My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter XI corporate meetings

Chapter XI corporate meetings

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Luminous also some wonder how microblogging hey would somehow give him V of it? Although the radio station in his own work, but a few days before going Yeah, yesterday also temporarily save the market has been a guest host Yeah, when micro Boga V so simple? Micro Boga V basically equivalent to public figures belong to you, and they have a few kilograms two luminous He knew what must have happened, otherwise microblogging can not give their own inexplicable increase the V.

No, not on the microblogging to see, in the end what is the situation.

Get up, turn on the computer.

Luminous computer is a laptop, bought some years, configure the low, slow, basically the same as the bully. From start to log on to it, and it took six minutes.

A sign in it, and you see their account luminous original nickname has become a night light luminous real name, and even went behind the icon of a yellow V.

"Hey, efficiency really fast."

Looking at a profile, luminous anger and joy.

Description: JX radio host (personally by the small series confirmed that this person poisonous tongue mouth gun wonderful one!)

Luminous amount of help speechless.

There are so introducer is not? Complaints! Got to the complaint, this is not a knock trampled people there.

Retribution ah, they are retribution.

Opening the hot microblogging search, luminous one saw such a micro-blog, suddenly understood why. Originally, the live thing yesterday was sent to the micro-Bo, also was surprised to be on top of the hot search!

"Late night live radio twists and turns, the host to save games and save! "It is reported that last night in the Pro JX radio station broadcast time, the original host eighty-one was rushed to hospital because of physical discomfort, luminous moderator stepped in, to give us a very exciting ghost story -" Ghost Blows. "

"Ghost Blows" The landlord also online to find a moment, but did not find the source, and any similar work, should be original. Plot moving, with great accuracy, thrilling, penetrating, one climax after another, the picture scenes are vivid, distinctive personalities, supporting characters will be reasonable, Tomb novels first of its kind! Honestly, the landlord has been in love with this masterpiece.

During the live, interactive sessions on the phone, I received an unwilling host luminous reading, and family disputes night runaway rebellious student telephone happen. At the time, listening to the broadcast of this hug is really worried ah, middle of the night, one o'clock, a high school girl ran away from home, if encountered riffraff how to do? In case things too hard to do something stupid how to do? Fortunately, the host luminous eloquent, some thought-provoking Watch people and then let the girls realize their mistakes, and ultimately return home safely. (To host applause)

The so-called prodigal son, I hope after this girl can study hard and study hard.

Here is the host of the girls said in remarks landlord let feelings of some of the most: children, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you score compared with others, but because I hope you will have a choice of the future the right to choose a meaningful, there is time to work, rather than being forced to make a living. When your work makes sense in your heart, you have a sense of accomplishment. When you give your work time, do not deprive your life,You have dignity.

The landlord has these words in mind, after the kids go to school and said to him!


This microblogging has been issued, many users have a message, actually religious ties to the top of the hot microblogging search.

Message in a micro-blog is very lively.

White Rabbit: "sofa."

Patting eat cucumber: "My big powerful presided over!"

Nanchang rice: "I listen to the entire broadcast last night, have to say, Ghost Blows, really good."

Gian also rice: "The story good listening, I'm hiding in bed listening to, and I almost did not find Ma Ma."

Ganzhou must have rice: "This is the best ghost story I've heard no one feels this should be a long, obviously not the end of yesterday, a day after I have insisted on listening to Ghost Blows!!!"

Shangrao not have chicken rice: "One word: nice!"

There is Jingdezhen Ceramic: "upstairs do not know the number I despise, but I agree with the viewpoint," Ghost Blows "Awesome!"

Fairy Lake is the most beautiful: "I did not hear the broadcast, a good ghost Blows bad I do not know, but the host said that those remarks are really good!"

Four Seasons Yichun: "host said it best, have to say, now that some kids just do not want to read, reading useless."

Later: "My children do not want to read, alas, really let us as parents to worry about."

Blossom: "Quick moderator luminous learn to say, go back and educate your baby!."

Nile monsters: "has been transcribed."

Big hammer: "Support Moderator Support Ghost Blows!!"


Luminous look, the music, microblogging Introduction of thing go on.

Look and see, to great acclaim. People's eyes are sharp, sharp drops! No wonder microblogging to add V, thank the majority of users!

Off it, and I looked at the luminous open systems Hey, prestige value rose to 26970, and can draw almost twice the prize. Really surprise ah, today regarded as a double celebration, micro Boga V, and beat out fame, prestige and value also rose by more than 20,000. Luminous satisfied.

