My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter VII of the late-night story

Chapter VII of the late-night story

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Liu has been a straight face some face finally smile, and said:. "Is a good seed, yes, yes I thought Li Delong gave me a gold-plated stuffed dolls, I did not expect to see missed it, co-author I picked up a piece of gem. OK, after you follow me. I will, I will teach you! "

Luminous smile, old Liu had told him to read a passage he was to recite, this means there are some to show off the talent and ability to be a good thing, no need to conceal it, moreover, after learning to work along old Liu, own their own a talent show up to be able to demonstrate their ability to make more concerned about their old Liu, also carefully taught.

Secondly, lunch, Zhao Rui Rui Xu said luminous can not forget that the primary can also always wanted to master this old Liu pampered. Show their talent, they can improve their core competitiveness!

Although Li Delong radio is long, but the old Liu seniority, a team of men who can listen to him, and the old Liu is not a good relationship, after working up all the slack, or simply find a reason to make trouble luminous, say you do not bother bother?

"Thank you, Master!" Luminous clever way.

"Do not." Liu waved, "I can not teach you a few days, if not your master, will have to see your own understanding, if you like, call me a teacher."

"De le, thank a teacher."

Chatterbox opened, Liu and luminous and some did not chat up, most of luminous ask questions on some of the old Liu presided over, old Liu is also very patiently answered their questions.

They talked for a few hours, the end of the almost ten at night, and a few hours to let the doubts luminous benefit. Sure enough, there is a good teacher and his own research is not the same, just a few hours so that luminous knowledge chaired several floors high, Liu said, many of which are not visible on information not learn from experience.

Liu few days away from retirement, and had the good work also transfer to other staff, or else, he will this really did not talk so much empty and luminous.

Half past ten, old Liu came to the studio with a night light, led Assistant Ma Tao and luminous teaching the various broadcast equipment use and purpose.

Quite large and small broadcasting equipment more, and each button has a number of interfaces, looking very complicated, but Liu said again after roughly luminous basically have to remember, in fact, during the broadcast, the host can use to just a handful of key operation is relatively simple, Moreover, outside there is also an assistant field service, once live, the role of assistants and field service is great, the host just presided aspects, other aspects are field service and assistants and other staff collaboration completed.

Twenty past eleven p.m., fast program began, Liu and the Lord of all the staff to prepare the studio. Luminous also helped doing anything.

Luminous and staff with headphones in soundproof glass wall, eleven twenty-nine, live countdown.

"Five, four, three, two, begin!"

"Starry night, at this moment of you, is to miss the Who, Or, being who you meet, begin or end with what kind of a story?

Good story, I say to you.

Hello everyone, here is the story JX radio station late at night.I'm your host: 1181.

Next we come to hear a story.

The story takes place in ...... "

Liu tone put some slow, very calm voice, very magnetic, enunciate, emotional and very full. Almost Let luminous did not find the slightest fault, really old presided over ah, skill is evident.

Live old Liu also listened to stories told by luminous, the story is relatively simple, to be honest, he listened that means nothing.

Liu's story is like this show, from half past eleven to one o'clock, hour and a half, a total of ninety minutes.

Program composed of three sections. The first section is the host broadcast a thirty-minute story time, and a total of five minutes of advertising and music, the host can also take advantage of five minutes to solve my personal hygiene. Section I and Section II are the same. Thirty minutes broadcast time, plus five-minute intermission. Section two live 60 minutes advertising music for 10 minutes, when a total of 70 minutes. The last 10 to 17 minutes of phone-time, interspersed with music, phone-to access, presenters and audience interaction. Because it is late at night stalls, not many people listen, call the audience is small, but in fact most of the world is playing music. 0:57, the host said some conclusion, then the remaining two minutes minutes along with the music, the whole show is over.

More than an hour was soon over, with music and melodious phrase goodbye to old Liu and the audience, even if today's broadcast is over.

End live old Liu looks a little tired, after all, older, not boil the night. Liu out of the studio, and luminous greeted took the lead back.

Luminous Pharaoh helped field service equipment will pick up a bit off work.

TV out the door, the door father had sat in the car waiting for him.

Glow family's car was a black car, the brand name is Anderson, domestic cars, car license plus a total of less than 100,000. Dad usually less open, less use of the first, second, mother distressed oil money.

On the train, ignition, home.

"Well not let you come so late, since I got a hit a car back." Luminous and Dad said.

