My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter Twenty-so married

Chapter Twenty-so married

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Down from the car, Liu smoke and pool wear big sunglasses and masks.

Luminous said: "Dai useless, will certainly have to be picked, had to take pictures of it."

Liu pool cigarette ignore him.

Uneasy, mixed feelings, luminous and smoke into the pool Liu Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registry is very conspicuous, a saw, strangely enough, the entire Civil Affairs Bureau today are no people, marriage registration office to register a pair more the people do not work five or six windows are also empty, only the edge of the window looking at a big old uncle wearing reading glasses in leisurely sipping tea, reading a newspaper.

See Luminous pool and Liu smoke came in, put down the newspaper uncle, "to register?"

Luminous nodded, "ah, uncle, we registered."

Uncle allocated under the old reading glasses, looked luminous and willow pond smoke, faint smile, "yo, today to register it."

Today how the registration? Luminous bit puzzled, asked: "? Today, how, and it can not be registered"

Grandpa shook his head and said:. "Nor is it can not be registered, according to Huang has always said that was a good day today, but today is April Fool's Day ah"

"April Fool's Day?" Luminous moment, "April Fool's Day !!!"

Liu pool smoke are dumbfounded.

Okay, luminous and smoke willow pool did not notice that today is 1 April Fool's Day, April Fool's Day to get married, this is kidding me? (Set here only because the story needs, not on behalf of the reality, the reality of marriage April Fool's Day is actually more than usual!)

Uncle and spoke and said: "Yes, today is April Fool's Day, today's young people have been April Fool's Day, April Fool's Day it is also afraid of taboo, says marriage is April Fool's Day joke, so now more and more each year to register April Fool's Day less, this is not our unit other colleagues directly today on holiday, I'd be guarding a person, anyway, no one came. "

Today is luminous feel God gave him a Fool's Day joke, this is what matter ah.

Liu looked at the pool of smoke, smoke willow pool frowning looking gloomy.

"Knot!" Liu pool smoke categorically said, "Chinese people, who cares what the West Fool's Day!"

Good domineering.

Then, Liu took a cigarette booklet pool luminous hands, then handed the work window uncle, the firm said: "! Register with us."

Luminous looked vigorous and resolute pool Liu smoke, stunned for a moment, then smiled.

Grandpa took the booklet smiling, said:. "You Nvwa Zi good," and then come up with a pamphlet, written while the side asked: "? What is the name Nvwa Zi"

"Liu pool smoke."

Grandpa looked luminous one asked: "? Who cares."

Liu said the pool was about to smoke, then suddenly found ...... What was his name again? So stunned.

Liu pool luminous smoke and get along these days, even they both share a bed, but the pool Liu smoke literally forgot to ask luminous What is the name, has always been you, you, your call. Luminous also, he did not introduce himself, did not say his own name, please, the subconscious always thought Willow pool to know the smoke.

Liu pool smoke some silent, suddenly feel that they did something very outrageous things, and actually do not know even the name of a person to register to get married,And most of the other because he was forced to take the initiative to come.

Looking back a little embarrassed, Liu pool smoke embarrassed to ask, "That ...... What's your name again?"

Luminous stunned, she did not know my name? I rely on, it seems really did not tell her! ! !

Registration uncle dumbfounded. what's the situation? what's the situation! Did a lifetime of marriage registrar, what kind of person he was not seen, what wonderful couple have not seen him, flash marriage by his hand registered a lot, but this really is the first time I saw ah! Not even do not know the name came registered? Today is April Fool's Day and do not be so kidding!

Grandpa cold face, "Well, today is April Fool's Day is not false, but you also do not take the old man I kidding, you do not know the name to register to get married, this is where the April Fool's Day joke?"

Luminous quickly stepped forward to explain, "Grandpa, Grandpa You do not get angry, my name is luminous, dark night, bright light, you eliminate cool." Liu pointed to pool flue, "We dare you to come here and make fun of her this is not because married too excited Well, it did not turn his mind, so I could not utter the name. "

Grandpa skeptical, "Really?"

Luminous nodded, "Really, Barbara!"

Willow Pool also with smoke and nodded.

Grandpa did not make life difficult for them, gave them a table, so luminous and Liu smoke filled pool.

Liu then led luminous pool and smoke went took a photo double, because today is not in the camera's staff, good uncle who volunteered to help them take pictures, not to make luminous pay, said Liu luminous and smoke his pool today's first couple must give them with the elements.

Liu had pond smoke and luminous They are ready to get married exposure may be older and uncle, does not care about entertainment, but still did not recognize Willow pool to smoke, is a must when taking pictures and masks Zhaixiamojing Liu pool smoke mask off of that moment, uncle just looked the same, then muttered, "so juicy girl, to accompany this young man pity."

