My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter V radio reported

Chapter V radio reported

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Luminous orange out domestic mobile phone, an old ally of his father to work in the radio station Li Delong made a telephone call.

"Hey, Uncle Li, I'm a luminous ah. I have to radio the door. Ah, well, well, ah, I wear a black suit, carrying a brown bag. Ah, Go ahead, I'll wait for you at the door . "

Hang up the phone, and pretty soon, out of radio inside a man about 50 years, the man is tall and burly, Dragon Tiger step, some panache. Some white hair, but the meticulous finishing.

Li Delong far and luminous hello, "Little Night! This."

Luminous meet her, greeting: "Uncle Li."

Li Delong walked luminous side. Very friendly luminous patted on the shoulder, "Hey. Little Night, and off time not seen you, and the strong. Haha."

"My mother always fed well, Uncle Li you are still so robust, so that these young people we felt humbled." Luminous says.

"Ha ha, old, old friends." Li Delong said with a smile, "Do not stand in this, and go, let's go." So saying, Li Delong pulled into the luminous radio station.

Li Delong with luminous came to the ninth floor, along the way, and a lot of staff are greeted Li Delong, Lee said his station, into the Li Delong office, saw the luminous signs on the desk Li Delong: Radio Long - Li Delong.

"Ha, you are the original Uncle Li radio long Yeah, my dad and I said that you work in radio, I did not tell you specifically in this Zuosa. My dad is a co-author, found me a big backer ah." Luminous smile Road.

Li Delong himself to a glass of water luminous, luminous sit down and say hello, smiled and said: "Your father temper that, hey, so many years I and my old comrades in arms, although in a city, but had never come to me to do anything, help what busy. I occasionally ask him out to drink wine, but also your mother always said the pipe. yesterday you called me back my dad was shocked, your dad never ask for help, this time is an exception, ah. "

"Hey, does not she." Luminous ridicule and said, "Uncle Li, you have no trouble doing this, right? If you are having difficulty, and I say so, I do not want to trouble you."

. "Hey brats say anything!" Li Delong Yangnu said:!. "What difficulties are not your dad and me so many years of friendship, I also grew up watching you grow up and your dad, but when I carry off together gun sleep on bunk beds comrades, find your dad first time I work, I'm sure you do neat! "

"De le, then thank you Uncle Li." Luminous smiles. Luminous did not take too hypocritical, all these years Li Delong and their home are also more common ground, the two sides are very conversational. Now that the opening to find someone to help, but some of the minced hypocritical.

Luminous and Li Delong and family gossip in the office talked for half an hour, and finally talk to the luminous arrangement work.

Li Delong luminous want to ask what aspects of the work.

Luminous said casually, anyway, he did not do what had to start from scratch. Let Li Delong looked arrangements.

He casually this, but let Li Delong some screenwriters, consider for a long time, spoke and said:. "Little Night ah, you first arrive, but also do not understand anything, I am not good to arrange what you sought-after departments or positions."Li Delong thought, said, "Well, I've got this late-night channel, now a radio show host is an old brother, is Liu Bayi in two weeks will have to step down, he is the veteran, experienced qualified you to follow him to learn a science, add fuel, if able to retire before he is familiar with the work I let you take his show! "

Sure enough, there are good things acquaintances.

"Uncle Li, which let me on the show? Will a little ......" luminous somewhat surprised that he was a newcomer, had just arrived, also consequently do not understand, which is scheduled on the program? Say quite moderator, background boil for three years, even if Li Delong radio is long, and will not really let him boil for three years, but this too quickly? Li Delong fear is so arranged inside and not very good explanation.

"! Nothing, a late-night shift, no listening figures, Taiwan, where these little guys were disgusted, I Zhengchou no answer Liu classes do, you just come," Li Delong said with a smile: "No is not your kid confidence, right? anyhow, graduated from prestigious universities, although professional counterparts, but no problem training exercise. worry do it! "Li Delong final word!

Luminous did not refuse, he does need the opportunity, not so much time, then nodded down: "ah, I am confident, thank you Uncle Li."

"Confident enough." Li Delong nodded, "Yes, a small night, ah, these days you follow the old Liu learn more, see more, and then find themselves in the points when the host training materials and books look. There Moderator cards, ten days later there is a centralized examination, I find acquaintances to see if the host certificate to help you run down, although only radio host, but not a certificate equivalent to the others to leave a pigtail pulling. "

Luminous heard this, suddenly some admire Li Delong, this burly man was a cautious Lord, everything, no wonder when long on the radio.

