My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XXVII my character in question?

Chapter XXVII my character in question?

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When Li Delong and several people in charge of the night shift the discussion to what Moderator toned, we all look to the luminous.

Then he found a hands on head, eyes did not close, but because sleepy already rolling his eyes upward.

Luminous sitting around or radio host Chen Jie, Chen Jie see leaders and staff are meeting here in his direction, no, it should be said is like a luminous direction over here, I feel nudged luminous with his arm.

Luminous awakened.

Found in everyone's eyes, knowing a fool of myself, but still face is not red does not jump lovemaking session drum a few palm, "Well, that's good, makes sense, really makes sense. Benefit, benefit. We Do not look at me, continue, we continue. "

Li Delong some displeasure looked at him.

Rui Xu is gloating gave a provocative luminous eyes.

Conference continued.

Li Delong: "Things on late-night stories show host, after these few days, I believe we also have some of their own views might say out and let everyone REFERENCES with me first say, start a discussion, I still insist. I had opinions, so luminous comrades chaired night story, although luminous comrades entry time is short, but luminous comrades have the ability, the night shift results do not need me to emphasize, and we have seen, I believe, the night shift at luminous hands of comrades, must also continue to shine, a new high! "

"I agree with Lee station."

"I agree."


Several close relationship and Li Delong producer said.

"I'd have some idea." Yang, director of talking, "the ability of luminous comrades is no problem to make the results is also very amazing, I agree in principle that he will continue to serve as host of the late-night story." Yang He said director paused, "but then, as far as I know, the luminous comrades not learn the host origin, and, of course, this is no problem, also a monk halfway decent thing. but, luminous comrades seems to have no host certificate, right?" said, director Yang also smiling at luminous.

Glow was very unhappy, and she did not get his certificate host of things to do the article. But it does not host luminous certificate, only nodded blankly.

See Yang, director of luminous nodded, smiled and said: "Let's units, public institutions, is for the people, government radio broadcasts audible, not those of a private mercenary companies, in the employment context, we should also be for the government, as a unit, who is responsible for the people, be careful! without certificate of thing, I was strongly against it. luminous comrades ability is good to have the ability to shine where you can do, even if temporary certificate when no host can not host, that when an editor to write a good article is the same as in Taiwan to contribute thing. I do not agree with luminous continue to serve as host of the late-night story, I propose chaired by comrade Rui Xu. "

"Young director said makes sense Yeah, without certificate is indeed the company is not responsible for the audience. I agree with Yang, director."

"I also agree that gold which can always glowing Well, luminous comrades temporarily as an editor on writing also contribute thing.""Yes ah, yes ah. I also agree with Yang, director."

Good shameless. Luminous heart even more uncomfortable, though he had intended to resign, radio host for what is no longer tangled up, but see Yang, director and still can not help these people so shameless heart blaze. When the host would not let him, wanted him to continue to write Ghost Blows to squeeze the people with him later? Sick mind will be dry! What the hell!

"I'd think no problem, the host certificate Well, that is the form of things, as long as enough capacity on it. I support the views of Taiwan's Lee."

"I support the views of Taiwan's Lee, again, we have radio, television joint, not just a luminous comrades no evidence Moderator Well, as far as I know, there are seven or eight we have to let them do the authors laid off not? "

Moment, the presence of people divided into three waves, a wave of support, led by Li Delong is luminous, a wave is led by Director Yang Rui Xu support, there is a wave of Chigua watch.

Number two groups of troops almost on, has been debated. But do not know Yang, director of the privately what means, luminous saw him make a few to several centrist glances, a few independents joined his camp, and then on the number of faint pressure over Li Delong support this side of the luminous.

"I see, so we have been going dispute will not fight it out what the results, as we vote on it." Yang, director of a winner look.

Rui Xu proudly looked luminous look, eyes filled with provocative.

Li Delong face sinking into the water, looked a bit worried luminous look, and then continued: "vote to not worry, Comrade Yang, director of luminous feel no host certificate can not continue to serve as host, it is justified, both for the company, in order to Let stations Well, it is better this way, it revised the program temporarily, along with a host on the program at school and luminous comrades, comrades temporarily serve as a luminous look show guests. Moderator exam a few days there, according to his own comrades luminous He said host test a few days later, he sure can, to the time the host certificate is not a problem, as it is restored to the program. "

Li Delong can only tried to fight, and he does not see, and had been a few melons for the theater have joined the camp director Yang, who usually can not play any role, the chief deliberative, had a few main person in charge, but really the time to show of hands, and that regardless of rank may have the right to vote of the audience. Young people now director than he, he was not sure the rest of melons for the masses, so he did not dare show of hands.

"Lee proposed station Yes, this is indeed a newspaper way."

"I do not agree, the program revision is not a small thing, how can I changed on a whim, or because besides a host does not permit 'host' revision, which if known by the masses, and we face the table where to put?"

"But the story of the night program will fire most of the reason is because the luminous comrades original" Ghost Blows "novels. If not the luminous comrades, who can guarantee that the program can continue to listen to the rate?"

"Improper radio show host not let him work at another job only,Novels follow the story also can continue to write it, we Taiwan, where so many editors, are also not hard behind the scenes on writing for the stage in contributing to it? "

"What if the host does not luminous comrades of improper write it? Or write to it? Program how to ensure quality?"

"I would not write another post? It only shows his character in question!"

FML! Character in question?

Luminous anger!

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