My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XVI home with goddess

Chapter XVI home with goddess

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Off it, and opened the luminous conjured systems, micro-Bo fans have so much prestige value should also be a lot of it up.

"Hey" luminous laughed.

Sure enough, the prestige value has risen to 82498

"Finally able to draw it. Ha ha!"

Open the lottery system.

Confirm draw.

Russia Big Wheel on the panel crazy turn up, after a moment, firmly Dangdang, pointing to a small golden chest.

"Fairly good luck, again." Luminous did not rush to open the chest, more than 80,000 of prestige, each consume 30,000, lasts him twice.

Sub-dial, luminous luck today seem very good, this prize draw, a final pointer parked a large area are blank, only a lone chest in that piece. But in the end pointer amazing stopped in the chest above.

Prestige value balance is no longer enough, can not smoke, did not expect the lottery to spend prestige value, luminous could not help Tucao Nima, too expensive!

Does not make him think, open chest! This is in addition to the time the system is turned luminous gift of a free lottery for the first time outside their own lottery, I think there are some small excited about it.

"Congratulations, you get the skill book sounds of nature."

"Congratulations, you get directed learning skills +1."

Made! Big hair! Two chest are skills book, luminous very clear, compared to compared to some of the few expendable items, skill books apply too much these days, after all, the article is external, with the gone, but also in the strong short-lived but ah different skills, become their own instincts direct general skills, it is good enough for a lifetime!

However, the luminous also found two skills seems a bit different, original skills are able to get a costume like the book, is now able to get a knowledge of the director faint light group, an exclamation point next to a careful, open luminous point , which is annotated: the current skills can be superimposed with the kind of upgrade. (PS each upgrade the skills required number * 10).

Luminous some dumbfounded, multiplied by 10! Not 10. What is this concept? The first upgrade, better said, if fixed each draw are drawn only one, then only the prestige value of 300,000, but the second upgrade it? Nima to three million! Fourth it? Fifth of it? The key is, you know, every time the system is not a lottery draw in! Luminous considered good luck today, in both times, but who knows what he is after the draw, each certainly unrealistic! Moreover, every time things get lottery is not fixed, the director received a scholarship, but what next? Also smoked in it? Director really want a knowledge-liter twelve do not know of these years, how much prestige spent.

Think of the horror, not in thought.

Have looked at the sounds of nature - get the perfect voice use, making the song more appealing. (Everyday speech is not affected.)

Two skills into a white, luminous being used, luminous looked at the system, it is satisfied nod.

System Properties:

System Level: Beginner

Prestige value: 22498

Disciple value: 11

Character attributes:

Constitution: 100

Power: 110

Agility: 90Title: None

Skills: never forget, primary painting, extremely rich, articulate, soothing, director of learning 1


Opportunity Knocks 1

1 no jump of the disaster

Spirits 1

Erotic 1

Kongwuyouli 1

The solid rock 1

Prestige value left more than 20,000, has been no change in the value of the disciples, the powerful effect of several items column consumables has also been lying there, luminous not willing to use a little experiment, powerful and authenticity of the system he would have no doubt , and the stuff is too expensive, we can not afford that, starting in the right place! We have to use the best steel in the knife's edge thing.

Afternoon, night driving to work.

"Little Night, come." There are radio staff and luminous say hello.

Luminous smiled and nodded, "come."


"Oh, Liu hello."

"Little night comes to work it."

"Ah, the teacher your friends from work."

A young staff and also his nod: "Night teacher."

"Ah?" Luminous Somewhat taken aback, answered a God smiling, heavy Enliaoyisheng, "Hello!"

Luminous heart felt extremely happy, he knew television today, do not know, feel particularly warm, people greet him along the way, there are a lot of younger staff, the teacher called him the night. Hey! Night teacher! This night is not elementary school teacher garden teacher night, luminous heart of this proud ah, ah this happy, this was Joseph Yeah, I felt a few centimeters taller.

The same day, luminous has been happily, work enthusiasm, a field service Pharaoh will go along the way, a traffic that would go consult experience, the team he is always the losers in a little dry, juggle, and a whole night people had no stop.

"Little Night today it is Zala? So excited."

"I do not know, it forgot to take medicine."

Has a staff talking about, just scurrying around the luminous heard, "You just do not take medicine!"

He said the staff forgot to take medicine embarrassed smiled at him.

After the luminous went away and said he forgot to take medicine staff and whispered to his companion and said: "! I know why."

"what reason?"

Five or six employees around us, a look of curiosity.

"He himself said, he take medicine."

Happened to pass by the luminous and heard.

"...... do not go after work!"

