My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter VIII spot on the program

Chapter VIII spot on the program

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Time flies, a flash to 23:00. It is coming live time.

Liu and the group staff early in the preparation of.

Liu sat in the studio in front of the manuscript.

Eleven twenty-five, making final preparations for the program.

All staff in place. Luminous field service along with Liu wearing headphones looking through a glass wall, waiting for the show to start.

Suddenly, took the final manuscript collated old Liu grabbed the hands of the manuscript, clutching his stomach, the pain became like shrimp.

"Liu Liu teacher how do you?" Viewing Room sound insulation effect is particularly good, field service and asked through a microphone.

Liu endured the pain, made a gesture, the group staff quickly rushed into the studio.

Liu's assistant propped Ma Tao Liu, concern and asked: "? Liu, how are you."

Liu has pain pale lips, speechless. Luminous also immediately seized helped Liu.

"Quick, quick call an ambulance." Ma shouted to Tao.

"No!" Luminous said, "Call an ambulance to and fro was a lot of wasted time, Mr. Liu sent me directly to the hospital."

"Good!" Ma Tao nod should go to.

"Well, today, show how to do ..." a female staff member said something timid.

Yes ah, almost started the program, the host at this moment suddenly a problem, show how to do?

"Call Rui Xu, let him come to the top." Ma Tao said.

"Also started three minutes, Rui Xu even grow wings and fly, but ah." Staff have said.

"Let him." Hear his teeth, fighting back pain, pointing to the luminous said, "Let the little night ... ... on."

Some people looked surprised luminous.

Let the luminous? He came only a few days ah. He can be on?

Luminous also somewhat taken aback, he said: "Liu, I ... not so good ......"

Liu opened his mouth to say something, really unbearable pain, trembling lips did not say it, grinding his teeth and finally pop out the word: "! ... on you."

"All right!" Shouted Ma Tao, "Little Night, Liu let you go on the last, on the front of the manuscript to read, no problem!"

"Well, I'm on." By now, there is no other way, luminous had to be under.

"Pharaoh, I send Liu to the hospital, you see this shining!" Ma Tao Wang Road toward field service. Then, and another staff member helped Liu to go.

"Little night, you put on, rest assured, you just read the manuscript, audio equipment and I will help you control." Pharaoh said field service. "Everyone in place. Broadcast will begin immediately."

The staff are very quickly back to their jobs, set, combat readiness.

Live Time is approaching, and both inside and outside the studio suppressed an heavy atmosphere.

Luminous sat position moderator. Headphones. Keke twice, cleared his throat. And then found ......

FML. Manuscript it? !

Manuscript which went? Manuscript old Liu has been pulling it. We have been concerned about the old Liu who is on the program and issues, we are taking old Liu grabbed the hands of the manuscript to forget.

This can do?"Bite, task Issued: Good adaptability is an essential ability of the host, ask the host to resolve the current crisis live, to let the host have a better live experience, the system has been upgraded in this live punishment difficulty of the task: serious illness three days. "


This time the system out to doing, luminous and my heart that depressed, as well as to enhance the broadcast difficulty is how ah? How did a little more explanation ah Hey!

No time to consider other, the program starts already in the countdown. Bite the bullet now!

"Countdown, five, four, three, two, began"

Live broadcast begins.

Luminous very magnetic voice sounded:

"The world is really very small, like a turn around, do not know who will meet; the world is really very big, like a turn around, do not know who will disappear

Starry night, at this moment of you, is to miss the Who, Or, being who you meet, how to start or end with a story.

Good story, I say to you.

Hello everyone, here is the story JX radio station late at night, I am moderator Luminous today. "

Night shift audience is not much, but people still listen to, there are some people like Liu's story will show this night, every night Qiazhao point the time to listen.

"Hey, how substitutions Bayi it?"

"Listen to the sound a little like the young, can tell a good story thing?"

"Wow, oh listen to sound good."

"Go calf, somehow for what the moderator. Well! Is not listening."

Audience buzzing about the outside world, of course, these arguments luminous do not know.

Luminous be looking hard. Lowering his voice.

"Today, small night to tell this story is called -" Ghost Blows "!"

"Wang and, not right, the manuscript is not the case." Pharaoh field service around a flat head man and field service editor Luo Zhiyuan Wang said. Today he is responsible for printing the manuscript typeset, so he contents of the manuscript some impressions.

"No!" Luo editor uttered a cry, "Little Night manuscript on his desk did not!"

Because the device is blocked, the position of the Pharaoh field service station is to look at the work surface of less than studio. Luo editor leaned into the broadcast room looked, only to find luminous table empty.

"Manuscript it?" Pharaoh field service a little anxious, "which went to the manuscript?"

