My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter X micro Boga V

Chapter X micro Boga V

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While the other end of the phone is a long silence, luminous not in a hurry, too schematic Pharaoh field service do not cut off the telephone, quietly waiting for the girl's reaction.

Pharaoh palms have to sweat, silent prayer: Do not crash, do not crash, do not crash.

Listen to the program's audience did not feel that long and so very boring, tugging at heart are attentively listening, afraid to miss the next event development.

A few minutes later, the phone girl breathing getting heavy, and then began choking, and finally the girl began to wail.

Cried for a while, perhaps cried enough, and gradually, the girl stopped crying, but still choked voice trembling, "luminous brother, no, luminous teacher, Thank you! I never said such a thing humans, in school teachers will criticize me, my mother taught me, it will only punish me. I did not and have never said such a thing, and I did not never said such a thing ......

"Luminous teacher, thank you and thank you."

After listening to the words of luminous girl, mouth evoke a smile, "you want to know like, do not thank me, thank you I really want to go home soon, very late, your mother must be very worried about you."

"Ah! I go home now." Girls should go to, "Actually, I was downstairs in my house yet, I'm afraid I can not find my mother worry, I did not dare run away, on the ground floor, and if my mother to find out I went downstairs to find my friends. "

Luminous relieved.

Pharaoh and all the staff hanging in the heart finally put down.

Luminous smiled and said: "... Ah well-behaved, go home soon after study hard."

"Yes, I will! Night teacher Thank you! Goodbye!"


Hang up the phone.

"This is the story JX radio station late at night, that's the entire contents of today's program, thank you listening audience of friends, same time tomorrow, please stay tuned to our program, thank you, good night, good-bye!"

it is finally over.

Pharaoh and all the staff quickly around us, rushes say opened.

"Scared me, before Liu presided over so it did not come across such incidents do live."

"Who is not it, today is really not at peace."

"Yes ah, the twists and turns, with a roller coaster-like."

"Now my little heart thump thump also jump it."

"Today, thanks to a small night ah. Otherwise, I really do not know how to do."

"What little the night, the teacher called the night! Haha."

"Yes, yes! Night teacher, teacher night you too much."

"Yes ah, that part of why the study say it best. I've been down, and I'll go home and tell my son!"

"Little Night Good for you, today, thanks to you!"

Wang nodded: "Yes, thanks to a small night, or really bad how Comin end, peace is finally gone you do not know, this call came in when I was scared to death, had thought just a simple. phone, never thought a night away from home children, I pinched the cold sweat on the outside, for fear of pocket you live. If this girl got off the phone to show us what went wrong last,That made a big thing. Fortunately, fortunately! "Pharaoh field service lingering fear.

Then, against Pharaoh and operator reprimanded:! "How you going, what are inside the phone connection, and if the accident did not have to lose something happens, in the first stage you have to let you get out, the big guys are also It was followed by bad luck! "

The operator is a general appearance, very young girls, Pharaoh rebuked her, she did not dare talk back, only he kept nodding an apology, and we apologize.

"Yes, Xiao Xiao, how what phone are connected into it."

"Telephone screening of a little time to get serious ah, but fortunately not a thing."

"Responsible thing to do that, you come not a short time."

And everyone rushes to blame the operator Xiao Xiao Xiao Xiao also spade, can only continue and he kept the big guys an apology. She was actually quite depressing, just received a phone girl that when she listened also normal ah, who knows what will be out later this kind of thing. But it is not a prophet, alas, wronged ah.

See Xiao Xiao luminous operator chatter of the crowd was a little embarrassed, opening rescue, "This is not nothing thing. I think ah, this thing can not blame Shaw sister, the girl ran away from home to say he does not know who it is No, Moreover, I think that girl is very sensible, polite, but also very good, is somewhat rebellious adolescence. not out of anything. "

Xiao Xiao operator grateful looked luminous look.

Pharaoh waved his hand: "Well, are not around, and we all tired of a night all pack up and go home from work."

Go back home and find your mom.

After luminous home and found the living room lights on.

May be heard has happened, Dad came out of the room in his pajamas.

"Dad, it still up?"

"Asleep, I heard a movement, up and look at the way the solution of a hand."

Luminous Enliaoyisheng, "That's Dad, you go to bed early, I returned to the room."

Dad waved his hand, "ah, go, go to bed early."

