My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XVIII and goddess sleeping in one bed

Chapter XVIII and goddess sleeping in one bed

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After a long pause, luminous living room and peeked twice, my mom has been, it appears to be really ready to boil all night.

See Liu pool cigarette has never speak, luminous asked the sentence: "? All right."

Liu did not speak the pool or smoke, some reddish cheeks, the sound if Enliaoyisheng mosquitoes.

Eventually agreed, can not agree how to do it? She really did not dare go out.

But, girl, you can not go out, you dare to stay in a single man baa room? Not afraid of him at midnight incarnation beast?

Turn off the lights. go to bed!

Tonight cloudy, clouds to the moon were covered, but also the end, no moonlight, the lights are off, the room plunged into darkness almost pitch-dark.

Of course, sleep is smoke pond willow bed, lying luminous table.

Darkness, smoke willow pool fully clothed in bed luminous, luminous covered quilt, face has been flushed, Xin loss turned out the lights luminous invisible. Luminous quilt sun's mother helped him often, and often like to quilt, no smell. But Liu pool smoke cover the body, but can clearly smell the thick part of the luminous body, can not tell a good smell bad smell, can not tell what flavor, but the smell of smoke have heart let Liu pool tangled, blush.

Originally tired, but Liu pool smoke some sleep, "Are you asleep?"

Lying on the table in the dark luminous replied, "Not yet."

"You promised me to give me find the hotel, but also the best rooms." Liu pool smoke muttering Road.

Luminous a little embarrassed, "This is not unexpected thing."

Liu pool smoke immediately said: "Then you promise me one thing tomorrow." It seems that this is her purpose.

A luminous music, did not ask anything, "OK, I promise you."

Liu pool cigarette sly smile in the dark, "you say, oh, no changes."

Luminous assured, "ah, absolutely not go back." Asked, "Why are you looking for me today?"

Liu smoke pool was silent, "Too late, do not say, tell you tomorrow."

Luminous Oh sigh, I did not ask.

"Yesterday, I read you a poem." Liu pool may smoke because of lying, sounds exciting moment, "very beautiful, good to hear a poem. I do micro-Bo."

"Ah, I see."

"You give me to read it again."


"I want to hear."

"it is good."

Luminous Qingke soon Wet your whistle: "You see me or not, I was there, not sad not happy."

"You read or do not read me, love is there, not to go."

"Do you love or do not love me, love is there, not to rise."

"You're with me, or with me, my hand is in your hands, left not abandon."

"Come into my arms."


"Let me live in your heart."

"Silent love."

"Silent joy."

Luminous voice low, very emotional.

Dark, Liu Lian Lian pool splendor smoke eyes, seemed suffused with light.

Liu pool smoke for a long time did not speak, luminous thought she was asleep.

Suddenly pool Liu smoke and leisurely spoke and said:. "I'm hungry"

"...... Only instant noodles and bread."

Liu pool Smoke happy and said: "There are instant noodles?"

Luminous direct refusal: "only eat bread, and not to those days, every time you eat instant noodles relatives to carry out his things."

Liu pool smoke like those days, it is very strange, actually detract from big stars like instant noodles. But she is not dare to eat, because those days are often a great aunt came not comfortable, belly aching. So usually he does not eat too general, sometimes greedy, often conflicted between the two instant noodles and aunt. But how luminous know? He knows this kind of thing? Liu pool smoke shame flushed.

Luminous certainly know, a dream world, but he and Liu smoke when the pool a couple of decades, does not know what she luminous.

"I'll get bread."

Liu pool cigarette busy: "! Can not turn on the lights," she blushed to the neck, afraid to let the luminous lights.

"Too dark, without lights can not see."

"No matter, anyway, is not allowed to turn on the lights." Liu said playfully pool wayward smoke.

A luminous scratching their heads, "Well, do not open will not open, using a mobile phone can always be right."

Think of the phone light is not strong, luminous should see very clear, smoke willow pool Enliaoyisheng agreed.

Luminous by the faint light of a mobile phone, a good while groping in the dark to find a bulk bag of bread.

Liu pool only took two smoke, sitting on the bed, eat in the dark.

"So black, you are not afraid of stuffed nose."

"Well!" Liu smoke Guzhe pool to eat, ignore him.

After two loaves of bread, Liu took the dark pool of smoke and handed her luminous water, filling the two, and then contented to lie down.

Luminous pool did not tell Liu smoke had just given him his usual cup is used, for fear of her drink.

Liu pool luminous smoke satiate lying in bed, clearly has sleepy, but has been unsettled, close your eyes but did not sleep.

