My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XV microblogging hot

Chapter XV microblogging hot

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You know, it took voice traffic, in fact, show his quality is not particularly good, relatively new broadcast entertainment and music Billboard also slightly worse, but there are two broadcast time each day. Morning peak and evening peak commuting, this time to own a car listening to the radio the most concentrated time, think about how the work on the road now blocked, you know this show the audience how many. So, this show is the annual ranking of the top radio listening! The night shift it? Do not sleep a night owl and how much? Okay, I admit that is also very much a night owl, but do not sleep the night owls can listen to broadcast guarding How many? Night shift voice traffic actually put himself out to dry?

Five minutes, suffering five minutes, the computer finally opened.

What's new online, on the propagation velocity and users to participate in the highest degree, without a doubt is the micro-Bo, luminous without thinking on the microblogging.

Log microblogging.

"Ah le!" Luminous very surprised, "the number of fans have been more than thirty thousand?"

Some relatives luminous yesterday microblogging just add the V, then the number of fans or the original of mutual concern, only a few dozen only. However, trance overnight, soaring more than 30,000! What is speed.

The number of micro-blog message has been under three thousand pieces, and it is fun.

I was a little rabbit: "! Front row, sofa"

Want: "Big Love Ghost Blows, supernatural fiction actually never felt so strong and visually Ghost Blows to the fire!!"

Old robber:. "Well not already Ghost Blows fire is really great, after blasting other specialized manufacturing suspense horror ghost story!"

Lung Fu Shan charm: "pass to see, do not speak."

Lizard: "Ghost Blows even listened to two days, I feel like I've circled the pink!"

Cats are not afraid of mice: "Circle pink +1"

High-speed Bucks: "Circle pink +1"

III tiger white hair: "pink +1 circle, to remain in line downstairs!"

Hen Hen Hen: "Circle pink +1"

Bleating sheep: "Circle pink +10086"


Professional film: "I have come to destroy the formation of."

Foot Reflexology Yang Meimei: "Oh, good people like Ghost Blows it, not many people shop at night, usually to a guest, the store goblins are rushing to say hello, sat together last night to listen to Ghost Blows to guests Leng Shimo people to the service. there guests a wonderful happy to see us listen, snuggle up and listen, do not actually listened for a service, and we get together and listen to ghost Blows it! really killing me. Unfortunately, Mamma Mia has spoken today, after the working hours can not listen to the radio. "

Cock wire three decades: "Upstairs beauty, you open shop where I came to join my brother!."

Strength pit teammate: "!! Upstairs sister, do not be afraid to tell me the address, I have to join in, but also required by law to do foot while listening to the radio while Ghost Blows!"

Oliver has the edge: "join +1, while their feet while listening to Ghost Blows!"

Monkeys eat peach: "join +1, while their feet while listening to Ghost Blows!"

Beep miles of it then: "Keep +1 join in formation, while their feet while listening to Ghost Blows!!"

Professional film: "I came undermine the formation.Refuses to accept you bite me. "

III tiger white hair: "upstairs B, do not let me see you in the vicinity of the Third!"

Cool Kogusu brother: "There is no professional film! Who knows where these goods stall film, my little brother with him tomorrow to collect protection money!"

Professional film: "Hey, labor network called professional film, but the film is not really, you can find me to hum rogue?.!."

The truth Dili: "I said, ye shall not find microblogging Profile luminous host of a problem with the thing?"

Rhythm: "Introduction: JX radio host (personally by the small series confirmed that this person poisonous tongue mouth gun wonderful one!) Haha.!"

Runaway is too small: "ah le luminous matter how offended microblogging small series yet!??"

Do not eat pumpkin eating watermelon: "Ha ha ha ha, killing me how much hatred.?"

I love you a million years: "Qiazhiyisuan, there must be a story."

Somewhere: "I loved!"

Zaguomaitie: "Please explain host!"

Hundred Thousand Whys: "to seek the truth, to tell the whole story Introduction!."

Wind and rice flower: "seeking truth +1."

To love: "seeking truth +1."

Beep miles of it then: "seeking truth + 1, @ professional film you dare to damage the formation we really human flesh you!"

Professional film: "...... Who says I want to destroy the formation, I would like to know why, seeking the truth +!"

Passerby: "Haha, upstairs chastened, +1 seeking the truth."

Downstairs black: "seeking truth +10086"


Luminous looked microblogging message, the music.

User really is a group of people than the most joyous funny!

Take a look at the hot search list, Ghost Blows topic also went to the top, which received one, of course, what places are not lack of mouse droppings bad porridge, calling him also has some of these comments, luminous selective automatic filtered.

