My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter IX broadcast accident, telephone encouraging learning

Chapter IX broadcast accident, telephone encouraging learning

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Live continues.

Luminous and say thirty minutes of Ghost Blows Out the plot, and then to the long, smooth the end of the second section.

The presence of the staff are relieved, spent today regarded as safe, the next step is a telephone interactive sessions. They would also not very worried about this link. In the final analysis is to answer the phone chat Well, who does it? As a host, just a little attention to tone, manner of speaking would not pay attention to a major problem.

Luminous midfielder took advantage of the time to solve my personal hygiene, the third part of the interactive phone officially began.

Soon the first phone call came in contact.

The other side is listening to the sound should be a middle-aged male audience.

Male audience access to telephone a little excited: "Hey I do really is not it.??"

Luminous smile: "Hello, big brother, yes, that is you, thank you for calling."

Male audience: "host it?"

Luminous: "The audience Hello brother, I'm your host luminous."

Male audience: "ah, I said, how the sound changed, the original swap presenters, ah, eight do I like to listen to Bayi program, and I keep the warehouse, on the night of the usual, nothing to do at night, you? like to listen to the radio, listening to eighty-one storytelling. ah! ... the host you do not get me wrong, I like you tell the story! speak very good ah. heard for a long time listening to the story of what really cool. "

Luminous:. "Thank you for your support, thank you for your continued listening to our program, we will continue to work, tell funny stories more pleasant to listen to you and also thank the audience and big brother, all listeners to support our program. thank you all."

"Hey, Han Xie, we have to thank you for the program, let those of us who work at night bored people can listen to the radio to pass the time. Young man, you tell the story well, refueling Ha, I like you!"

"Yes, thank you for your support and thank you for the call, I wish you a happy life. Goodbye!"

The first call was soon over.

The second call is turned on.

"Host, your story is too good! Really fun to listen to."

"Thank you for your support and recognition."



The third through the fourth through fifth pass, one after another telephone access.

Caller audience basically dialogue are relatively simple, basically praise luminous story of the good, there are several big brother is a fan of old Liu, called to ask the old Liu's case, luminous very polite one by one response.

Live coming to an end.

"Dear listeners, thank you for listening, then, we access the last phone today."

"Hello." A voice of some immature girl. "Good host brother." The girl was polite.

"The audience sister Hello. I'm your host luminous." Luminous road.

"Luminous brother, hello. You tell the story so good!" The girl was very polite, but somewhat depressed, "is ... is listening to you tell me the story a bit scared, but I'm on the outside, I do not dare to go home. "

Luminous doubts: "The little sister, why are you afraid to go home so late it a very dangerous man on the outside Oh?."

"Because ... because I mess with her mother angry." Girl sound a bit low, "I did not go to school today, the teacher told my mother, my mother very angry. I have copied text also fined. I do not want to copy the text. So I ran out, just listening to the luminous brother's story, I'm a bit scared, but I was afraid to go home. "


"Oh, this is ah engage in something!"

"I rely on, but fortunately I did not shut the radio. Otherwise they missed."

"This is someone's child, ah, so keep parents peace of mind."

"If my daughter, I find break his legs, and look how he ran away from home."

"I loved. No, I have to call the old iron to onlookers!"

"Hey, old iron, fast. JX go and listen to radio stations, broadcast accident. What? Sleep? You sleep paralysis up Hi!"

Listen to the radio listeners about to explode, live away from home to the little girl's phone, this is a rare thing ah. Long night no mood to sleep, this too is fun to time. However, this just want to see the fun of melons for a minority of the people, most of them or worry about this little girl ran away from home.

Field service Pharaoh dumbfounded, glared at a glance operator, "how is it? Dare look inside this phone then? Too was quick enough we die!"

Luminous froze for a moment, what happens? Broadcast on live, how there is a runaway rebellious little girl came into the phone? This system is said to enhance the difficulty live it. Your sister!

Luminous precisely God, very gentle voice asked, "girl, how old are you this year?"

Girl: "16-year-old on a high.."

Luminous asked: "Why do not you go to school little sister do?"

