My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter VI first day on the job

Chapter VI first day on the job

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Television canteen is very good, meat and vegetables have a lot of dishes.

According to Zhao Rui said, the canteen is a standard television, whether it is health or oil materials used, than outside the small restaurant is much better, eat clean, eat at ease.

The price is very cheap, the cost price.

3 dollars vegetables, little meat dish 6 dollars, 10 dollars big meat dishes.

Canteens do not accept cash, card brush work, work station where the card is a card, badges, access control, time and attendance, as well as all the work canteen card.

Luminous morning work card has been run, Da Fan on the way to recharge the 300, the last two of four dishes and one soup meal, spent a total of only 36 dollars.

Zhao Rui luminous smile and said it was the first time he asked people to spend so little to eat also eat so well.

Under a meal, luminous and Zhao Rui relations in the past a lot, dinner, Zhao Rui took whisper and he said: "Little Night, sister and you hit it solid, you say a few words, you listen to put in the stomach, do not and others say is what I say. "

Luminous nodded and said: "Zhao sister, rest assured, what would you say I promise not to tell.."

Zhao Rui trailed twice, quietly luminous and said: "Little Night you may not know just arrived, water stations can be deep yet, and we have radio stations, though not the best television department, job not so much curved around the oil and water, but privately also struggled, fierce competition. Take for instance the old Liu is about to retire, the original old Liu popularity has been very good, he is the older generation, and we have a generation gap, are talking less than a go, no few people are willing to pay him any heed, but now he is about to retire, you know this time how many people are changing the pattern to scrape his side. what map? "

Slightly luminous look a gift horse nodded.

Zhao Rui also said: "Little night, you and Lee Taiwan relationship, right?"

Luminous did not conceal deceiving, nodded and said: "My father and Uncle Li are comrades."

"Ah." Zhao Rui nodded, "Little Night, you later on the radio have to be careful, other people better, said there is Lee sets to give you support, they can not recklessly, but there is a person you have to extra careful. This person is called Rui Xu, now an editor, this time on a number of his old Liu to take care of the most positive side, Sipilailian old Liu is evening, booing him, did not come home from work, take the initiative to work overtime, just to the side more in the old Liu Minato will. brush goodwill. this man water a bad stomach, but I heard a leader in Taiwan and also has a relationship. Desk allows you to follow the old Liu Li learned something, he could not dare to do next plane, for fear that his heart already unpopular with your careful he will give you obstruct. "

Zhao Rui finished, luminous moment think that morning with a black-rimmed glasses eyes of some pernicious young man. Wrong, then he should be is a Rui Xu.

"Thank you, Miss Zhao, I know. I will pay attention." Luminous sincerely thank Zhao Rui.

"Ah, anyway you look out. Also, you do not write me and say the words out, otherwise no law Zhao sister in the unit mix." Zhao Rui Stern said.

Luminous smiled and said: ".. Rest assured Zhao sister, I would say you rot in the stomach with guns forced me I will not betray you."


After lunch, Zhao Rui luminous and back office area radio stations, luminous office area also arranged, sit side by side on the side of Liu Bayi Liu and Bayi had this position is someone, but in order to make luminous Li Delong familiar with the work as soon as possible, put the original in this position Mike arranged on the opposite side of the room.

Liu afternoon people have gone, he was the night shift, he did not originally in the morning, just because some things in the company on retirement formalities so only to the units. After Glow to follow the old Liu work, work time schedule to six in the evening to one o'clock.

Originally not a luminous afternoon working hours, that he should go back, but luminous look at the time, had two in the afternoon, at home and far enough away, back and forth for a long time did not say quite frustrating, simply do not go back,

After the orange out of domestic mobile phones, luminous called and explained to the mother about the situation, the mother of fuss and luminous talk for ten minutes, and luminous say so late from work, have no bus, taxi too costly, commuting let Dad Kaijulaijie and so on.

Hang up the phone, luminous feeling, in the end or pro-OMG, did the same care in how you set the air.

Afternoon, night too bored. I do not know what to do.

Other units of the so-called bully new colleagues to make new colleagues what odd jobs he does not appear that, after all, we all know, the new luminous comrades but long and Taiwan relationship, who is silly because he let down a water make file and touch the stage long mold head?

Taking advantage of the free, luminous turn on the computer on the desk, in a host of online registration examination, registration is very simple, simply fill out the information submitted, the day of the exam directly to the examination room examination on it.

Luminous and then search for a host of information on some training, slowly studying them.

