My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Twenty-five chapters to see old Liu

Twenty-five chapters to see old Liu

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Luminous thing about marriage in fact, there are many doubts, fair to say, but smoke willow pool CETV days, there is no mention shelf high above days, is not worthy of her luminous also mention, married her luminous willing to stoop we also understand that, but she was not luminous, not as luminous as she entered a dream world, night in a dream world and she has had very deep feelings, luminous love her, it is beyond doubt.

But Liu is smoke pond, just a luminous just met, only to see both sides can be said to be almost strangers. They really because the night sleeping in the bed, took advantage of her luminous point he does not cheap to non-married? Come on, this is what's up. Also, Liu came to the pool luminous smoke, the radio door tightly waited for him all night, saying that there is anything, but the next day she did not say anything, and luminous is estimated that the marriage thing. There, she carried a marriage booklet must be used, who every day put nothing booklet put him? The key is actually prepared in advance to get married agreement! Obviously come prepared! As well as the micro-Bo, married forefoot, rear foot she micro-Bo, it seems can not wait to let people know.

In fact, marriage was a luminous doubts on the belly, but he refrained did not ask, she did not tell him, he will not want to ask, the truth may be some things but not good.

I do not understand.

Luminous suddenly found himself some do not understand the Willow pool cigarettes, it seems, the dream of his wife and some of it is not the same ......

Off the micro-blog, luminous pulling out the phone, would like to make a phone call Willow pool cigarette, one would like to ask what she microblogging, and second, it is luminous somewhat like her ......

"Sorry, you dial the phone was switched off."

Liu smoke phone off the pool.


Afternoon, luminous lunch break for a while and went out, he had to visit the hospital to visit Liu 1181.

Half way, luminous buy some fruit, to see patients Well, you can not go empty-handed. In fact, most of the patients in the hospital is no shortage on the fruit, because like everyone to visit the sick is going to be put on a bit of fruit.

Luminous buy fruit when there is a small episode.

After that good fruit, luminous took out his wallet from the storage system bar, and senseless.

FML! Wallet only 5 dollars a change.

It does not matter, credit card!

FML! Liu pool card are smoke taken away!

It does not matter, is not left a thing back to you.

So, luminous With a surge of pathos and complex feelings, the pool cigarettes to Liu handed over his credit card. Well, I feel like nurturing, and actually brushed the woman's card ...... good disgrace!

However, the fruit vendor lengthy him to the sentence: "You see where I could swipe it like this?"

Luminous dingy had to find a place to go to get money.

It took quite a while, luminous to find a cash machine, nor of banking right, do not charge admission fees, directly to the ATM withdrawals.

Humph! Anyway, not spend their own money, though he charges it! Not bad money!

Brother, you wake up, you've got to use all of the net worth of only in exchange for this card.

Insert the card.Enter the pool Liu smoke told him the password.

Select withdrawals.

Select the withdrawal amount 1,000 yuan.

Page displays: your balance.

FML! Luminous dumbfounded, less than 1,000 yuan actually balance? what's the situation? Liu forgot to smoke inside pool play money, right?

Return, balance inquiries. Balance Display 800 yuan.

Luminous looking at $ 800 balance of a black line, meaning that every month he will be able to spend only 800?

800 yuan, tight tight bus bar is barely enough to spend. Luminous is the kind of tight but people of Pakistan do? Well, he is not very luminous usually spend money, but where the flowers still have to spend it, eat no money? Do not pump gas money? Usually drink water, do not buy a drink money? 800, asked people to eat a meal they all spent ah. Buy fruits are 120 today, ah!

The 700 yuan to take out, you ask why do not you take 800? Because banks have to charge 5 bucks fee! Take 800 to play on the remaining 95, the change does not take out a single receipt when looking at the withdrawal of five yuan service fee, luminous little Routeng, evil bank and misappropriation him a huge sum of money!

Luminous gas, however, took out his cell phone gave Liu smoke played in the past, can still shut down the other side, the luminous angrily put away the phone.

"Next time looking for her afterwards!"

Fruit stand back when the fear of losing face luminous fighting back the urge to return some fruit, paid the money to the hospital.


Luminous found Liu's ward, entered, glanced at, push the door.

Liu was leaning against the bed, next to his wife should be

Luminous greeting: "Liu."

Liu turned around and saw the luminous, smiled and said:. "Little Night ah, how do you come."

Luminous: "You take a look, how good point yet?"

Liu: "Much better, nothing is older, have a few days lying in bed."

Luminous:. "Nothing like, I wish you a speedy recovery," said luminous place to buy fruit on the table.

Liu: "come and also to bring anything."

Luminous: "Just some fruit, do not know that you love to eat anything, just buy a point."

Liu's wife greeted luminous sit down, "You talk, I'm going to point you to wash fruit."

Old Liu: "! Little Night, you are very good, I listen to the radio thing Ma Tao said, well, ah actually listening figures in the table are ranked in the first."

Luminous: "You are a better teacher."

Liu waved: "I did not teach you many things, good or your own understanding, smart, programs to you, I feel comfortable."

Old Liu in the hospital and talked for a while, did not stay too long luminous back.

About time, night did not go home, go directly to the radio.

Luminous pool before work gave Liu called and smoke, but the smoke willow pool or off. Luminous bit helpless.

"This is something? Or in the really mad at me deliberately pulled me black?"

Well, ignore me then I do not care about you! Luminous angrily put away the phone.

Luminous work at night or in the exam cramming host information, he has seen almost, since that can always go to the exam.

They looked at the open system, prestige value has been growing,Two days did not read, today opened a prestige value has discovered more than 70,000. Ghost Blows Out the show is good, this two-day average can give him twenty thousand prestige value gains on a daily basis.

Luminous panel open draw, even a draw prize twice, luck is not too good, not too bad. Once in the lottery twice, once drawn a blank.

This is the first time luminous had drawn in the lottery, instant prestige value of thirty thousand boondoggle him for quite a while Routeng.

Opening the chest.

"Congratulations, you get good fortune 1"

Drawn is a consumable, system alert sounds when reminded luminous remembered, own and several expendable props storage column, has been not willing to use, they almost forgot.

"These tests have to find an opportunity to test the effect of props ah."

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