Outside the window shines in finally break free from the thick clouds in the moonlight, willow pond smoke by the faint moonlight, looked as uncomfortable sitting on a stool tummy writhing luminous, do not know what to think, mouth slowly raised.

Beautiful smile.

"Big bed, sleep up." Liu pool smoke as much as possible in a calm tone said, but his voice still could not stop a trace of tension.

"Ah?" Luminous puzzled Enliaoyisheng, that got it wrong.

Liu pool smoke blush said, "not to forget."

Luminous certainly does not agree, "Come!"

Liu pool cigarette does not speak silently to bed squeezed inside.

"Ah, you hand where to put it."

"I'm sorry, I did not mean it."

"It's not right!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry too dark can not see." Luminous side aftertaste just apologize while ecstasy touch.

The moon and went into hiding, dark, smoke shrink Liu pool inside in bed, his face flushed, bang bang bang beating heart, the bastard, just surprise, surprise touched ...... good shame.

Luminous know made a mistake, not squirted, close to the edge of the bed, hands clasped on his chest, legs closed, neatly lying flat. Five meters of the bed, two people lying in the middle actually also set aside a big piece of position.

Long while.

Liu pool cigarette whispered: "You sleep over point of it,Point quilt covered, cool at night. "

Luminous that moved ah. Quickly entered, he moved in the past.

"Never in the past, it is so." Willow pool to smoke pulled half bedding luminous, and put a pillow placed between two people, "Freeze manual foot, and not over the line, or I accidentally kick you down." Willow Pool smoke threaten.

"Oh." Luminous faint to be a cry, "Do not know if you have heard this story, Once there was a scholar in love with a lady friend. One day, they meet travel, the way in case of heavy rain, they empty house to a shelter , to stay the night. this house is only one, though two is sexual gratification, but did not, and in the chaos. that lady pity son, he invited the shy son of a total of places, but in the interval pillow, wrote a note, saying the 'cross-border who have animals'. that is a gentleman scholar, has really forbear night, no time to chaos. "

"The next morning, that lady woke up, was actually running away, and left a note: a letter to seven characters, 'Ru worse than animals' I am now very tangled, I was an animal or animal as it does.."

Liu smoke pool listening to stories told luminous, Xiufen Fenquan hammer with a punch luminous chest, Xiunu Road, "Get down!"

Luminous pleading for his life again and again, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong, Woman mercy, I was wrong."

Liu pool smoke ultimately did not have the heart to luminous kick out of bed to go. After a hard day two, and toss it to the rest of the night, finally groggy sleep in the past.

It does not know is that luminous mother lying on the sofa in the living room watching TV, but no one will sleepy and fell asleep.

Midnight, luminous father urinate, luminous mother is not found, a look to the living room, the TV on, luminous mother had fallen asleep on the sofa.

The mother woke, Dad strange asked:. "His mother, how to sleep on the couch, go back to the house to sleep."

Mom looked into luminous room, pulled the father sat down, shook his head and said:. "I do not back into the house, I'm right here guarding."

Dad asked, "What guarding?"

Mom looked a luminous room, biting his father's ear and whispered:. "Watching your son, your son took the girl home."

Dad was shocked, "if it is true?"

Mom categorically said: "Of course, why do I lie to you, I got up to the bathroom, I heard the sound of a car downstairs, sure that his son came back, it looked from the window and peered down, son back when two people, more black days, to see not clear, but it is certainly a girl! this kid came back like a thief, but also when I do not know. Well! who I am, on this point he Huahuachangzai I wanted to escape his mother's eyes? "

Dad was a bit staggering, usually heard his son had in this area lipped ah, how suddenly took the girl home?

"His mother, will not be wrong, right? In case you are a man?"

"Impossible!" OK Mom said, "must be a girl, I did not see a face, I vaguely saw that figure, it should be a beauty, lordosis after Alice, it is a good Cotyledons born baby. Having said that, to What a man, you son of man hiding in the house doing? purposely came to visit me tone, well, I was such a good thing to deal with.This kid still wet go again! "Mom plausibly, a look of pride.

Dad believed, also looked back luminous room, "No, you're doing it in guarding this? Wengeqingchu go directly to his son, just caught red-handed! No, unto the bed! Not right. ..... "

"OK, OK." Mom and Dad interrupted, "just this point you do not quibble cultural level of ah, say you do not understand it, your son any virtue you do not know, really give him that he could expose the looking for an excuse to stall one hundred kinds we. "

Mom eyes shining light of wisdom, "I will not give him the opportunity to do this, I do not expose him, I let him be fresh in the play, I was stuck in this, his ulterior, not fair and square with that girl out, our house is on the eighth floor, the windows of his dead end, so ... ...... Needing a room. Hey old night, maybe we will soon have a grandson of . "

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