My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XII shown signs

Chapter XII shown signs

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"Ahem! Ahem Ahem." Chen Jie choke him.

"Chen, okay? When drinking a little slower." Li Delong stopped all discussion topics and concerns road.

Chen Jie waved their hands, "Well, Keke, all right, all right, just do not accidentally choked a bit, station, you continue and you continue."

Conference continued.

Some looked amazing luminous Chen Jie, Chen Jie felt luminous eyes, back a puzzled look.

Chen Jie pointed luminous notebook.

Okay, the slightest meeting did not remember the contents of the notebook, he drew a crooked hellokitty.

Luminous against Chen Jie hollow laugh a little mischievous wink.

Chen Jie was very silent, this stock is a talent Yeah, so just play like, really seriously thought he heard it. But also a nod, but also suddenly realized, is taking notes, who knows that all the goods are loaded. Nima also drew a hellokitty, himself finally choked laugh, but drinking water is still choke him.

Chen Jie shabu write down his words in his notebook, and then pushed over to the side of the luminous quietly.

A luminous look askance.

Big oops.

Notebook reads: loaded too much like an actor when you do not pity.

"Liu eighty-one teacher retirement procedures have been run, but also away from the formal resignation ten days time."

One comes to the old Liu, playing a luminous spirit.

"This is the program late at night story has always been eighty-one teacher Liu presided over, though the night shift, the program received so far has been not very good, but the program still has a reputation with the signature, Taiwan, where this show is still very great importance and it will not be easily dismissed, so the next night we discussing story of who receives more appropriate. "

The speaker was Li Delong, Li Delong finished only slightly paused, then said: "I think, comrades good luminous, presided over yesterday's remarkable, took over late-night story, no problem, I propose that it took over from the luminous comrades. "

Some people silence. Deadpan, all wondering in their hearts.

"I think it is not right ......" The speaker was radio director, regarded as second in command of the station, named Yang Yang, director then said:. "Comrade luminous capacity is a good young, energetic but luminous comrades after all come two days, the job is not familiar with the business. Moreover, the one on the program, we will inevitably make Shoudexia heart of the old staff some ideas. "

"Yeah yeah."

"I agree with Yang, director of view."

There are several sitting together and should.

"I'd choose someone, say it to your information." Yang, director continued, "I Shoudexia man named editor Rui Xu, the editorial work done more than a year, the parties to Taiwan, where all sides are also working familiar, humble, practical work, have the ability. I think, by him to pick the most suitable Liu's class. "

"Rui Xu really good."

"Yes, I am also very optimistic about him."

Luminous carefully observed a moment, and still be a few people.

For Yang took over as program director to take the lead against his luminous things do not feel anything, after all, he knew, to the time is too short,Seniority is really too shallow.

But Li Delong face is dark. Heart simmering fire that he was pledged almost luminous boldly and say let him on the show, have to this point, and if out of the question, where to put myself that old head? Moreover, the matter is not everyone acquiesced Well, a night light to Li Delong gave you hit a shot, followed by another and you have Director, Deputy Director, the show's producers are all eleven alluding to the attitude, the tentative tone, then you do not have acquiesced Well, now is the trouble that?

In fact, it would be luminous and Li Delong own photos into sin.

Originally, the story is a late night the night bottom of the file, the big guys are not watching on receiving this program, I will not speak can not do, at least you have to painstakingly. Regarded as dispensable tasteless, tasteless gesture, since the opening of the radio station long, that we will easily push the boat to sell personal situation.

But this is different from past Yeah, today's results will be the story of the night really scared of you sitting in the jump, sixth, in addition to one hundred twenty-three unshakeable program, other programs are not in competition four hundred fifty-six thing. Sixth is already a very good score. So, some people wanted to take some active again. A late-night shift bottom sixth of the night and a file can not be compared, the former can say to radio stations face a long one, do not do it, and the latter is how should fight a war, and can grip their own hands better and better.

Li Delong beginning of today's meeting specifically to read a bit rank each program, originally wanted to show what ability luminous mean: Look, luminous comrades took up the program ranked it so much.

Who knows, but is self-defeating, so that some people sitting in the middle of the night the idea of ​​playing this profile.

There is a program-makers are also slowly opening: "Little Night comrade has just come, ability is very good, but still should first learn more about understanding our table in the job Well I think, ah, the night shift presided over by a person or should find. Qualifications old man took over, my personal choice, as editor of seven groups, editorial work has been done in 2056, and is very familiar with the business, solid foundation, mature, very fit. "

"I also have candidates to recommend ......"