Moderator certificate, to be honest luminous himself did not take into account the evidence of things, after all, did not expect so soon on the show thing. In fact, many well-known presenters are undocumented posts, let alone radio host, and no evidence abound, but like Li Delong said, not the equivalent of a card to leave a pigtail others arrested. A man named eight zero tonight talk show, the host is Wang Zijian, comedian born, and later did this show, good show, a talk show claiming to China brother, but because of a host of issues permit, is people grabbed pigtail, abruptly into a dispensable to the host, he had become a guest.

"Yes Uncle Li, I know, the host card you do not bother, I test it myself, I went home from work today online registration. It does not want other people to pulling pigtails, then write-clean, otherwise it was afraid after I was asked to take the host certificate of relationship do make a fuss. "

Li Delong drink some water, he said: "??. Ah ten days have confidence in it this card that is hard, but not so good exam."

Luminous nodded, "No problem, Uncle Li you worry, I am confident."

"Good! Confident enough!" Li Delong luminous patted on the shoulder, "Go, I'll show you the work of departments."

Radio eighth floor is centralized office area, a very large area with a wooden partition separated out seven or eight regions.A sweep in the past, these luminous found the staff to work actually quite leisure, play down play with the mobile phone, reading the newspaper read newspapers, play games to play games, chat chat. Few are doing down to business. See Li Delong came, one by one before they quickly restrained.

"Li Taiwan."

"Li Taiwan good."

"Good leadership."

They have a staff of two and Li Delong say hello.

Li Delong nodded, with a luminous central region of the aisle, clap your hands, and said:. "We pause"

People have to stop the hands of bumbling work, look to Li Delong.

"I have to tell you about a new colleague."

Li Delong pointed to the luminous side.

"This is a new colleague, called luminous. Just graduated from university, not long after and everyone working together, you are regarded as his predecessors that in the future take care of little comrade."

Luminous smile looking around the crowd, nodded slightly to say hello.

"We applaud it." Li Delong take the lead in applause.

People have also applauded, not too warm applause, sparse, but basically applauded the presence of employees.

Joke, radio long personally brought the toes think there should be a relationship Yes, it is directed at the radio station long, who do not give a bit of face.

"Xiao Zhao, you will be luminous with running a check." Li Delong said to the early thirties, about shoulder-length short hair Zhao Rui.

Zhao Rui smiled and nodded, then smiled and nodded to each other luminous, be greeted.

"Lao Liu, you are ah." Li Delong has been directed at the half-white hair, square face, with round-framed glasses eighty-one Liu said.

Liu nodded, "ah, something the retirement formalities have to take a trip, go back immediately."

Li Delong smiled and nodded and said: "That's right, my province at night looking for you, old Liu, your qualifications old, a few days you on the back, in a play heat, along with new small gay night. "

Liu eighty-one Some looked surprised luminous look, stunned for a while, did not refuse, a touch of Enliaoyisheng.

Luminous obviously feel a lot of people's eyes shabu are concentrated to himself, has surprised with envy, but also with a trace of resentment, even luminous corner also found a young man with black-rimmed glasses look flash of resentment.

Luminous is not stupid, have guessed about, it seems Li Delong say nothing of what late-night stop listening figures, no one is willing to accept just anything to say to him to hear, on verbal expression. Li Delong in front of so many people say, then, basically the equivalent of a luminous green light to let old Liu took over the show. Luminous just arrived, without any qualifications, the one on the show, even if Li Delong behind him, but also get into some of the fear is right and wrong.

Thing is a foregone conclusion, what not to say luminous, only silently thank Li Delong. Have the opportunity to repay the kindness in it. This favor, he remembered!

After that, Zhao Rui led night light running up and down to do the entry formalities, Zhao Rui is a very kind and very talkative woman, 32 years old, married and has a seven year old child. Probably because of the relationship between Li Delong, Zhao Rui of luminous still very warm. All the way to chat, luminous and Zhao Rui soon conversational.Luminous friendly Jiaozhao sister Rui Zhao, Zhao Rui also very enthusiastic introduction and luminous parties face each station.

After the last busy preparing, entry formalities are to more than eleven before finally finishing up.

Labor contract signed a year, two-month probation period, the probation period and the same official salary. Monthly basic salary 3500 salary, attendance bonus 500, 500 meal allowance, transportation allowance 200, doing 4700 a month, and for speaking university graduates, not low, it is estimated that there are Li Delong luminous face.

Luminous see almost to the point of the meal, please Zhao Rui proposal eat a simple meal, after all, people take their morning run up and down. Zhao Rui polite a bit, finally did not reject the proposal on the television cafeteria to eat.

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