My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Twenty-eight chapters has resigned

Twenty-eight chapters has resigned

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Luminous anger.

A whole meeting he did not speak, as the party in question, he did not speak.

He said he did not host card.

Luminous not refute, it is true, we have nothing to say you bring to do the article, put up with.

I did not support him when the radio host.

OK, luminous can accept, after all, would have been ready to resign Well, put up with.

But you discuss discussion, he said host said host, why wander character to go up?

Said brother character in question?

Do not give on writing is the character in question? We want you to pull down from the position on the host, and then we also expect you to kneel lick, continue on writing to you, let you pull down the fame and fortune, then they kneel, like his grandson, have to thank you reward to eat. You can not be so shameless? Who in the end character in question?

What else have to say, but it can not endure, it must not be forced to endure! This is a matter of principle!

Just when everyone was still controversial, luminous slowly stood up. Next to Chen Jie looked puzzled him.

Luminous: "Gentlemen."

Debated two groups of troops does not seem to hear, continue to quarrel, but the people who eat melon are curious to see the luminous.

Luminous see they did not respond, a black face, loudly: "! Gave me to shut up."

Conference room quiet moment.

Everyone somewhat surprised to see him.

Luminous Jiantaijiadou stopped, broke into, said: "? I think so intense discussion as a party some sorry, could you say a few words."

Li Delong look wrong, he and his family move around more luminous, luminous know the temper, to know the situation worse, and quickly to Luminous said:. "Little Night, Stop, sit down."

Rui Xu a triumphant look, laugh and said: "? What the hell you you count, you have to speak of that?"

Director Yang also said: "hey, Rui Xu comrades speak to pay attention to attitude, but luminous comrades, comrades Rui Xu said that's true, now mainly those of us in leadership-level discussion, if you have any comments or views, the meeting after privately alone with my radio or Lee would report it. "

Luminous chuckle loudly, "Hey! You are talking about my things, also involves the character, and do not let the parties word with you!"

Luminous and regardless of the sitting do not agree with him, continued broke and said:. "First, I show my attitude" luminous eyes looking around one week for all, "...... I resign!"



Everyone simply doubt their ears.

Li Delong urgent: "Little Night resign Are you kidding?."

Director Yang also undaunted, "Do not get excited luminous comrades, I know that young people some emotions is always inevitable, understandable, but for the sake of the overall sake, highland location is not important, are in Taiwan to contribute to the thing. Now luminous comrades have emotions, we must also take care of the gay mood, so be it, I can agree with the last stage of the program Lee, program revision, two people on the program, but I think, program revision is not a trivial matter, how can a change in change , in my opinion, after this show is presided over by two people on it.So that everyone happy thing. "

Director Yang had to give, his heart also understand that the success story of the night basically all rely on the luminous "Ghost Blows" novels, he originally wanted to play well this program is thinking in her hand, to become luminous editor , to the program on writing, he Shoudexia people when the host. Luminous information he had seen, had just graduated from university thinking about ordinary young man not long, can not afford to turn what waves, relying on the relationship between Li Delong before entering the radio such a good institution, even if the host does not want to leave improper it, and he has the backing of Li Delong, and more opportunities to make a comeback after that, but he did not expect such a staunch luminous, Yiyanbuge to resign. You quit the program how to do that? No more late-night ghost Blows file can fire up? Luminous can not go, the firm can not go, go today struggle to fight the herd became a joke!

Director Yang Li Delong looked at, it seems that some can not be reconciled, but still nodded:. "Yang, director of the program I think is feasible, I agree with Yang, director of"

"I agree."

"I agree."



We are all sensible, the moment all court disputes all gone views, opinions degree of unity.

Yang, director of some Afterward, light, said: "Since we all agree that it ......"

"Halt!" Luminous interrupted Yang, director of the words, "In my discussions you say the things that should not ask the opinion of the parties do?"

Rui Xu and interrupt, and laugh loudly: "? Do you have any advice as you are Italian, we all agree, do you have any advice?"

Luminous glanced at him, faint, said: "?. You do not agree with what I do I said shut up, I resign."

"Little Night." Li Delong frowning, harsh tone, "Do not impulse, there is something to be said would come to my office."

"No Uncle Li, I've been thinking of." Luminous waved his hand, "I resign."

The whole room atmosphere suddenly becomes strange up.

This is really going to resign? Disgruntled trouble in this way?

Is not to force too tight, eat with ugly?

Young people too impulsive ah.

This is the main thing or rather break than bend?

The idea of ​​varying the hearts of everyone. But feel surprised to decide luminous.

Luminous tube how they might think, continued: "At the same time, I remind you," Ghost Blows "All copyright in my hands, I resigned, I can" Ghost Blows, "the radio station licensed to broadcast copyright, but I have requirement, ghost Blows broadcast stations licensed to copyright I only use Lee long and, in the case of conditions are met, the program will set the original late-night story teacher assistant Ma Tao Liu eighty-one have a priority right to use. "

Luminous to resign, someone has to take over the night shift, he first thought of Ma Tao, Ma Tao is a nice person, and get along with him these days is fairly good, with the old Liu for so many years, mature enough and stable enough, is originally the story will be set in the middle of the night staff, capacity is no big problem, but never had the chance before leaving luminous want to push him a hand. He came a short time, not many acquaintances, Charity begins at Tian thing.Luminous consider a good time to resign had been intended to make good the broadcast rights to the Ghost Blows Li Delong, he is relying on the relationship between Li Delong before entering the station, and can quickly became a radio host, these days he added to take care of Li Delong this is grace, was reported! Luminous is indebted to the people must be reported.

Rui Xu some resentment looked luminous, to the mouth of the duck, so it seems to fly.

Luminous looked at him, pointing to Rui Xu, faint added: "There is a small requirement," Ghost Blows, "the absolute prohibition of broadcast copyright Rui Xu, otherwise I'll rights through legal channels."

Well, let your kid have to se!

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