My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter Thirteen days after your meal

Chapter Thirteen days after your meal

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Some strange woman looked luminous, write too far to go, seemed to hesitate.

Luminous tone reveals a pleading, he said again:. "It is very important to me."

Women did not speak, turned his head and looked luminous, slowly took off the sunglasses, long eyelashes, big eyes, beautiful eyes. Then slowly take off the masks, a beautiful delicate white face appeared in front of the luminous.

Luminous watching goes on pretty face, no one thought to enjoy the beautiful face goes, only full of joy. And eyes burst out of love.

is her! is her! is her!

Children in front of people's minds luminous slowly and can not remember how the people who look like children coincidence, the final blend.

Luminous finally think of it, dream world, his wife's appearance!

And just this woman's identity has made him very surprised, because she was - Liu pool smoke CETV days!

But Luminous also find it strange, Liu pool smoke in the entertainment flush half of the sky, luminous've seen I do not know once and again on television, but seen on TV, he did not feel unusual anywhere. But when he saw a real person, even if it is a back, allowing him to have a heart induction, when witnessed her appearance, luminous can conclude that she is! She is the wife of luminous dream world!

Luminous smile. Grinning to not look at the pool Liu smoke blankly smile.

"Well, nothing, I go first." Willow pool to avoid the smoke luminous burning eyes said.

Luminous grinning at her blankly nodded.

Liu pool again put on sunglasses smoke masks, he turned away, luminous react Willow pool to go smoke, quickly said:. "And so on."

Liu smoke pool looking back at him.

Luminous smiles: "I want to eat three cups of chicken, to go with you?"

Three cups of chicken is one of the most smoke willow pond like to eat vegetables, luminous remember the dream world all preferences wife, but did not know his wife Liu smoke and pools of this world dream world is not the same preferences.

Willow pool invite a stranger smoke of course it will not so easily agree, that this denial, but not mouth heart, inexplicable sentence: "Well." Blurted out.

Liu pool smoke also find it very strange how it himself promised? I wanted back on, but luminous has opened the door to her Pidianpidian the co-pilot. Liu did not smoke anything in the pool, she said quietly on the train.

Three cups of chicken it, for a long time without food, and a bit greedy. But, how I promised him then? Liu pool smoke puzzled.

Drove away two streets, luminous found a fairly elegant hotel environment, a time when the hotel lobby people find many, luminous boss promised to triple the package costs between the boss gave him Teng between a Xiaoya.

When ordering, luminous did not ask opinions pool Liu smoke, I did not see the menu, going three cups mouth chicken, sweet and sour fish, land vegetables ran eggs, Fried cabbage four dishes are a dream world favorite wife.

Point of a meal when the luminous react, he had a dream world and his wife Liu smoke equate the pool, but in the end not the same person.

So, luminous embarrassed scratched his head, asked: "Excuse me, I forgot to ask what you eat, what you eat?We change. "

Liu did not pick pool smoke masks, fear of being recognized waiter, picked sunglasses, his eyes looked strange luminous, softly:. "No, on the right, very good."

Luminous Lok said: "too le!"

Liu pool cigarette does not speak, luminous do not know what to say, only to find topics dryly.

Luminous hand stays on the table, resting his chin, has been looking at the pool Liu smoke, it seems that how can not get enough, even with a large willow pond smoke masks, and Willow pool smoke do not look at him, sometimes four eyes looked out of time and burning eyes luminous touch together will quickly escape.

"You do not look at me." Willow pool smoke a little unbearable.

"Oh." Luminous mouth should be the one, not the eyes but also how to move on, "how do you as a star."

"Ah?" Liu smoke some doubts pool Enliaoyisheng.

Luminous react, "uh, I forgot, you have been to the star."

Liu pool should be the one touch of smoke, she now regret, how inexplicable and just do not know the name of strange men meet together to eat ah?

"You had to like the spotlight, when the star is not surprising." Luminous spoke again.

"So?" Liu smoke pool was very surprised, very surprised and turned away and looked luminous look, come into contact with his hot gaze time and feeling a bit much, quickly dodge open.

"Ah!" Also knocked the head, "I say nonsense of it, to see a little Koubuzeyan big star."

Liu pool smoke profound and looked at the eyes slightly luminous look, not speak.

Luminous does not speak, it is a slight smile, blankly staring at the pool Liu smoke.

Liu smoke neck torsional side of the pool, have some acid, but they do not dare turn around. Dignified days after the class big star, but was luminous eyes looking ill at ease.

It may be paid three times the luminous-inclusive reasons, luminous the dish soon on Qi.

Three cups of chicken, sweet and sour fish, land vegetables ran eggs, Fried cabbage.