Host the final analysis, the most important factor is the number of eloquence, force field control, mind control, plus knowledge and some personality.

Leaving aside the knowledge and personality, eloquence luminous has been pretty good, coupled with a system articulate, extremely rich skills, luminous very confident.

Field control aspects of the luminous feel that they should also, when a few months teachers, school daily rhythm to grasp the fact can be considered a field control capabilities thing.

Psychological Luminous always felt that stupid daring, what stage fright should not happen. Moreover, the class had to face so many students, radio host also just a microphone only.

One afternoon, luminous are searching online to see the various host training materials, unwittingly, has five in the afternoon, and a hasty luminous to the cafeteria to eat a meal.

Come back to see old Liu has come to, he is seated sit and wait to see the newspaper.

Liu this age, many have the habit of reading the newspaper. On the contrary, young people now have a rare look at a newspaper.

See luminous came, Liu looked up at him.


"Ah, hello Liu, after you a lot of attention." Liu luminous smile and polite greeting.

Liu continued to read newspapers, not salty not pale, said: "let alone care, I did not bring a disciple, do not know how to teach, you follow me watch and learn,You can learn how much is your own ability. "

Luminous surprised a moment, this attitude a little bit wrong ah, how himself offended him?

Luminous and old Liu unfamiliar, do not know how Jiecha ridicule a little, saying, "Thank you, Ms. Liu." Then sit on the seat, read his host training materials.

A long while, to see old Liu seems to lack, and put down the newspaper, turned to see the look luminous, luminous being found speaking host computer training materials, also from time to time write or draw on a notebook to take notes.

"Just look at these are of no use." Liu said.

Luminous somewhat surprised, turned around to see old Liu.

"When you want to host, can be enough light to see, but more importantly is to say, it will read to, first edition, you read it to me a while." Liu handed the newspaper luminous.

Luminous took the newspaper, looked at, is a People's Daily, the first version of the title is: the Chinese characteristics, a world-class modern education forward.

Luminous saw two thirty seconds. Put down the newspaper, watching the old Liu, broke and said:. "The overall level of education in China has been advancing the development of a substantial increase in the ranks of the world the extent of universal education, three years before the national school gross enrollment rate in high-income countries average penetration rate of compulsory education more than high-income countries the average level of senior middle school education and higher education gross enrollment rate in high-income than the national average.

Education Fair has made great progress. By the end of 2016, the national focus on contiguous destitute areas 708 county-level units there are 684 living allowance policies have been implemented rural teachers, coverage of 97%; in "free education for students" to attract 34,000 college graduates each year directly to the countryside primary schools, 310 000 "special post teachers' covering more than 30,000 rural schools in the Midwest, more than 640 teachers have received training in rural Midwest Wan" national training program. " Meanwhile, more than 3,600 million students benefited from the rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition program; in all types of students at all levels, 2/3 to be exempted from tuition and fees, 2/3 enjoy a variety of funding. "

Luminous clear, and very accurate pronunciation. Enunciate, because it is news, you do not need much emotional investment, it is very luminous smooth recite the contents of the newspaper came out.

In a thank never forget skills. At first glance swept luminous newspaper, looking to reach in the entire layout of a newspaper content are word for word luminous clear remembered, but do not want to show too shock the world, so it looked more than two thirty seconds.

Liu somewhat surprised, quickly took the newspaper luminous hands, looked down. And then look to the luminous, said:. "You do it all again."

Luminous did not say anything, immediately broke in recite:. "The overall level of development of education in our country has been advancing in the ranks of the world ...... universal education in all types of students at all levels, 2/3 to be exempted from tuition and fees, 2 / 3 enjoy a variety of funding "this recitation, old Liu is almost a word for word to be more to the back the more surprised at heart, verbatim, word for word! Incredible.

Liu recite along with the rhythm of luminous, a word a word of reconciliation. Recite the end, slowly put down the newspaper, old Liu flash of naked eyes looked surprised luminous.

"Well, Liu,My childhood memory is better. You should not recite it wrong? "Luminous touch nose, explained with a smile.

What else dubious old Liu nodded, but did not seem a good explanation, only thanks to a good memory. Luminous performance really surprised him, this is news, so many words, slow reading speed two thirty seconds are stocked again, the sense of the phrase does not speak the same language as usual smooth feeling, and this news section, there are a lot of data. Luminous just read it again, not even a trace of poor character with all the data back down. Liu even feel, even punctuation marks are noctilucent back down.

Yes, the old Liu feeling is right, indeed punctuation luminous remember.

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