Girl said: "I just do not like school, do not like reading in class every day against the textbook so boring I do not want homework, but every day, many of the jobs I really can not stand, I really do not want to read books. a. "

Luminous gentle voice: "You do not want to read it if you really do not want to go to school, what would like to do it??"

Girl was silent, crackling began to pour grievances, "I do not know, but I just do not want to read, every day at school, I felt like a zombie alive, pent-up breath. I want free, I want to live happy. I have several junior high school students who do not complete a junior high school, and now has to work, not low wages, there are two students also fared particularly well, I often see them on the micro-Bo made a variety of cuisines, ah, ah travel, or buy new clothes. they have been very free, very happy, I want freedom, they want to and as happy.

In school, I face is that every day language, mathematics, English, physics department this Fanuc textbooks and exercise work, only one theme every day, learn! Then to the test when it is a competition with a score achievements. I do not want to go so painful. I do not want to let the school fees of my youth and time. Does this mean that after the results had to be too good nerd than me, okay? I do not believe! Youth should be presumptuous flying, I do not want the future memories of youth, I noticed my youth, only report card!"

Girl talking mood seemed agitated, and finally a voice trembling.

Luminous silent.

See luminous girl did not speak, and said: "?? Did not I say I just do not want to read it, do it wrong."

Luminous breath and slowly spoke and said:. "Girl, you are right, you are not wrong a few days ago, I heard little sister was a teacher, then, to be honest I am very sad and very disappointed. "

"I am not wrong, it's me, teacher! School!"

"The school, a place to study. You can make a number of English language learning of physics and so on, where each subject. Each subject will let you learn every subject he will teach, but I am very disappointed, disappointed they teach you how to read, but why but I forgot to tell you why the reading. "

Luminous heavy voice: "As a teacher, children, today I want to say something, I hope you can listen to."

"Some may be cruel, but I still want to point out each school's students do not want to, there will invariably be able to not reading a seemingly successful students. And use it as a last indulgence of psychological comfort him. You might say that youth Did not you want it? does not rebellious youth also feature called crazy youth? "

Luminous voice suddenly much larger: "I regret to tell you that, here is China, this is not America, not here in Europe."

"This is survival of the fittest, law of the jungle here." Here, luminous almost shouted out. To be honest, from the perspective of the host is concerned, he considered it a mistake.

Field service Pharaoh was in a hurry, how can you say such a heavy thing? This is not inflame it? If this runaway children look for the words by stimulating make anything out of a move to, how can it end?

"This host is sick, right? Young people just do not fly, how can this time to stimulate her?"

"No, ah, I think that's quite Yes."

"Well, today's children, I really do not know how people say good."

"To be honest, my child have this idea, I really do not know how to educate oh."

"The host said on! Here survival of the fittest, law of the jungle here, after reading it difficult not to succeed!"

Adhere to listen to a live audience talking about the incident.

The phone may be considered a girl's emotions, luminous took a deep breath, and gentle voice down, "rebellious and crazy youth Sure, you simply premature advance of any thing is to have a price a few years of indulgence, the result may be the humble life and underlying! of course, the underlying people to come when someone, and everyone is very unlikely blowing air conditioning in the office, but why some people can be comfortable sitting in the office blowing air? "

"My child, you should think about it, why, why should you read the teacher, the parents ask you to read. Even today, as a stranger, I also ask you to read."

"My child, the next words I want you to listen carefully, carefully remember."

"Tell me why you want to study."

Luminous earnest, gentle tone.

"Son, I ask you to study hard,Not because I want you score compared with others, but because I hope that in the future you'll have the option of selecting meaningful, working hours, rather than being forced to make a living.

When your work makes sense in your heart, you have a sense of accomplishment.

When you give your work time, do not deprive your life, you have dignity.

A sense of accomplishment and dignity, to give you happiness. "

This is the dream world of widespread passage, written by Lung Ying-tai, "Dear Andreas." This passage a good interpretation of why the parents of the child and the school's expectations. In this world there is no Lung Ying-tai, naturally there is no these words. But this is a dream world, then it is a lot of parents and teachers cited as encouraging learning Bible.


Girl stunned.

Staff outside the studio also stunned.

This passage ...... really is inside this young man to say?

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