My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XIX goddess to marry me (modified)

Chapter XIX goddess to marry me (modified)

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Dad looked down slightly look a gift horse, "the child thing, the children themselves, and that girl is who we do not know, how kind of family background, how kind of character we still did not know it yet."

Mom waved his hand: "I Just let it control her grandchildren, how was all right!!"

Mom mighty domineering!

Dad reluctantly shook his head, "Well, do not guarding the back to the house to sleep it, do not look at the time."

Mom decisively rejected, "do not go, I will abandon! This kid can not give the slightest chance of escape!"

"As you are willing to abandon guarding it." Dad do not advise it, "you would do it sitting ah?"

TV refers to a mother, "I'm watching TV is not correct thing."

Dad laughed, "really is watching TV, ah, that sound did not."

"Well, I would love to open a muted none of your business." Mom playfully said, "Oh, you do not say, this drama is really good to see that Liu played nice pool smoke, who looks juicy to see the body also bear a child, and if I can do a good daughter. "

Dad disdain, "cut, like what, on your son, would like toad wants to eat it? Pool tobacco Liu also give you daughter to do? Dreaming."

Mom deflated mouth, "I am not a casually had any brains, how my son, my son, what worse, my son is a toad what you Dangdie this is!"

Dad snorted, "Whatever you, the reason you guarding guarding it. I am back to the house to sleep."

Mom waved his hand: "quickly get out of it."


The next day.


Luminous leisurely woke up and did not open his eyes.

Ok? Arm how some acid? The arms have a personal feeling how? What hands as if holding?

Luminous subconsciously squeezed.

It feels like ......

Luminous instantly awake.

Somehow I saw two people fall asleep at night actually fell asleep on tightly hold together, the people are smoke willow pool nest in his arms.

FML! what's the situation. Myself to sleep has been very honest way. Of course, this can make him dishonest accident he hoped drop occurred.

Last night count the animals themselves or beast than the? Luminous suddenly thought about this.

The arms of children who suddenly breathing heavily a few, then immediately into calm, luminous know, Liu smoke woke up the pool, it is now pretending to be asleep. No way, so awkward scene, a girl of the people, how can I do? In addition to what Zhuangshui another way to resolve it?

Luminous pretended not to know willow smoke pool was awake look, gently put her arms around his waist willow pond smoke hand it out, and gently hug from her head, drew back his arm, then got up slowly get out of bed.

"Bang." Luminous closed out.

Liu smoke shabu pool opened his eyes, sat up shells, red face almost became a liver-colored. A look of teeth and helpless expression.

After Glow out, Liu pool smoke will quickly get up, finishing a bit messy clothes and hair, no one will be luminous on the door came.

Liu smoke try to put on a pool like nothing happened, but is afraid to look luminous.

Luminous also pretend nothing happened, so embarrassing things,Certainly can not say it's luminous calmly said: "! Fast, my parents now are not in, we get going."

Willow nodded pool smoke, what to talk about, bring eye masks and large, carry the bag, or the luminous carefully opened the first bar the door to the living room and looked at, not to confirm my parents went to pull the hand at times willow pool cigarette go out, Liu pool did not actually smoke break, let the luminous as thieves took her hand slipped out of their home.

From out of the house, luminous pulled Liu pool smoke trot, and finally on his family's car, all the windows raised before a long breath, "is finally safe."

Liu is also a pool of smoke heavy sigh.

This evening, really ...... alas.

Willow pool luminous smoke is pulled trot, some scattered hair, luminous seeing this, he reached out to help her Lile. For him, it was a completely subconscious mind can not help but action.

Liu smoke pool was stunned, looked luminous eyes blinking, he smiled gently let his own messy hair slicked down.

Luminous suddenly react, Liu pool cigarette bat an eye at him, see his heart some hairy, hollow sound then handle resumed.

Liu pool smoke continued to look at him.

"Some messy hair." Luminous embarrassing explained.

Liu pool smoke continued to look at him.

"I did not mean, look at your hair is a mess, you subconsciously help you stroke a stroke." Luminous went on to explain.

Liu pool smoke continued to look at him.

"Well, I was wrong. How do you say it?" Luminous admit.

Liu pool not smoke finally looked at him, turned his head, leisurely said: "? Booklet in your home where you know it."

Luminous said: "I know, ah, how?"

Liu pool flue: "You go to take it over."

Luminous puzzled, "why take the booklet?"

Willow pool smoke continued looking at him.

Luminous uh said: "Well, I go!"

Luminous Pidianpidian ran home a few minutes later, luminous stolen out of the booklet in front of a lit cigarette willow pool, "he brought."

