My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Article IX was the father hit

Article IX was the father hit

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Luminous and Rui Xu is staggered working hours, these days have no intersection, luminous though people do not like this, but it is also worthwhile to care about him. But today ever since luminous into the conference room, Rui Xu to him responded with undisguised hostile attitude, he has been provocative, cynical, kicking nose touched upon. I was, anyway, ready to resign, luminous also afraid of offending people, afraid to wear shoes barefoot thing. An absolute prohibition of the use of Rui Xu, must be completely read to him, but also to support Rui Xu Yang, director of the gang headed by eating like a fly just as bad. Not happy to find a brother? Humph! See in the end who was not happy!

XU Rui suddenly teeth, resented teeth itch.

And they were all with sympathetic eyes of Rui Xu newspaper. Luminous only licensed to Li Delong, and let Ma Tao have a priority right to use, Rui Xu Yang, director of people, basic and even missed the Ghost Blows, luminous words to talk about it does not matter, now say it should be made clear who is to phrenic of.

Not at all unwilling to lose the main ah!

Director Yang, who face are rather unattractive.

Li Delong also looking gloomy, "Today you first come here, closing! Noctilucent you come with me at the office!" Said Li Delong got up and left.

Luminous Momobizai, quickly followed. I rely on, Uncle Li are first-name basis, it seems this is really angry ah. Alas, we also did not help it, it is to my wife thing.

Li Delong office.

Li Delong poured himself a glass of water, did not give the luminous cup, filling a glass of water fiercely, "you give me an explanation!"

Luminous smile: "Uncle Li, you eliminate cool I is not no way thing.."

Li Delong gas to: "? You did not ass way, I see you are not a lot of ways to say how it's going!!"

Luminous sweating, swearing are out, this is not a light ah angry, weak weak replied:. "A family thing."

"Fart! Your family can have anything, I'll give your dad a call, I'd like to ask your family has something, as I have an old ally relations relationship!" Said Li Delong will dig the phone.

"Do not!" Luminous quickly organized, "Uncle Li, I know I is not authentic thing was done, so that you feel uncomfortable, but this is really a little thing, my own thing."

"In the end what? You said on that point."

"Inconvenient to say, Uncle Li, really, to ensure that not because of the impulse, to think clearly before me."

Li Delong silent, silent.

Luminous and said: "Uncle Li Do not worry, I'll follow and so will write the story of Ghost Blows, to ensure that does not affect the broadcast tonight, the next two days I will also follow the story are all written to you, It will not affect the program. "

Li Delong snappily said: "? I care about this program do you see what you have to do now I have the whole of the people inside and outside, and your dad over there, you told me how to explain!!"

Luminous and hastened to apologize to apologize, while Haoshuodaishuo, Li Delong scolded him for a while, the gas has disappeared almost the same.

'Uncle Li, this thing can you Do not tell my dad? Without telling me a few days. "

Li Delong one, angry, happy, "No way! This is something I do not help you hide it. Not only do not help telling you, I have to take you at your dad that reference one,Let him pack up you! "

"Do not ah, Uncle Li, you help thing. Just a few days."



Glow in the end is resigned, to be on the radio for two hours, to be broadcast tonight Ghost Blows content to play out, to Ma Tao, then left. He also internship, positive contract not signed, separation procedures Li Delong also greeted the things simple.

For luminous sudden resignation late-night story program group staff were also very unexpected, have pity. But going to rain mother will get married, go strong people unable to retain.

Luminous entry a few days, no personal belongings, no clean up, separation procedures after finishing easily in it drove away, sitting in the car luminous heart still some apprehension, Li Delong has given luminous dad made a phone call, luminous Glow father also came to the telephone, the radio was still luminous, did not dare to take. But certainly can not back home.

Luminous to the parents of the storm is still at home waiting for him.

Forget it.

Home criticized it.

All to his wife ah!


Luminous drive home, halfway, suddenly remembered what, turned a corner, looking for a fast food restaurant to eat more rice.

Eat very simple, a meat dish, a bowl of rice, the waiter said he did not want to drink Qizhe discount. No way, all the net worth to more than five hundred dollars in his pocket, and there is a stingy wife still have to save our point to spend ah.

Home, night after dinner my parents had a serious look sitting on the sofa.

TV did not open, so the cold face sitting quietly waiting for him.

Luminous sneak a glance at the table, not clean up the dishes on the table, a few plates of food has been eaten clean up.

Luminous secretly delighted, Xin loss prescient!

"Mom, there is no food, starve me." Luminous deliberately make fun of.

"Well!" Mom airway: "You did not want to eat your meal today, honestly come to explain the problem!!"

Luminous expression of grievances: "Do not ah, mother, people are iron rice is steel, what things I could not wait for me after dinner, but I had any brains in your own son?."

"You know you're my son!" Dad sudden rage, "you say to yourself! You're done anything darn thing! I put all this old head discreditable!"

"Dad, you eliminate cool." Luminous quickly smile apologetically, "You listen to me explain ......" Then father sat down beside luminous necessary.

"! You give me standing" Dad snapped: "You did not want to sit and stand up to you sit?!!"

Luminous only smile stood, head bowed, put on a good boy grievances wrong things look.

So, the next to luminous luminous parents for as long as half an hour of criticism and education (curse)!

Dad use more gas, more excited, "the feather duster to get me over, I have to take today to pack to pack him, or he is not a long memory."

Mom immediately got up to get a feather duster.

Luminous anxious, he said to speak, shout the curse, but also how to move the guy? Quickly stop, "Dad, you do not impulse, Mom, you do not listen to my dad, I'm your own son, own, ah."

Mom glared at him,"Well! Do not say your dad, I want to draw you a bastard!" Then, luminous and do not say, hemp slip to put a feather duster to take over the father.

Dad was a fit of anger, thigh against the luminous came about, luminous beat a hasty retreat, which did not name the next, but the luminous forehead cold sweat can be down, I go a mile, which is to play really ah? I really want to get started ah? Not flash quickly, the father may draw strong a feather duster.

"You dare to hide!" Dad more angry, "You try to hide under! Hiding legs give you a discount!"

"Pop!" Dad ado, a feather duster pumping in luminous body, luminous dared not hide, this is Dad moved really angry, and if he still Ganshua what slick, Zhibuding event will rise to what the extent of it. Too, to eat physical pain, let Dad smoked a few vent its anger, after all, is a pro-son, can not put itself as disabled and killed it.

"I told you not listen!"

"Pop!" Dad gave luminous came a feather duster.

"I told you resign!"

"Pop!" Is about.

"I told you to shame."


"I told you do not make progress."


"I killed you a unfilial!"


Luminous be faced with the dual physical and mental destruction, was beaten Dad This is the destruction of the body, are such a great person, and actually also father to play, Nima, should not be so humiliated? People feel ashamed!

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