My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Twenty-six chapters lost contact

Twenty-six chapters lost contact

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Live very well at night, bang.

The next day, luminous Rishangsangan only slept woke up.

Sleep last night before his hand organs, lest someone beat him phone the big stir wake up, get up for a stingy person, the big morning was awakened simply can not tolerate a thing.

Open mobile phones, telecommunications companies do not have to miss a call sent messages.

Luminous bit unhappy, oh! This is all the next day, and a phone are not, there are so giving when his wife do?

Then slide down, this luminous mood is not high all day, afternoon and evening and gave Willow pool to smoke a few phone calls, like a good chatter chatter pool Liu smoke, taught her how to do the duty of a good wife, but willow pool smoke or phone turned off.

Fortunately, he is a public-private relatively clear of people, live at night time is still relatively normal.

At night before going to bed, night had wanted to shut down was it, hesitated, still not closed, if the pool Liu smoke call at night or tomorrow morning coming in? The first time that she has her pick up the chatter ah.

It turns out that Liu pool at night and smoke all day the next day did not come to the phone luminous.

Luminous some urgency, sub-periods of the day he dialed the pool Liu smoke dozen calls, but they are turned off.

"This has been the third day ...... do not forget to keep my phone, right?" Luminous thought, "should not be that way, obviously in front of each number stored it."

Did anything about the situation? Do not! impossible! I must be mad to pull the black. Liu smoke out of the pool relative thing, because she is more willing luminous angry with myself to pull themselves black.

That day, luminous increasingly unhappy, unhappy expression on the face of the baby, and made Pharaoh and field service program group employees are not dare to approach him. Some also live when luminous malaise, field service Pharaoh not see the situation, hurried over to communicate with him at halftime. This smoothly put a night of live broadcasts to done.

The fourth day, luminous unprecedented got up early, my mom also particularly surprised looked out the window, thinking that the sun rise in the west.

From morning to noon time meal, luminous has been on the couch, hand holds a cell phone but also saw him take the phone to play, is occasionally dial a number, and then a burst of teeth, then God God complaining holding a cell phone sitting for a long time, mom thought he Zhuangxie, almost did not go to the temple to find a monk to practice.

Dad is sighted, the mother stopped, "Well, you do not add to the trouble, son, this is my heart simmering thing."

Mom did not understand "what matter? What can I do say it, weird and incomprehensible looked scary."

Boss scoffed, "but also there are what matter, related to this look like, eight and emotional thing, a few days ago you said he had a house girl do? I see ah ...... girl estimate son and we ...... "Dad said as he made a snapping gesture.

Mom suddenly realized, "This is falling out of love?" Yipaitaitui, "That's my grandson would not be gone? Not! I have to find his son said said go!"

Dad quickly took her, "Well, son, son things themselves, in say,This kind of thing you plug it get started? "

Mom can not be reconciled, but was pulled tightly father. Only to give up.

Alas, poor grandson yo, no more ......


Afternoon, Pa luminous only a few mouthfuls of rice and continue to sit on the sofa weird and incomprehensible, probably about three points, the phone suddenly rang.

Suddenly people are like luminous alive, his eyes full of what look.

But it quickly faded away.

Is Li Delong calls.

"Hey, Uncle Li, you ah." Luminous listless.

"What is my ah? How is not willing to answer my calls ah?" Li Delong Yangnu.

Luminous cheer quickly explained:. "No, no, no, Uncle Li do not misunderstand, I'm just waiting for the phone yet."

Li Delong did not really angry, "Well, do not explain, I'm not mad, I do not know your kid at home, okay?"

Luminous: "Nothing."

Li Delong: "Nothing like, all right, then and now feel in Taiwan, have a meeting today, what about you this show presenters today have toned up, you're the main character, you have to present ah."

Luminous: "Uncle Li Well, I'll come!."

Li Delong hang up the phone, thought for a moment of luminous sink water above the sofa, and grinding his teeth, Yipaitaitui, "Madeleine! Speech to speech! Fight it!"

He was ready to quit, quit smoking Liu total pool will not ignore him, right? Luminous so gave himself a comforting excuse.

Well not resign, for his wife, she quit!

BJ does not go well, for my wife, go!

Our slogan is: everything for the wife!


Meeting room.

Many conference participants are seated, and most of those who are still the last meeting, there are several not seen the last meeting luminous faces, one of which is original to the old Liu has been courting editor Rui Xu.

Rui Xu met with him, is not hostile to hide cut out at him, snorted, he turned away.

Luminous did not care about him, to such narrow-minded people who care about without anger worth when, together with his current mood is not high, I do not bother to care about.

Well, not wait to see me, I did not wait to see How about you, do not make my head on the line.

Beginning of the meeting.

Li Delong first read over the program listening rate ranking yesterday:

The story will be the first night.

Voice traffic second.

The new entertainment broadcast third.

Music Billboard first fourth.


Late-night story on safely came in first place on the table in the original three were later postponed the flagship program.

"Gentlemen results are very good, there is progress, we keep it up!" Li Delong said, "especially when we presided over by Comrade luminous story of the night program, ever since the luminous comrades took over the program, progress by leaps and bounds, and achieved good results, and for several days listen day night shift rate actually exceeds the three concentrating on the focus of our program. congratulated ah. "

And they were all bow in silence, expressionless.

"Also, this is a wake-up call for everyone to wake up, good or bad incomplete program broadcast at what time in the file, prime time or,Night shift or, as long as the program does well, they will get results! I hope that we can emulate the luminous comrades are trying to do the program content, the results are put up! Hope comrades luminous night show is ranked ranked first things also give you a spur ...... "

Li Delong in the main seat long-winded up, luminous and listen to some sleepy, I do not know why, luminous every meeting, when talking about the top leadership in the hype when the luminous spittle direct flights is easy to fall asleep. (This is a common problem with many people)

Li Delong speak do not know how long, and they discuss several key people in charge of Taiwan in the business discuss how long, luminous anyway, nothing has stumbled not hear clearly.

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