Ghost blowing lights, really fire, this beyond doubt. Luminous very happy, after all, this is his first step into the entertainment business, the first thing works. Can be supported by so many friends, he had no reason not to happy about?

Introduction thing for the majority of users seeking the truth, luminous thought, sent a text:

"I thank you for the" support of Ghost Blows, "the introduction to my micro-blog thing, I also very angry, but this thing actually I have a responsibility. Noted.

Yesterday staff microblogging give me a call, I thought it was a telephone fraud, then said something not very good, it might be some staff who feel wronged so just spoof my profile bar. I said roughly as follows: I do not buy nor sell, not rent, do not buy do not buy the insurance fund, not a credit card loans no, not to learn English do not buy Amway does not lecture, nor does beauty salons. You do not tell me what the good news that I have won, ended the moment I have been in a 678.9 million, plus seven sports, real estate nine. Qin Shi Huang died two thousand years is not fraud dead, Zionist plan blends Chiang Kai I do not want my parents on my side, no friend was kidnapped, has just resigned, no money, no work, you do not have it in me to make phone charges fee!Account of the death of a liar. Well, start your show! "

"I also solemnly and microblogging staff time and contact me in this apology, I hope I will be able to respect the microblogging microblogging Introduction to modify over as soon as possible. Thank you!"

This microblogging is the luminous micro Boga V issued the first microblogging, microblogging has just sent out, there is an instant message to the users.

JX soil restaurant: "Haha, killing me, comic-turned-host said it?"

Armed crab: "absolutely simply no way out of the Qin Shi Huang died two thousand years is not fraud dead, Chiang Kai-Zionist plan I do not want this SB blend fraud routines I have come across, but there are people who will!! believe it? "

Sad little fox: "very serious to tell you, there!"

Eat walnuts: "very serious to tell you, really, I was one of them, so now my mother every day, forced me to eat walnuts, brain!"

Kelp: "distressed upstairs."

Potatoes: "I want to know, at that time microblogging Xiao Bian heard these words when the heart shaded area."

Fried green pepper chili: "Ha ha ha, so funny, after reading this, saying the decision had to do micro-Bo Xiao Bian very much, but I think now is the host deserved ah, ha ha, less mouth to blame!"

Iced watermelon: "I have recited, after having called me a liar in the harassing phone calls, I use these words hate it to death (it is not a typo, not a person a liar, lie hard-earned money!)"

Night is young: "Yes, yes to learn!!"

Wind and rice flower: "You have learned to start with the show ha ha, the sentence must be visually precipice into a network buzzwords!..."

To love: "Ha ha, the host also want him to change microblogging introduction, in my opinion, to keep it."

Downstairs black: "Right must keep keep!!!"

Somewhere: "I loved!"

Hundred Thousand Whys: "Ha ha, to keep this brief introduction, look at micro-Bo also the only one Yeah, keep and more domineering!!"

Rhythm: "concurred strongly recommended microblogging keep (personally by the small series confirmed that this person poisonous tongue mouth gun wonderful one!) This introduction!."

The only selfish: "seconded +1"

World because of you: "seconded +1"


She said I was dead old man: "seconded +10086"


Luminous looked comments microblogging users, a black forehead line.

What people are ah!

Well, no matter, out of sight out of mind.

Off the post, luminous and brush the brush microblogging, microblogging suddenly see a micro-Bo Liu Ruyan also into the hot search.

Point to open.

No other content, the whole message of its own poem, read yesterday is the luminous pool Liu smoke listen to that song.

"See and not see."

"You see me or not, I was there, not sad not happy."

"You read or do not read me, love is there, not to go."

"Do you love or do not love me, love is there, not to rise."

"You're with me, or with me, my hand is in your hands, left not abandon."

"Come into my arms."


"Let me live in your heart."

"Silent love."

"Silent joy."

Liu pool cigarette is slightly broad V, ShuJiu more than ten million fans. This "see and not see" an issue, the message area is very busy.

Liu diehard Goddess: "The sofa is mine!"

Powder life: "! Wow Liu poetry goddess actually will be."

Ordinary Miss: "Good beautiful poem, written by really good."

Looking back suddenly a dream: "Liu goddess was great!"

Left hand reflection: "such a beautiful poem, Liu goddess really write it?"

Dominate the cold: "Upstairs say is nonsense of course, is our home Liu wrote goddess!!"

A hastily: "Support the goddess Liu Liu poetry goddess awesome!!"

The sky constellation: "It's too beautiful a modern poem really good too fond of..!"

Catching life and death: "We have to go back and read it to memorize the evening listening to support Liu girlfriend goddess!.!"


Luminous watching this microblogging, fingers crossed against commuting, Shen surface water, do not know what to think.

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