Liu smoke muzzled pool laughing.

Luminous a black line, how do I it? What's wrong with me? You old bastard come clear! Do not say I do not know ...... how can you forward.

Finally, uncle and help them fight card, knocked stamp, all processes are completed, the hands holding two red books uncle, Liu led the pool and luminous smoke oath:

"We voluntarily married, starting today, we will jointly shoulder the responsibility entrusted to us and marital obligations: on filial piety parents teach their children the next, mutual respect and mutual love, mutual trust, mutual encouragement, mutual understanding and accommodation, to each other, love life!

In the future, regardless of good times or bad, whether rich or poor, regardless of health or disease, whether young or old, we are sharing weal and woe, through thick and thin, become lifelong companion! We want to stick to the oath today, we will be able to stick to the oath today. Deponent luminous / pool Liu smoke. "

Oaths, the uncle handed a marriage certificate and willow pool luminous smoke, blessing and said:. "Love for All Seasons"

"Thank you, Grandpa." Liu pool and luminous smoke in unison thanks to the uncle.

The Civil Affairs Bureau of the door, luminous and Willow pool smoke are also some trance.So you married?

Luminous feel a little weird, they fully prepared to recognize three days, from home to steal a booklet, both parents family do not know, somehow it registered to get married.

So really you married? Although there have been in a dream world luminous experience once married, but after all, a dream world ah, but in a dream world completely different perspectives and feelings ah.

The next step his trance pool Liu smoke and almost tripped over, Xin loss luminous Shoujiyankuai hold on her, homeopathic pulled her arms.

Liu pool smoke some blush, but did not push luminous, but the landlord hand waist luminous, luminous head close to the chest, listening to his heartbeat, "In the future, you must not bully me."

Luminous hold a moment willow pool cigarette, smiled and said:. "After that I just bully you."

Liu pool luminous smoke in his arms, very satisfied with luminous answers, sweet smile.

"Ah!" Liu pool smoke suddenly called out, "I forgot one thing!"

Luminous asked: "What happened?"

Liu did not speak pool smoke, go out into the parking luminous pulling direction to go.

On the train, willow pond smoke took out two A4 paper printed documents, has come up with a signature pen, the pen to the luminous, then hand over the contents of two A4 paper, for luminous says. " signature!"

Luminous surprised a moment, "What sign name? Signature You gotta let me look at the contents of it."

Liu pool cigarette shook his head, "not to look, you sign."

Luminous certainly do not agree, "not to look not sign."

"You promised me one thing last night, and said to do, is this your signature." Liu said with a smile sly smoke pool.

Luminous and robust, like yesterday really promised her one thing, Junzaiyiyan Sima difficult to recover, it is a matter of principle, "to sign to sign, even if you sold me I have to agree." The name teeth signed.

"Duplicate, as well as a." Liu pool cigarette reminds us.

Luminous but also in the name of another good sign.

See Luminous a good sign, willow pool cigarette satisfied nod, picked up the papers and looked, 'luminous' word just like the sign in the signature place, carefully put one of which has recovered the bag, willow In addition to a pool of smoke and handed luminous "agreement came into effect, you see!"

"What agreement?" Luminous took, I saw A4 paper labeled "marriage agreement."

Luminous look down, looking at his forehead began to sweat.

The agreement was then married to a beat on the steering wheel, "which I do not agree!"

Liu looked at his pool cigarette proud, smiling eyes narrowed, as only a small fox conspiracy to succeed, "No matter, anyway, you have a signature."

"You unconscionable!"

"Which of the unreasonable?"

"Are you in agreement that says you are not allowed to bully, to care for you, for your sake, not allowed to piss you off or something no problem, without the woman can not be allowed physical contact and sex is how is it?"

Liu pool smoke blinking eyes: "? I have a problem I do not agree you'll never touch me."

"We are legally husband and wife!" Luminous angry Road.

Liu pool cigarette innocent blinked, "my mother said the girls to be proud and self-discipline, they can not casually be taken advantage of boys."

Luminous: "do the authors had when I got married life Cock wire?"

Liu pool smoke face slightly red, "That depends on your performance."

"Well, I will not speak of this, all of this man by the woman disposable income, the woman will give the man some living expenses each month, in addition to other sources of income for living expenses man giving the woman must pay to the woman's management. How this happened? This I absolutely do not agree! "

Liu pool smoke, embarrassed, said: "My mother said, a man money to perishable, so I have to control your source of income, anyway, will not make you hungry chilled, you may also want to spend money, but must I have to apply in advance, I would approve, as appropriate. "

"But that is my personal labor income, how can all give you! What are you capitalist hegemony!"

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