit! your Uncle Li everywhere in the unit can also take care of you, you entrusted with the task, not thin it with you, ah? "

Luminous replied softly: "Do not thin."

Dad: "Then you refuse to work so you worthy of your Uncle Li, right from me??"

Luminous: "Dad, I'm sorry, I know this is something I do not, but I is not no way thing, is a unit of some people, aggressive, did not permit me to take the non-thing to make a fuss, I run, I do not endure a moment live......"

"Halt!" Dad with a straight face, "ed, you continue to compile. You're playing is not enough to suffer Zende? It exactly but you Uncle Li told me, that did not fall! Uncle Li so you waste effort to help you, then there is not a best of both worlds solution? you booing, he said resignation to resign, how? you just can ah? "

Mom also chimed in: "You'd better explain honestly, this thing is not the last you fool!"

Luminous Mozhe, he can not tell Mom and Dad because of his stingy wife just quit it, but the number one thing this secret!

How to do? You have to quickly find an excuse ah.

He thought for a moment, a luminous teeth, said:. "That Dad, Mom, I'll be honest and say I quit you change jobs because of the"

Mom: "What, you have what unitary moths?"

Luminous: "There is a studio, hired me to go to work, when it is past vice president, high wages, good benefits, stronger than the radio when the host more rare opportunity, this village can no this shop!. "

Mom does not believe, and asked: "? What studio, you find a second-rate university graduates to become vice president, the company closed down too fast enough now."

Luminous: "Mom, how can you say that your son what I said is true, and that the studio bosses that you would definitely know."

Mom puzzled and asked: "?? I know who is not."

Luminous affirmative nod, said: "! Know you must know is that Willow pool smoke studio, you do not often see him shoot the drama it!?"

Mom stunned for a moment, and then to gas: "brats mouth no sentence the truth, what Dugan old compiled night, the guy killed him, when did this son!!!"

Dad gearing up.

Dad can not wait to see the luminous touch of a feather duster, scared cold sweat, quickly said: "!! Dad do not impulse" look to the mother and said, "Mom, I mean really, really willow smoke studio pool . I did not lie to you. "

Mom would not believe, he snorted: "The old night, on!"

Dad holding a feather duster, he stood up and sneered,Aries like a small luminous slaughtered.

FML! How do not believe it, obviously telling the truth ah, do not believe fake, it really would not believe! How do?

Dad would come see him smoke, luminous quickly moved away a few steps, "Do not! Do not fight, I have a way to prove!"

Mom and Dad looked at, the mother to the father winking, Dad nodded, and sat back.

Dad hum sneered: "?!!. Prove how fast you say or I recognize the son, son Kamimuchi hit my hands do not know your son hum"

No way, so the only, or else make life difficult for this crop.

When the wave is forced to explain.

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