Liu pool cigarette satisfied nod, then said:. "Drove"


Luminous start the car, carrying the smoke Liu pulled out a cell pool.

"Where are we going?" Luminous asked.

Liu pool smoke faint replied: "Civil Affairs Bureau!"

Zhi Ya ~

Luminous heavy stepped on his foot brakes, panic I asked: "! Do not tell me to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau registration"

Liu pool smoke still faint replied: "ah, marry, me, and you."

"What international joke !!!" luminous shouted out.

"You do not want it?" Liu pools voice trembling smoke, turned around and looked luminous, his eyes watery one.

Liu pool smoke some hidden bitterness, expression of grievances, tears ready to come together eyes, let the moment of luminous heart, "I ...... not reluctant, but ...... some sudden, some ......too fast."

Liu pool smoke more wronged, "You do not want to! You regard the people to sleep, and you do not want to."

Luminous sweat, "What is sleep, one twelve is two ah, issues make it clear that we are in a bed sleep a night,But we did not do anything, this is not! "

What to say, sleep is not sleep, lying on a bed, even if it is sleeping? The luminous pot is not back, this is a matter of principle!

Liu pool smoke tears almost came out, break off the mouth, can not tell the wronged, "did not do anything? Why are you pinching morning ...... people's innocence are bad people in your hands you still do not want to. "

Luminous a black line in the morning so that pieces of embarrassing things so straightforward that out, I do not know how luminous Jiecha up.

See Luminous half do not speak, the tears in the eyes of Liu pool in smoke wronged could not help, pit began to fall.

The most luminous can not see the girl cry, not to mention the pool Liu smoke, and hurried to help him wipe tears, "Oh, do not cry ah."

Liu pool open luminous hand smoke, Johnson denounced: "not allowed to touch me, do not you tube."

Luminous bitterly recover hand, point down the window, the window wisp of cool breeze blowing in.

He needs to let his head cool down.

There is more than ten seconds, luminous close the window.



start up.


Liu pool smoke wiped a tear will find luminous restart the car, they lost their hair, pear rain, said: "!!! Go, I want you to stop me stop you get off."

Luminous no parking, faint replied: "! Go to Bureau of Civil Affairs."

Liu shouted pool cigarette does not want to stop to get off the luminous face torsional side, muttering, said:. "You do not reluctant"

"I did not say I would not." Luminous replied.

Liu pool smoke snorted, "You just ......"

Luminous car slowly stopped on the roadside to, turned and wiped his tears Liu hand smoke face the pool, the pool Liu is with the smoke did not escape.

Liu looked at the pool of luminous smoke eyes, said softly: "! I did not, really, on the contrary, is the biggest wish to marry you after I met you."

Sure enough, a woman is emotional animals, a luminous say, willow pool grievances smoke instantly went a half, "that I encountered it before?"

Luminous smile, "before I met you my greatest wish is to meet you."

Liu pool cigarette mouth can not help tilt, seems unwilling to be seen luminous, snorted, turned away, "I do not believe it."

The car starts again.

Along the way, they no talking, all their silence.

Luminous like focus on the car, but in reality the hearts terribly upset, get married? marry? marry?

Though in a dream world, he already had a marriage, but anyway, it was just a dream, just a dream, no matter how real it is only a dream, dream and reality, or luminous points clear. Suddenly the reality of getting married, but also so sudden really made him feel uneasy.

Liu pool smoke twisted head and look out the window, watching the rapid regression trees house, heart is difficult to calm.

So you should marry him?

This decision would be right?

You will regret in the future?

She wanted to know, do not want to, and since the decision, then do it! I believe this is God's arrangement.

Not far away to the Civil Affairs Bureau, twenty minutes,Luminous car parked in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Get off before the luminous took a deep breath, Liu pool cigarette and said:? "Well, do you really want to get married, is not a trivial matter, and that you are days you married to your fans and your career What kind of impact? each of the parties and our family, I guess your family does not know this thing, they have thought about how to face it? there, and I really consider to be good to spend this life yet ? for you, today we count only met three days. marriage is not a trifling matter. you want to know now regret it too late. "luminous quite earnestly.

Willow pool gave him a word hate smoke back: "Do not say bullshit you going!!"

Luminous teeth, "I'll go!"

Liu pool open bag of smoke, luminous and handed out booklets from the bag.

Liu took the booklet pool luminous smoke, if supremely heavy feeling, "I have a problem."

Liu pool white smoke at him, let him not represent nonsense, she does not want to hear.

"One last question, we ask them to go in."


"Why do you carry a booklet?"

"Just like you."


"Well! Do not you tube!"

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