My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XXIII kiss

Chapter XXIII kiss

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Humph! Brother but a man of principle.

How can casually was this put the poor fool trick of it. Does not agree, absolutely do not agree!

Liu pool smoke anxious, actually all of a sudden turn to sit luminous body, widened his eyes, Duzhaoxiaozui, angrily said: "! You in the end words do not resign."

Liu looked at the pool of luminous white smoke delicate, beautiful face, with his big staring eyes, toot bright red mouth, cute abnormal, then it did not hold back, pro go up.

Pro go up.

Liu smoke eyes wide bigger pool, covered tight, panic stay, this is her first kiss.

She spent this can be cheaper luminous, luminous leaning back pool Liu smoke, had a real pro. Liu luminous tongue into his mouth when smoke pool, pool Liu smoke before they recovered, quickly pushed luminous, blushing sit aside, head down, afraid to look luminous, do not say let's resignation luminous thing .

Luminous also some trance, though in a dream world to do what have done, but in this world, he is still an upstart, he also recalled his lips just a soft touch.

Ah, Liu goddess kiss a little sweet.

They long not talking, the hour is late, night driving a car drove to the television direction, willow pond smoke car is still parked there.

Along the way, luminous and do not talk while smoking willow pool, but the pool Liu smoke has been ignored him, he has been playing down the phone.

Humph! Angry. How about you just ignore.

"You give me just read the poem again." Willow Pool tobacco pressing the phone, he said suddenly.

"Oh." Luminous did not ask why, up from cares, "When you are old, white head, drowsiness faint ......"

"Slow down." Willow Pool tobacco interrupted him, "I do micro-Bo."

Luminous Oh cry, and then combined with the willow pond smoke, she read a note of a luminous.

A poem finished, luminous and Liu took the opportunity to speak pool smoke, "What hair? On hair of this poem?"

Liu pool smoke hum, "you and I also marry the things sent to microblogging, you wait, I will soon have a lot of fans out of your flesh, and then drown you with spittle. Humph! Bad guys, do not resign, but also to bully me. "

Luminous awkward smile. He did not believe Liu pool smoke really put things sent to the Internet to get married, get married today regarded Ganqiao, April Fool's Day, the Civil Administration are no people, and help them be a registered uncle, does not care about the entertainment business, it just did not recognize smoke willow pool Come. The most dangerous time to have exposure good fortune passed, and luminous smoke dare not believe Liu pool so straightforward to marry the news made public. I have to say, it is also where one star sorrow, end a marriage had to conceal it.

End micro-Bo, Liu put down the cell phone and ignore luminous smoke, and despite how luminous and his ramble pay any attention to him, just being a I am very angry, I do not care what you look like.

The entrance to the station, Liu pool cigarette sunglasses to wear a mask, carrying a baby, facing the luminous playfully grunted to get off, then drove his car sped away.

Luminous touch nose, smile a while.

Liu left the pool after smoke, luminous and driven all hurry home, he took advantage of parents have not come home, to steal out of the booklet back,If the parents know, this is earthshaking big things!

Back home, Mom and Dad really not coming back from work, luminous chuckle, put back in place intact booklet, marriage certificate again hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe room, with a pile of clothes into pressing. Once this is done, luminous nodded with satisfaction, while driving back to the radio station went to work.


Luminous just arrived, field service and Pharaoh former assistant Bayi Liu Tao smiled and walked up to the horse.

Field service Pharaoh: "! Little Night, great chart we show yesterday is the first three flagship program again pressed down, you can really great!."

Luminous modest waved his hand, smiled and said:. "We are the result of joint efforts."

Ma Tao also laughed: "It is the backing up your story I followed Liu also do the night shift for years, never such good results!."

Pharaoh chimed in, "yes ah, yes ah, you do not know, now we can view the program group, who is renowned for the radio now I have and I say hello. Now the radio up and down, we talk about the story of the night, who would not be a big vertical thumb. Haha. "

Took the opportunity to show good luminous too happy, accompanied the two chatted for a while.

"Yes, Marco, Liu okay? Discharged not?" Asked the luminous Ma Tao.

Ma Tao shook his head and said:. "Nice more, nothing, acute appendicitis, had a knife, Liu is the older, slower recovery, still in the hospital lived it."

Luminous nodded, "That change tomorrow I go to the hospital to see Liu."

Liu has been in the hospital a few days, Liu and luminous Although friendship is not too deep, but the old Liu is also how his predecessors, he has taught for the mutual affection, reasonable in the circumstances checking out.

Field service and Ma Tao Wang left, luminous nothing to do, looking at the host test data on a computer, a few days will host the exam, do homework or do a do. Although he had never forget the skills, but some things need to cope mastery exam, after all, the content of the exam is not shining on the book full scripted.

Live radio at night is very smooth, luminous home after this want to make a phone call Willow pool cigarette, but has a little more to think about, too late, disturb she accepted it. Although just 3.20 pm, but the character of this beautiful flower cute just married and his small daughter luminous still a little thinking about it.

Tomorrow to play it.

Night passed.

The next day, night and was awakened by the phone.

The phone is said to be edited to Nanchang Red Valley Press, I asked him if he was not a ghost Blows own all copyright, there is no intention of publishing, can meet to talk about the Ghost Blows published.

Luminous gas has to get up, but after the last incident Weibo profile problems like this a lot, and now that has not changed over tease introduction over it. I will not speak, then picked up the phone, wait a deal finished, vent its anger at himself he says.

Ghost Blows have not thought about publishing luminous, call each other over so luminous a bit surprised, a little reflection, decided not luminous or published, broadcast their own programs such as full part in the plot to speak, (in fact, probably because the other noisy his bed.) then declined to edit red Valley Press,And promised each other if published, they first consider publishing house.

Was awakened by a telephone luminous did not continue to sleep, get up washing sieve, then ate breakfast mother left him, idle with nothing to do on the back of the room online.


Is luminous brush microblogging exclaimed loudly.

"Zhe Nizi is earthshaking ah!"

Originally, luminous saw an article has been hot microblogging microblogging ranked first in the search pool Liu smoke issued.

Tweet about marriage ......

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