"I have it too......"

Several producers have you come to me said that he had recommended his men are employees.

Five or six people rushes to the dispute for a moment, refused to give the scene a little deadlocked.

Li Delong knock on the table, said: "I look at this issue of late-night hosts file we discussed 1:30 would set out who is good, the line, do not fight all the teacher Liu eighty-one make small temporary yesterday night to save the market, explained Liu. the teacher is still very recognized the ability of small night, and Liu is Taiwan, where older employees, a veteran, views old comrades we still have to respect thing. Moreover, small night's performance out there, we have seen, the line in no particular order, who has the capacity will come on! I think this show is just a small night took it. "

Of course people do not agree, and rushes to argue, and the scene was bustling.

Finally, Li Delong cold face, said: "Since we were not agreed,That show host this thing in the next meeting, however, Liu eighty-one teacher is still in the hospital, no one program can not do, I think so, let small temporary top night a few days, just to test the ability to test him, until the next meeting of the unified opinion of you, determine who will take over the program at the small down for the night. "

Toll stations have said this sake, no matter how thought, the next face to face or give the. Besides, late at night stalls have sprung up everywhere, is not a flash in the pan do not know, but now they could not fight results, rather than give the other person, otherwise also placed first on the radio long hands, and if this show is really the fire, after not a bad idea in the long-term perspective.

What is a producer also I want to say some did not give up, Li Delong is a cross-eye, quickly retracted his neck.

The meeting finally over.

Luminous throughout the entire conference did not say a word, but also nothing to say, low-bit micro others, only need to obey the leadership arrangements just fine, in fact, the entire conference will then be able to say that a fixed number of people speaking the same language, others are Minato number.

Noon luminous eaten too much, again in a hurry in the afternoon, luminous gastronomy has been in protest, and one at the time, 17:51, has been going to work.

No matter, anyway, I came already clocked up, go out to dinner, day the earth, eat the biggest!

Down the stairs, go out.

Just out of the building, a kind of luminous whole body suddenly flick, like being a little electricity, a kind of speechless feeling. This feeling luminous day before to catch come to work, they also experienced a.

Luminous stopped, looked around them.

Luminous glanced around, then look to stay in the side parking lot next to the woman of her flower beds.

Women cover their very tight, wearing a long coat, a mask with sunglasses, an elegant straight hair.

When the work day is raglan, but after the woman, who called her was luminous, but in the end did not speak.

Although separated by dark glasses, luminous eyes can not see the woman, but he also felt she looked at him, eye contact, trance seems to have had some kind of chemical reaction.

Luminous looking woman noticed him, and then some confusion, turned away, as if to go.

Luminous catch up without thinking.

From the front door to the parking lot and not too far away, but also a little distance, the woman had opened the door.

Luminous tearing, he was anxious, he had always felt, if not just let her go, he will regret it.

That day, he had missed once.

See the woman get on the bus, luminous anxious shouted: "!! Hello, etc."

Woman heard the cries luminous, covered with thrill, leaning on the door, but did not get on, there is no turning back.

"Wait." Luminous finally arrived.

Probably run some urgency, luminous, breathing took a few breaths, then what to say, but his tongue, she says a: "You ......" then stuck the throat like a general, do not know what to say.

Luminous and no strange woman approached the experience, and now he's particularly fast heartbeat, usually feel silly bold he was tense at this moment.

Woman slowly turned,She looked down at him, "There is ... Something wrong?" The woman's voice is very crisp, very nice.

"I ......" luminous like a fool, unable to speak, but nodded and shook his head.

"You are here to work?" The woman asked.

Luminous nod, has been looking at the woman.

Women seem to be luminous eyes stare somewhat cramped, eyes some dodge, "nothing else to do, I left." The woman said we should turn on the car.

Luminous anxious, stuttering problems seems to look good, "and so on."

Woman stopped, looked at him somewhat puzzled.

"Excuse me, can you let me see your face?" She said luminous seems to feel a bit presumptuous, then stammered, "No ... I ... I ... I have no other meaning ... ... I'm not a rogue ..... ... you ... you do not misunderstand. "

"Oh." Luminous yourself a pumping her mouth, stuttered a good, deep voice, "I'm sorry, I know presumptuous, but it is very important to me."

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