My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XIV see and not see

Chapter XIV see and not see

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Luminous also know that Liu pool cigarette will not believe, just smiled, then said, "I will give you the poem read it, is you favorite a previous life. Called" see and not see. ""

Liu is not so luminous pool cigarette answer, soulful pool looked Liu smoke, opening: "You see me or not, I was there, not sad not happy."

"You read or do not read me, love is there, not to go."

"Do you love or do not love me, love is there, not to rise."

"You're with me, or with me, my hand is in your hands, left not abandon."

A section of the luminous remembered, look reveals a strong love to smoke in the eyes of Liu pool, and a trace of sadness and helplessness, although luminous can determine, Liu pool cigarette is his dream wife in the world, but after all, two of the world one is ordinary to accompany his wife Masonic storm, but it is a popular CETV of days.

Liu pool cigarette hands under the table restless churning, some shortness of breath, chest heaving.

Luminous sound increasingly deep, very emotional.

"Come into my arms."


"Let me live in your heart."

"Silent love."

"Silent joy."

This poem is Tashi Ram lot of work, "see and not see," the poem is not a rhetoric, only the starkness of emotion, just not how things transform his love is always the same love that is there , as the stars of heaven, even suffered a lot are everlasting.

This poem is a luminous dream world wife's favorite poem. In this world is not, luminous read out at this time, one of Liu show their love of the world and smoke pool unwavering. The second is this poem also reveals a kind of love, longing and frustration, it is in line with their current state of mind.

After all, the dream world and his wife Liu smoke is not exactly the same pool of a person, but she is now high above the days ah, for her own, it's just a stranger.

Liu smoke pool listening to noctilucent read the complete poem, rub it stood up, chest ups and downs, tears had beautiful eyes looked deeply luminous look, then grabbed some confusion bags, sunglasses masks, escape You may also wish to have to leave the hotel.

Her heart, some trouble.

Luminous did not catch, a wry smile, the waiter just came in, was a young boy, luminous and somewhat depressed, complete account, the waiter asked: "? There is no smoke."

Waiter froze for a moment, took out a half pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed a luminous, luminous and help start her machine lit a cigarette.

"Thank you!" Luminous said thank you, and then severely suck, let the smoke in the lungs in a circle and then spit it out.

Luminous will smoke, but generally do not smoke, do not like his wife a dream world to smoke, so he will not smoked.

His heart is now a mess, some upset, but he did not know how to do, he would like to take something to numb myself, his first thought was wine, but think we need to do live shows at night, and if drunk can on the villain, so you should ask a waiter for a cigarette, in fact, no role to play, when the right to give yourself a psychological comfort it.Luminous return to the radio when almost eight o'clock, did not say what the big guy, the one he had nothing to do live, and secondly, there are Li Delong when luminous background, and radio host usually go to work in Taiwan, where time is relative to loose points, though working hours are fixed, except when necessary work and must be broadcast at other times others will not control what you do.

Luminous some unsettled, seated, turn on the host computer examination training materials, but he did not mind how it would read on. Point to open Baidu, in the search box Qiaoxia Liu words pool smoke.

Many Baidu news about Liu pool of smoke, luminous knew her before, but did not take the initiative to find out about.

Liu pool smoke, Han nationality, female, 27 years old, singer and three sacrifice artist, 16-year-old participating, 17-year-old debut in a pure and noble known, 25-year-old was closed days, centuries old club last year and the media had a falling out because of contract issues, in recent years, reduce exposure, a significant decline in popularity.

Glow in the online search for the information pool Liu smoke, more and more surprised, personal manager Liu pool of powerful do not smoke, is simply able to out book.

Field service Pharaoh came over, a look luminous computer, Xiaohe said: "yo, you like willow goddess ah."

Luminous smiled, in a tone not say what it said, "ah, love."

Liu smoke pool was driving on the road, with the car phone and dialed a number, "Help me tonight given a ticket back to BJ ......"

Night, half past eleven, the stream to start.

Luminous is then Ghost Blows story goes on to say live luminous when some unsettled, in fact, many places are talking about some flaws and mistakes, but after all, there have been no Ghost Blows in this world, no one can find.

A half-hour soon perfect ending, live tonight but added nothing surprising places, just part of the phone interact with the audience to charge a lot more, a dozen telephone connected to a luminous, mostly praise Ghost Blows well, a good program to do the like. Of course, this is a state in the entire program set to see the most hope.