This hotel chef craft good, some dishes will sell not hear, watching an appetite.

Did not want wine, nor to drink, luminous directly called the waiter a big bowl of rice.

Began to eat!

Luminous hungry one afternoon, boosted appetite. Willow pool to help smoke a bowl of rice, and handed her, she took off the mask smoke willow pool, exposing delicate face, luminous and softly said "thank you."

Liu pool smoke seems to be very hungry, plus they are her favorite food to eat, eat up buried, luminous eat while Liu also did not forget to greet pool cigarette eat this, eat that. See Liu pool cigarette small population of small mouth as polite as pie eating, take their food very low frequencies, luminous very enthusiastic to help Willow pool their food smoke, see smoke Liu pool some find it too small eyes, awkward retracted chopsticks.

Then Liu pool smoke has become particularly obedient, delicious luminous say which let him eat her own hands to take their food immediately, not at all rude, mainly he was afraid that if he does not take their food and then rushing to help her luminous Cook clip.

Two bites, you'll feel a luminous had two bowls of rice, willow pond smoke also finished a bowl of rice luminous Sheng. See Liu pool luminous smoke bowl is empty, indicating willow pond smoke bowl to him.

In rice luminous side, Liu pool with less smoke enough sitting,I did not refuse, to say thank you to the bowl handed over, and then just about to say less luminous Sheng little bowl is enough. I saw luminous bowl of rice Sheng has been good, and gave her a smile. Liu pool smoke silently took it, look to the luminous eyes of increasingly strange.

Wife of appetite luminous dream world is very clear, it has been fixed at home are basically a bowl of rice, eat in the hotel when the hotel is probably because the jobs are slightly smaller, but more rice dish that usually eat a bowl half.

Liu pool smoke after eating bowl of rice, very satisfied Fangxiawankuai, out of a pack of wipes from the bag, wiped his mouth and hands. Then wipes square-shaped folded aside.

Luminous also buried in the eating, hungry for him today, but, today met Liu pool cigarette, he was happy! Celebrate get much to eat two bowls of rice!

Liu pool circulation of smoke beautiful eyes looked luminous buried bitter to eat, I do not know what to think. Luminous occasionally look to see Liu Liu pool cigarette smoke at his pool, not saying anything. Naturally hehe smile.

While, luminous finally eat well. Filling of water, and swallowed the food in his mouth, wiped his mouth luminous picked up wipes.

"That ..." Liu pool luminous smoke want to stop, but it was too late, she goes wipes are used.

"Full of." Luminous met feel the stomach, then smiled and asked Liu pool cigarette: "? You eat yet."

Liu smoke Enliaoyisheng pool, some red face, he actually just wipe your mouth with your used wipes. This ...... What is this? Indirect kiss yet?

Four dishes a bowl of rice, are luminous and willow smoke wipe out the pool, of course, most of them are into the stomach luminous, "the cook craft store is also good, next time I try to take you to your favorite sour soup and beef head of opium-like how they do. "

Liu smoke some silent pool, next time you want to have? Anyhow, their own days after the class character ah, yes you can think about about it? How to listen to his tone like eating and drinking as usual and simple. Also, how he knows I like sour soup and beef head of opium? Also, why he just ordered three cups of chicken, sweet and sour fish, land vegetables ran eggs, Fried cabbage which also happens to be all they like to eat?

And why at this time the man appeared to himself as a kind of shock throbbing? How they themselves baffled and he promised to come to dinner? He seemed to know how to feel yourself? I like to eat what he knew himself how much he actually knew appetite. A coincidence?

He seemed very familiar with their own, and he looked at his eyes, intense love really can not even let him in the eye and, after all, days after Liu pool smoke-class people, knowledgeable people contacts and more, others see in his eyes that he was resolved out, her eyes luminous look is not the same as a big fan of, nor is it simple to enjoy, but not insignificant obscene. It is like watching a loved one's favorite general nature. This look, Liu smoke only in the pool three people who felt, her parents, and her brother, but her family and people look a little different. In the end where the smoke is not the same pool Liu also describe not answer.

Many questions to Liu pool of smoke could not resist, "the...... "Liu pool smoke suddenly discovered that she did not know his name," we met before? "

Luminous looked puzzled her.

Think of their own identity days, Liu pool smoke added the sentence: "I am not on the media we used to know it or seen it.??"

Luminous stunned for a moment, then smiled and nodded solemnly.

"Where?" Asked Liu pool smoke quickly.

Luminous thought, and then very seriously replied: "!. Previous life you are my angel, I am your knight."

Liu pool smoke obvious look of disbelief. But hear luminous say such explicit words, she had some rapid heartbeat, reddish ears.

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