Afternoon, night on the couch nap, Li Delong phone calls came, let him go early to the radio today, there will be open.

Half past four p.m., luminous arrived at the radio station.

Sat not long, Li Delong on the smiley face coming. Luminous two days because it is the cause of the evening, and Li Delong work just stagger the time, the two have not played face to face.

Li Delong said with a smile: "?? Little Night, how work is not to adapt"

Luminous nodded, "very adaptive."

Li Delong Enleyisheng: "Adaptation like, last night I heard something, you do very well and so I will be meeting you can get a good praise praise.."

Chatted for a while, Li Delong led night light to a meeting with the.

Meeting people with a lot of Weeks Baba two dozen, mostly radio show host and project leader. Logically, luminous originally unable to attend this meeting, but the old Liu is still in the hospital, will make luminous came. Also, this is a signal to the public Li Delong everyone, old Liu later took over the position by luminous.

Beginning of the meeting,Li Delong sitting in the main seat, luminous sitting in the corner.

Li Delong hand holding a copy of the data, he said: "the beginning of the meeting, the first and inform you about the program we listen to the rate rankings yesterday."

"First, voice traffic."

"Second place, a new entertainment broadcast."

"Third, Billboard Music."

One to three ranking is basically no change, these three programs can be regarded as the mainstay of Taiwan, where the perennial top three ranking positions child, is Taiwan, where the flagship program.

Luminous also done some understanding, late-night story will show the ranking Although there is no bottom, but the basic position is the inverse of the.

Taiwan, where the program a total of 18 block, in addition to the three flagship program, other large and small shows are very competitive.

"Fourth." Li Delong continue to read, "emotional line."

"Fifth, clever mouth storytelling."

"Sixth." Li Delong time to read here, paused, "late-night story."

In the sitting of you I am somewhat surprised that spontaneously turned to see the luminous. All of a sudden air as if froze.

Faces, very young, this is the point then Lidelongqin old Liu Banzai people? I can not see what the place is surprisingly well, ordinary.

For the relationship between the luminous and Li Delong, Taiwan, where you are well aware, he received old Liu's class, the big guys have no opinion, most just Tucao about leadership fills abuse, after all, just listen to a late-night shift and the reciprocal program .

However, today it is ranked sixth, leaving aside the three flagship program aside, this is considered a third, ah! What, suddenly channeling a dozen fake, right? Coincidence?

Li Delong to face in the crowd to sit within sight, but did not say anything, since mindful of the rankings, "... the seventh eighth ..."

But sitting in the crowd did not mind listening to what is behind the idea of ​​Li Delong.

Finished ranking. Li Delong assured manuscript, smiley face, said: "Gentlemen recent results are pretty good, listening figures have risen, I hope you make persistent efforts, prudent, to make the program do better."

"Meanwhile, I want to focus on praise luminous comrades, what happened yesterday I believe we have heard, Liu eighty-one teacher because of health reasons, was rushed to hospital before the start of the program, luminous comrades Threatened battle, courage, has come up with." ghost Blows. "such good work, I saw it on the internet today, the audience rave reviews ah" Li Delong paused, continued: "As for the back of the phone interact with the accident, although the last thing on the bright side development but I hope you learn a lesson, and later in terms of audience interactive sessions, each program group to be vigilant and strict screening, to prevent such occurrence time! what happened yesterday was an accident, as we all know, but this accident , later to be avoided! here, I have to focus on gratitude luminous comrades, in this event, luminous comrades played a very good role in guiding, let things go good thing direction. according to no negative impact on Taiwan in. we luminous comrades to applaud. "

Sparse applause rang for a while.

Then there is the lengthy meeting, the luminous sitting in the corner hear foggy,Confused. What's the most annoying of the meeting, and he had just arrived a few days, not how familiar aspects, basically did not really understand what is said. Bumbling but also take a small notebook to write about painting took notes from time to time, they look very seriously.

Luminous is sitting beside a man named Chen Jie radio host, thirty-year-old man, luminous know him, Chen Jie program called: between cities, programs do neither good nor bad, ranking in Taiwan, where the program has been a decade It was hovering around.

Chen Jie did not much impression on the luminous, after all, is the first time I saw, saw the young man meeting when listening carefully, nodded from time to time to make a look, and occasionally made suddenly realized expression, most still kept in notebook carefully took notes on it. To see people, hear about some blush nap Chen Jie, taking advantage of the water when I looked sideways glance at the luminous little book.

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