My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XXII you love me

Chapter XXII you love me

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Car window further light rain, small pedestrians, occasionally one or a pair of umbrella hurried pedestrians, Liu pool luminous shoulder against smoke, had fallen asleep. He no longer cold April day, but still some cool earth, the luminous jacket covered in willow pool who smoke, smoke willow pool felt, twist a bit body, but did not wake up.

Luminous looked blankly sleep soundly pool of willow smoke, eyes full of tenderness, mouth evoke trace of curvature.

Luckily, I met you in this world!

Liu pool smoke woke up almost four o'clock, she was leaning on the shoulders of full luminous slept more than two hours.

"There is a shoulder against nice." Liu pool smoke Nan Road nickname.

Luminous smile, "did not sleep well last night."

Liu pool cigarette shaking his head, "this time is too tired to work, sleep well last night too." Liu said with a straight face pool smoke suddenly red, "or else you will not be the bad guy is not an advantage know."

"Hey." Luminous big embarrassing, quickly change the subject, "busy work should also pay attention to rest, you are so successful, less joint announcement have nothing. The most important body."

Liu pool cigarette: "not notice it, is a thing to my studio, newly established not long, what do everything myself."

Luminous know, Liu smoke and pools century because the media after signing the contract in question does not fall out the other brokerage firms, and he set up a studio.

Luminous: "The more please a few people, ah, you are the boss, and where can always hands-on."

Liu pool cigarette sigh of relief, "had thought to open a studio quite simple, really do know so tired, some things to men who do not worry, still have to worry about their own, unless it is their most intimate most trusted ...... "

Liu said the pool of smoke suddenly eyes light up! She sat up straight, luminous face, smiling at luminous, his eyes shining little star.

Luminous obviously felt the pool Liu smoke are considering what little intrigue.

Liu smoke a pool on his hips, "she says! Do you love me!"

Luminous suddenly cold sweat on down, is not that the majority of female compatriots implementation of the absolute signal conspiracy against gay thing? I believe the majority of my fellow men fully understood, it is simply a no solution of the problem, how to answer fellow men even think to discuss the benefits, love? it is good! You go to my shopping cart to empty it. Or 1:00 let you run eight street to buy him a strawberry, or to the bag, look at the clothes, and so on. Say love? You have to have the guts! If I say love, you have her facing a crying two busy three hanging, then the implementation of brutal revenge on her body and your spirit, you can finally succumbed to her despotic power, to her empty cart, her buy bags, buy her clothes, 1:00 ran eight street to buy him a strawberry. (To have a wife won this routine male compatriots silence.)

Luminous touch sweating on the forehead, put a calm, "...... Stop it."

"I say! Do you love me!" Liu pool cigarette voice rose a few decibels.

"This ......" luminous muttered, "We got married today ......"

Liu Yi Deng smoke pond him to continue on his hips,"No matter! That is married! Say it! You love me!"

"We only met three days ......" luminous determined not to succumb.

"I say! Do you love me!" Liu pool luminous see smoke do not let go, hand akimbo, one hand pointing luminous.

Luminous ignored her, called haha, "Ha nice day today." So saying, he turned to look out the window, embarrassing, rain today. Then it embarrassing added, "Fine Kazakhstan in this rain."

See Luminous has been to make fun of the subject, Liu also air pool of smoke, do not know how to think, luminous grabbed his arm, "so you do not say, I killed you!"

A go.

Luminous green face, really bite, ah, that bite on the bite, do not give a little signal, at least, people get mentally prepared to do it.

"Does it hurt, Teng Teng pain. Quick release." Luminous shouted up, but not force to push the smoke willow pool.

Liu pool cigarette does not relent, but the harder.

"I rely on! Also hard, painful ..." luminous grimace in pain, "Do not bite, I was wrong, I love! I love you! Soon relent! I love you!"

Liu pool cigarette heard, this loose mouth, then looked up some blush. One woman's life sentence most wanted to hear: I love you. I did not expect the first luminous told she was in such a situation.

Luminous rush to defeat Liu pool smoke bite the arm, starting a moist, saliva pools are willow smoke, two rows deep teeth marks, lower pool hard Liu cigarette holder also left point situation, did not give him bite bleeding.

"How come you still do a dog that bite, bite." Luminous hurts the Za Za whirring.

Liu pool smoke blushing, embarrassed, but still playfully croon a cry, "Who told you do not have to say."

Luminous snappily, said: "Well, now that that matter, do you want to say to prospective nothing good thing.."

Liu pool cigarette cute little tongue spit spit, "you quit it."

Luminous surprised a moment, "What did you say?"

"You quit it!"

"No! Why should I quit. I quit you keep ah."

Liu Ji Zhuomi small pool of smoke nod, luminous shaking his head, "that does not work, I just go to work a few days of it, but just the right track, a great future in it, how can I say resign resigned."

Liu pool cigarette cut a cry, "to work in television, but also give you a long table when not? You just how much ah, there is a small staff to the bar."

Luminous upset, retorted:. "Who small staff, but we host come forward"

Liu smoke do not believe the pool looked at him.

Glow adds weak weak: "late-night radio host files, but also the host of good cutting."

Liu pool cigarette smiled, "It does not have to, when a radio host promise much, you quit it, and I went to BJ, come to my studio, sister to give you a vice president of Dangdang."

Liu pool cigarette claiming sister, luminous did not feel anything unexpected, he was 24 years old, 27-year-old Liu pool smoke, than his 3-year-old. As the saying goes female junior hold BRIC thing.

"That's not OK." Luminous rejected.

Go to BJ, kidding, luminous dignified college entrance exam that year gave up the Tsinghua University Beijing did not want to leave home, how can so casually promised her resignation to leave home to go to BJ! Ok,This is his excuse to find ourselves, select the local entrance of Nanchang University art department ... ... In fact, because professional painting system tasks pit father.

Liu pool cigarette with a straight face, "You said you love me, let me help you resign you are not willing to, huh!"

"It's two different things." Luminous argued, "work go to work, you lesbian, ideological consciousness there is a problem."

"Well! You lie, you just do not love me." Willow pool wronged smoke Road.

"Two different things!" Luminous, "do not come on this, ah, can not be fooled."

Liu pool smoke pitiful said: "Then you have the heart to let your wife every day from dawn to dusk, stay up late to get up early busy job?"

Luminous some soft-hearted, but still grinding his teeth.


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