First program, is still a "Ghost Blows" live when not out of any trouble, that is, to the last phone interactive sessions, especially multi-call audience, luminous phone one by one, even the saliva did not empty drink.

Field service Pharaoh to see him take some hard work to answer the phone, and asked him if he wanted to rest a pull music. Luminous think about it refused, "break what? I would like to listen to them on the phone he kept praise me, I have not heard enough of it, can not stop!"

Then finished the last one to boast of his listeners phone, luminous get enough off work.

Luminous pick up the car to the parking lot, and my heart did not give birth to an origin of the throbbing.

Looked around, then lock single luminous eyes in a small white car, Liu smoke car pool.

How is she? The windows are closed, luminous can not see inside, but he can be sure, Liu smoke in the car pool.Hesitated 0.5 seconds, the vehicle went Willow pool luminous smoke.

Liu smoke seems Xinyousuogan pool, slowly put down the window, abnormal exquisite beautiful face has appeared in front of luminous, it is smoke willow pool.

Luminous approached, "how so late in this?"

Liu pool cigarette eyelash quivered, flutter eyes flashing, looking luminous, spit out two words: "wait for you."

Liu looked puzzled Waibo luminous smoke a pool, "and I?"

Liuchiyanqing Enleyisheng.

Luminous unconsciously mouth slightly brought back, no silly to immediately ask Liu pool and smoke what he does. Liu eyes skimming the pool car cigarette packages of several open letters of snack bags, luminous asked: "? When did you come in."

Liu pool cigarette: "This afternoon, your front foot just go in, I went to the back foot, I saw far you go."

Luminous asked: "So you've been waiting here?"

Liu smoke Resentment pool looked luminous look, "I thought you very soon ...... I did not expect so late."

Luminous: "Why do not you go looking for ......"

Liu pool smoke white luminous look.

"Well, if you find people are not very convenient ha." Luminous ridicule about Momobizai, "Are you hungry?"

Liu pool cigarette shook his head, pointed to the snack car, "snacking eat."

Luminous some distressed at her tone somewhat to blame, "can not wait to get back ah, do not eat rice, you see what time it is, really."

Liu pool smoke some grievances, "You called me a person where to eat? Is eat or be onlookers ah, ah? Do you think I am willing to wait for you for so long, ah, if I dare myself to go between Jiudiankaifang, I without you it! Well! "then, Liu smoke also playfully pool grunted, turned away.

Luminous then I thought, really, this smoke willow pond visibility and popularity, and if a person was found to dinner, and certainly to be containment, and she's a girl, not any bodyguards around what you really want blocked to get out is not easy, Zhibuding will be out of any accident and trouble. Staying in a hotel is the same, as long as she dared to go to the hotel with their own ID card check, tomorrow is a lot of reporters Guarantee Changqiangduanbao containment in the hotel, all kinds of rumors flying too. Moreover, the pool can not let Liu go smoke some unused boarding mess live what people have a small hotel bar.

Luminous embarrassed Shanxiao Zhao said, "I'm bad, I'm sorry, do not be angry ha, I apologize to you, how do you say."

Liu pool smoke did not really angry, ideas, hear the concerns of luminous blame her, but my heart a little warm, very cute grumbles, "That you help me find a hotel room open to the best! "

Luminous nodded, "That!" And then touched pockets, "ah, my identity card at home yet."

Liu smoke and pool Resentment looked luminous look.

Luminous scratched his head, "It can be supposed to?"

Liu pool cigarette does not speak, she did not dare themselves to the hotel, she did not know how to do.

Luminous asked: "Why do not you and I go home."

Resentment continues to smoke Liu pool looked luminous.

Luminous quickly explained: "I mean, I go home to take ID card, then go and you find the hotel."

Liu pool smoke blinking eyes, thought, thought what better way, then nodded his head.

So she said yes, luminous feel very surprised, very surprised. Liu Ruyan because there are luminous for the sake of a dream world, so her feelings are not the same, but after all, Liu Ruyan days alas, alas Liu goddess, so he agreed to go home with friends? Of course, just go back and get a ID card only, but also very unexpected Okay.

"Into, then go to my house at night drove past fast, then twenty minutes is up." See Liu pool cigarette promised, luminous very happy, "your car will not drive up, take my car, tomorrow I send come here."

Liu did not reject tobacco pool, luminous Pidianpidian go to his home in Anderson drove up the dedicated pool to help Liu smoke opened the door co-pilot.

Liu pool smoke originally wanted to sit in the back seat, see luminous had to help her open the door, no nothing to say.

"Fasten your seat belt."


"De le departure."

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