Luo editor thought again and said: "Liu Liu has been holding the hands of the manuscript!."

Field service Pharaoh excited and said: "Quick, quick catch back!"

Luo editor: "Too late, ah, it would have long gone away!"

Field service Pharaoh asked: "Go back to what papers papers, prints a new copy?!"

Luo editor nodded: "? Papers no problem, but a re-play Come back and forth how have seventy-eight minutes, this time how to do."

Pharaoh frowning, has begun to live, we can not just give the audience began to pull live music, so if do that, then this program can be a serious accident, "no way, and only this, look at a small night bar , resigned. "Pharaoh sighed.

At this time, night had begun with a slightly muffled sound start with the Ghost Blows:

"Introduction - Tomb not sightseeing, not against poetry,Not painted embroidery, not as elegant, as strolling, Feelings quietly, as the world Kimichika division. Tomb is a technology, a destruction technology ......

This must all sorts of stories from my grandfather to leave a residue of the book "Transmission of Yin and Yang Feng Shui Mystic" Let's talk about this book residue, the second half of this somehow was abruptly pulled away, leaving only this volume on feng shui occult chapter, the book, like most interpret all of the tombs of the unique pattern of feng shui occult ...... "

Luminous voice slightly muffled, unhurried, clear articulation, his right.

Found no manuscript of time, the time has Lai Buji, and luminous thought of the dream world of fire and Tomb notes Ghost Blows.

Both novels are about the Tomb of the supernatural genre fiction, some supernatural thriller, it is suitable for night shift.

Moreover, the dream world, these two novels is a really a sound version of the novel, a good market response, to cope with the broadcast should be no problem.

Tomb notes and Ghost Blows different, luminous two are like, Ghost Blows relatively speaking, text and more refined, more structured, contemporary heritage is very deep. Readability and stronger sense of substitution. And, relatively speaking, more suitable for complaint about Ghost Blows, so ultimately chose luminous Ghost Blows!

Everything luminous had remembered the dream world, plus there has been never forget skills, Ghost Blows Out the like fixed in his mind in general.

Coupled with a silver tongue skills, so even if there is no manuscript luminous can put the whole verbatim recite Ghost Blows finalized.

Ghost Blows story continues.

"The first chapter, human and mouse white friends. My grandfather called Hu Guohua, a village eight miles on Hu Jiazu famous big landlords, the most glorious period in the city to buy forty three alley between Zhaizi connected .. .... "

Pharaoh field service took a deep breath, "as if speaking pretty good."

Before long, Luo editor took the new lay of the manuscript came and touched listening to stories being fascinated to hear some of Pharaoh field service.

Luo editor: "Wang and, manuscript better."

Pharaoh thought, said:. "First, and so, little night This story is not bad."

Live Section is finally over, followed by a period of advertising and music. Luminous called OK gesture to the glass wall of Pharaoh field service, and then off the headphones.

"Come Little night, drink water." Field service Pharaoh went into the studio holding a bottle of mineral water.

"Thank you, Wang." Luminous took the water, unscrew, grunt drank half a bottle.

"Little Night, Good for you! Great talent ah, Liu really did not wrong you. Yeah, thanks to you." Pharaoh field service with a smile patted the shoulder luminous.

Luminous no script, what group unscripted live where the staff all know, the first verse ended all have around us.

"30 minutes, the entire process finalized. Oh my god."

"Yes ah, yes ah. Little Night you too much."

"The story is also good to hear it. I heard fascinated."

"Little Night, is how you do it, scared to Heaven!"

All the staff rush flooded over, rushes said.

Luminous hand for a smile: "Well, as we flattered."

"Wang and small night." Luo took the manuscript schematic editor, "this manuscript?"

Field service Pharaoh took the manuscript, luminous smile and said: "? Little Night, this manuscript you have to do."

Luminous looked at the manuscript, hesitated, and said:. "Wang and I would like to speak just then the story down."

Pharaoh: "you can do it?"

Luminous confident nod: "OK!"

"Into! What do you say then." Pharaoh field service without a trace of hesitation agreed.

Just 30 minutes, but he witnessed the luminous amazing ability finalized, now is the ability to trust is very luminous, and he also wanted to hear the follow-up story yet.

"Yes, yes. That Ghost Blows just talking about good, do not continue to talk about it, then it is a pity. I want to continue listening. Little Night, will be much more can speak a little oh." A voice waxy waxy girls He said.

"Yes, a small night talking about Ghost Blows really great."

"I heard that, too'm no later heard a little afraid ......"

"Yes, a small night, where did you find this story?"

Luminous touch nose, shy laugh:. "I think of myself casually"


Everyone silent.

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