Morning, Liu returned to the pool of smoke BJ's house.

Liu gave Liu pool smoke shortly before the plane made a phone call my mother, my mother has not slept willow, willow pool to keep smoke doors.

"How so late to come back?" Liu Liu mother took the bag pool of smoke, "hungry, my mother gave you cook a noodle."

Liu pool cigarette shook his head:. "Mom No, I'm not hungry at night to eat more than enough."

Liu mother did not insist that his daughter pour a glass of white water, "how little baggage with no, come back for a few days?"

"Ming left."

"So soon?" Mom looked puzzled Liu Liu pool smoke.

"Ah, I was back to see your."

Liu skeptical mother nodded, then asked: "? Smoke children, is not what happened."

"I did not what happened ah." Liu pool cigarette shook his head.

"I all right?"

"Nothing really!"

Liu mother ah the road, "Nothing like, what do you want and mom, late, you go wash go to bed early."

Liu pool smoke nodded, smiled and said: "ah, Mom, you go to sleep,It was late. "

Liu mother smiled and nodded, got up and walked to the room.

"Mom." Liu Liu mother stopped smoking pool, "Tonight I can sleep with you do?"

Liu mother turned and looked at her daughter, smiled a gentle smile:. "Good"

Middle of the night, the room mother and daughter spooned. Occasionally still hear the softly raving.

"Mom. Are you asleep?"


"Mom, do you believe in fate?"


"Today I met a man, I feel a very strange man."



"you like him?"

"No ...... but ......"

"but what?"

"I feel I would marry him, from seeing his first start, I kind of strong feeling that I could ... ... would later marry him."


"Mom. I was a mess, I was a mess."

Liu Liu mother head in silence pool smoke.

"Fate, the fate of this world, there is no early second, and no later than one second, only in that moment, when I look at you, you recognize me! So love, affection is all about. Fate, are you going round turn when turn a few laps, still can not escape fate. Do not be afraid, do not escape, is not going to insist, can not figure out when to go to follow your heart, it will tell you God's schedule. "

"Mom ......" Liu Liu pool smoke hugged her mother, her head buried in her arms.

"What is his name."

Liu pool smoke thought, "I do not know." Well, it seems luminous from start to finish did not say his name, Liu pool smoke did not ask.

"What do you do?"

"do not know."

"how old are you?"

"I do not know, looking very young."

"You do not know?"

"He ...... he ......" Liu pool smoke thought, nothing really seems to know, finally Biechu, "he can eat."


That night, because of a strike through, three people sleep, willow pond smoke, Liu mother, and Glow.

At 34 o'clock stumbled fell asleep luminous ringtones are awakened.

Luminous gas has been getting, "Hey! Who!"

"Little night. Not awake yet?" To the phone is Li Delong.

Luminous Li Delong hear the voice, "ah, Uncle Li ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I get that a little gas, a little attitude is not good, forgive me."

Li Delong not angry, on the contrary very happy, "Little night, to tell you good news! Particularly good news."

"What good news?" Luminous smiles, "Uncle Li lottery in your friends? Ready halves with me?"

"Go to your kid. No one is OK. Guess what good news."

Luminous without thinking replied:. "Things show it."

Li Delong Hey cry, "It seems that your kid a few ah!"

"Show fire! Ghost lights blew up!" Li Delong excited, "the first ah! First! Stalls at night, listen to the rate actually the first row! The voice traffic, entertainment and music broadcast new situation list three flagship program gave pressure any longer!"

Luminous little dumbfounded, "Uncle Li that you say is true? No kidding?"

"I'm kidding with you! Program really fire! You own the Internet to see it, and now the Internet are talking about go again!"

And he broke off a few pull, hang up the phone. Luminous quickly jumped down from the bed.

Open the Sundance Kid notebook.

Power in ......

Power in ......

Power is still in ......

Secretly made very luminous, Madeleine! And so on are being paid first time for the computer!

In fact, luminous also feel a little strange. Ghost Blows is a good work, it is beyond doubt, can fire certainly no problem, and this has been confirmed in a dream world over. But the late-night shift can overwhelm the flagship program? It's a bit so that he can not believe it.

Luminous hard pinch pinch his arm.

Ah, the pain!

"Labor is sick, why so hard!"

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