"Too late, your mother do not worry." Dad said.

"Hey, I'm such a great person, and what's not satisfied with that. I see this robbery Road physique are afraid to start." Luminous smiles.

Dad nose snorted: "You have to se, sooner or later you lose a day away from home, or better be careful.."

Along the way there are luminous and father did not talk to talk, said the situation at work today. Speaking of Li Delong let him show what, Dad Yipaitaitui, "Hey, hear his work light and spacious, next time I find him to drink your mother can not stopping the."

"You just want to drink it ......"

Back home, my mom also thought to lower luminous bowl of noodles, not to be luminous, washing sieve some sleep, to this day, from morning to night, and indeed a little tired.

He fell down asleep, good night's sleep. Unfortunately, there is no entering a dream world, dreaming of seeing that person children.


The next day, because to go to work until six in the afternoon, still a lot of free time during the day,Luminous comfortably slept late, and finally to the lunch spot was only luminous mom pulled out from under the covers.

After lunch, leave work early, parents also running around tending, luminous bored. Bored on the couch watching TV, watching the entertainment channel. After all, the goal is to become a star Well, pay attention to entertainment or drop! I watched television one afternoon, in fact, did not see anything useful, of course, luminous do not know what is useful or useless, for the time being when pass the time.

"Huang Yiran Li Seiji couples show affection fit"

"Li Sihua or join ZJ TV"

"Liu days after suspected smoke coming out of the pool Nanchang"

"Little Miss Van meat denied acting poor"


One afternoon, luminous seen a lot of silly entertainment news. Five p.m. Luminous eat something, and shift yourself, go to work.

Anderson opened his father's. Dad usually do not how to drive, luminous work far enough away from work is late at night, commuting is very inconvenient, you can not have a taxi or dad to pick it every day. So, Dad waved his hand, then went car will give you away.

Some blocking the road, luminous arrive already 5:55 after the unit parked car.

Just in time.

JX walked into the station building. The building also trot out two women, all wearing dark glasses masks. Dressed in a trench coat, one high and one low, and over the luminous raglan.

Luminous walk two steps, covered with a sudden shudder, like a shock.

Suddenly stopped. Turn around.

The two ladies back one high and one low, luminous eyes tightly stopped at the tall man wearing a trench coat, straight hair fluttering slightly lady body.

Luminous opened his mouth, stuck one hand forward, he shouted to the girls who wanted to.

But his tongue he did not cry out.

Well, luminous shook his head, looked at the time, three minutes, have to get up the stairs to punch a clock.

He turned and walked upstairs.

The two women walked toward the parking lot, taller lady seems Xinyousuogan, the pace slower and slower, and finally stopped.

Ms. slowly looked back to television in the door, but saw nothing.

"How smoke children?" The lady next to be stopped and asked. Down the smoke children's eyes also looked back, saw nothing.

"Nothing, I seemed to see an acquaintance." Smoke children spoke and said, clear sweet voice.

"Oh, that leave quickly. Was found on the bad." He said Ms. pulled the smoke children walked away.

17:59:11 "bite, attendance success." Machine voice sounded, luminous sigh, "attendance bonus of 500 saved!"

Liu has come to, a cup of tea, slowly blowing gas.

"Good Liu." Luminous greeted with a smile.

"Coming." Liu also facing the luminous smiled and nodded.

"Liu, yesterday I went home pondering some questions will have to be to ask your advice." Luminous seated, looking at the old Liu he said.

"Well, can pondering is a good thing, you savvy high, despite what is asked." Liu replied.

So, then, Liu and inculcate a luminous several hours.Assistant Liu Ma Tao original manuscript have to find pairs of old Liu, he said some items live tonight, but look at this mentoring both men chat hot, gooseberry silently turned away.

"You are learning fast, I can speak and teach almost all down to you, have nothing to say to you is, the next you'll follow me, look carefully, carefully study, carefully digest these days you and I say also, the program group where the parties have to help all sides in two days waiting for you to digest, and I'll let you try it on the show! went a hand, doing anything, although you have to do is preside , but other large and small group work, I do not ask you, but you at least have to know everything, all understand. learn more, see more and do more. I listen to this show, although the rate is not how, but also in Taiwan, where He has been ranked the countdown, but there are signs in, and after you take my hand, do not I smashed this sign! "

The end of the chat, Liu earnestness and luminous say these words.

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