Luminous nodded and went to the room, took a few steps and stopped, looked back and said:. "Dad, do not wait for me after you go to bed early, I'll be fine."

Dad did not speak, gently Enliaoyisheng.

Dad did not go to relieve themselves back into the house after luminous, off the living room lights will back room.

Mom in bed, rolled over, "come back?"

"came back."


Lights out, people interest.

Hang up the phone after saying the girl, the girl upstairs to go home.

Door ajar. Some timid girl opened the door, entered the room.

The girl's mother sat on the sofa, pushed open the door to see his daughter, seems like a conditioned reflex to get up, but eventually sat down, in the eyes of complex emotions, anger, anxiety, worry, pity.

Girls mother said nothing.

Girl tearful, tears in his eyes. Girl edged closer to his mother, stir fingers of both hands with each other. The last girl can not help, great big tears rolled down brush.

Mother got up, to the girl, the girl was in his arms.

"Just come back."

"Wow ~" currently holding the girl cry ... cry out loud, "Mom, I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ...... I'm sorry...... "girl crying while hugging mother kept saying sorry.

Mother hand stroking the girl's back: "Just come back."


The next day, luminous sleep Masaka, suddenly was awakened by the phone ringing.

He grabbed the phone: "Hello."

"Hello, good news to be notified to you that I have here is micro ..."

Snapped, luminous hung up the phone, "Madeleine, a good feel to the mix is ​​a liar, and after bedtime must remember to shut down!"

Stand up, another position, continue to sleep!

The phone rang again.

Just close your eyes luminous reluctance to pick up: "Hey ..."

"Hello, I am here ..."

"Liar! Go!"

Snapped! Or just that one voice, luminous decisive hang up. Rolling calf, I do not bother to sleep!

Over the phone, the staff microblogging a black line, what happens? For the first time I thought it was an accident, by chance, but the second, the phrase "liar, roll!" Red fruit is on her face, ah. What we like a liar now? Which, like it? And if people do not say, directly on the phone, I do not know how to understand what is respect ah? Good gas ah!

Gas return gas, the work still to do.

So, luminous phone rang a third time.

"Also allows people to sleep! Not bothersome trouble, endless is not it!" Luminous gas get up, walk slowly sat up.

Too, I do not sleep.

You let me sleep right.

Liar is not it.

OK, we on the bar!

Well not that hurt each other, who fear who!

Pick up the phone: "I do not buy nor sell, not rent, do not buy do not buy the insurance fund, not a credit card loans no, not to learn English do not buy Amway does not lecture, nor does beauty salons you do not tell me anything. the good news I won the lottery, ended the moment I have been in a 678.9 million, plus seven sports, real estate nine. Qin Shihuang died two thousand years is not fraud dead, Chiang Kai-shek's Zionist plan I do not want to blend my parents on my side, no friend was kidnapped, has just resigned, no money, no work, you do not let me in charge phone bills! cheat death a account of this. "against fraud and harassing phone calls is very luminous experienced, mouth came, "well, start your speech."

Phone "......"

If it is really telephone fraud, deal may also scolded Shabi then hung up, the key is the other party can not ah.

"How? Impress? Impress hung up the telephone fee is blowing, ah?" Luminous said, "ah, liar money really is blowing in."

"FML!" The phone look very exciting, full head of black lines, did not hold back, foul language in front of all telephone burst out, and this is where's a set of Nima ah, wonderful!

"Do not talk! Listen to me!" Microblogging staff shouted.

Oh, very angry, proud luminous smile, calm and said:. "Ah, start your show."

Staff microblogging anger, shouted:! "I am here is China Weibo, a Chinese microblogging my staff, given your current occupation, Chinese microblogging decided to give your micro-blog account plus V to call you verified Weibo name: night light is not your account!Now you just need to answer that! Or not! "

Luminous stunned.

I fork le, made a mistake. Always thought the other is a liar, the original micro-Bo staff, but hey why give their account plus V? Think of just saying, luminous capsule feel each other heart ten thousand *** rushing past.

"Well, buddy ... I'm sorry that ... ah, I ..." luminous, embarrassed, hastened to accompany a smile will have to explain.

The other simply does not want to hear him explain interrupted luminous words, "Do not talk nonsense! You just tell me! Or not!"

"Uh ... yes."


After the other party to get an answer immediately hung up the phone luminous.

Luminous silent. . .

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