My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter 04 I want to be a star!

Chapter 04 I want to be a star!

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"Bite, quests Released: to become a star, summit entertainment domestic tasks time: 6.8 years punishment task: This task is released with the main task, such as task fails, you do not want to know what the punishment is." Small systems a handful of small playfully.

Luminous silent.

When the star? Luminous bit dizzy, so why did you want to become a star? Well there is the relationship between the teacher and the stars?

Carefully thought about, luminous little understood. This is because the system analyzes five factors Kong Shengcheng out of work.

A: high cultural level; two: individual ability; three: thinking; four: fame; V: disciples and believers of many.

First, the high cultural level. Confucius studied under many disciples, reading half the world's people know him to be a teacher, and cultural level that is beyond doubt. Luminous bit to understand why the college would fall asleep to the dream world, so that he was not the original intention of the system and affectionate sister, mainly to let him feel the culture of learning and knowledge of the world. To improve his cultural level. Luminous some shame, although never forget the skills, but the dream was preoccupied with his wife and affectionate, and how many schools where there will be interest. How many learned point, but said Confucius and cultural level compared to the difference is not much, there is a Mount Everest of it.

Second, individual ability, Confucius is the all-rounder, poetry and painting shot Royal riding well versed in personal ability is evident, and Confucius is saber, sword just do not think Confucius decorations, although Confucius scholar, but the image not the image of literati frail, historical records Confucius father was a military commander, so the child is certainly not small, Confucius has recorded nine feet six inches in length, although there may be an exaggeration, so the possibility to beautify the saint invented, but multi-data also show that Confucius definitely a tall stature.

Kong Zaipei true warrior sword, moreover, Confucius travel around the world in those days, did not force the point value of the town could not really believers gangsters. Implying Confucius mouth guns will be able to get rid of bandits bandits? Confucius the road, robbery Road bandit, a nozzle gun, bandit push back. Or simply to mouth shot them to death, the people from harm! Haha.

Digress. Personal capacity, luminous feel like I have nothing to spit, but he has a system ah! The power of the system he has seen all the skills, with the system, fear not afford it?

Thirdly, it is thought, the Confucianism but the mainstream of traditional Chinese culture, far-reaching, China's most influential genre, but also the mainstream consciousness of ancient China. It can be described as one hundred people first thought! This state is too high, consider themselves luminous reach.

Four is big fame, Confucius's success, not just his academic powerful only. Qin philosophers, why Confucian respect? Some say that the applicability of the history of the times, in fact, thought of Legalism in fact, is also very suitable dynasties, but the position has been as good as Confucianism. The applicability of our historical era Leaving aside the topic too.

Confucius success is inseparable from his fame, Confucius ten years with his disciples travel around the world, the spread of culture, although suffered terribly. But that information blocked age, such a move can be described as a very strong advocacy. Earned him great fame. Wonderful thing many people may not know who its neighbors prime minister isBut you know who he Confucius Yes. With fame and popularity, in school and later lectured there are a large number of Confucius good mass base.

Luminous reckon, let him become a star system should be it is for the purpose in this regard. To fame! Has been known to do the job well, or else just a primary school teacher, teaching teach even several lifetimes, in order to get the title of All Ages, that is nonsense, not to say or do bad enough, just because the audience is too small. However, this fame thing, in addition to a few central chiefs, who are the highest fame? Yes! Celebrity!

Fifth, and his disciples believed in many, in fact, is the same reason, disciples and believers, the more extensive cultural transmission. Similarly, the higher the popularity of the star, the more the fans, the higher the impact.

Luminous be understand the whole. It seems when the star is inevitable. But when the star said of light, but where is that when you can bear. Do the authors have to go to the northern drift, when the group played a few years? Which then looking to be spotted female director, unspoken rules him and holding him host? Give me a break, luminous though not ugly, but also handsome but those little meat ah.

How to do? Luminous very distressed. No one to turn into the circle na!

Yes, Uncle Li! Luminous Meng think of a person.

Uncle Li is the father of his comrades, and luminous family remained in touch, I've heard his work on JX radio stations, radio stations can be considered entertainment thing. Too, ask to go find Dad.

Living room, luminous father was drinking tea, mother lying on the sofa watching TV.

"Yo," luminous Looking father, "Dad, what tea? Cool it, I went to refill your hot."

Dad without looking up: "No, just fell, and I stood cold will."

Luminous ridicule it, they go to mom: "? Mom, watch TV so it can lay in poor health, legs numb, come, give your son squeezed." Said began to get started.

Mom grunted: "your kid Guizhu Yi and simmering it, go to hell alone."

Luminous unhappy, "Mom, have you say your son Well, I is not your honor Well, I'm not your parent or son."

Mom hate said: "! Not charge calls to send."

"Oh, my dad had also co-worked charge calls live, ah." Luminous smiles.

Mom luminous light foot kick, said:. "You just talkative"

Dad took a sip of tea, said: "? The line, say, want to do."

"Ah, say, just want to hear what you hold back bad." Mom and should channel.

Luminous Shanxiao Zhao, touch the nose: "Dad, I remember you had a comrade in arms, is Uncle Li, he was working in radio is not it?"

Dad strange, and asked: "Why do you ask?"

Luminous smiles: "I want to become a star, Uncle Li wanted to ask dad to see if he was there any opportunities."

Dad: "......."

Mom directly to the luminous word "roll."

Luminous: "Do not ah, Mom, I'm serious."

Mom disdain: "You can not be serious demon back as if you are not careful and you dad I'll eight horse you did not pull you back??"

Luminous big embarrassing: "Mom, really, I really mean it this time, I promise.I believe once you're in the thing. "

"Do not believe!" Mom without thinking, "Just you also want to be a star? You do not go to the bathroom look in the mirror, you look of the thing, which looked like a star up there?"

Luminous really Pidianpidian went to the bathroom to go.

A minute later, luminous confident out from the bathroom, said: "! Mom, I carefully read, I felt like I was handsome with you, I think I can do it."

"Puchi." Mom was angry and happy. "Do not I lean, do you resign, I do not eliminate the gas. Ma slip of get out of it."

See Mom this does not work, then Britain's fart Tian Zhelian to the father that.

Dad Shenqingziruo drinking tea: "You do not look at me, our family thing your mother have the final say, you are not do not know."

Mom and proud look of luminous directed snorted.

Luminous a black line, muttered: "Tate's husband children, women still call the shots at home, shame."

Dad shortness of breath, "Brats, you say!"

Luminous quickly corrected himself: "I said your dad brilliant peerless Shuoyibuer I praise your father too!!!!"

Dad snorted, "Do not think I did not hear, you do not shock me, I do not eat you this!"

Luminous shame, well, a little trick ... the failure ......?

Dad took out his cell phone and saw the spot, dialed a number, "Hey, talk of the town, it's me, there is something to ask you ......"

Luminous looked stunned father and talk to deal with seven or eight minutes, and then hang up.

Luminous hurriedly asked: "Dad, Uncle Li is to play it how kind Uncle Li how to say???"

"It is finished!" Dad spirited, quite the householder's majesty, "You let your Uncle Li reports directly to him tomorrow!"

Luminous moment, hey! It's that become? Gnaw a little incredible it? Dad mighty! Blindingly really helpful.

Luminous overjoyed, "Dad, you're too much. Sure enough, is head of the family, terrible! Terrible!"

Dad calm ah lifetime, sit and wait Duanqichabei drank. Some cold tea. "Go, give me a cup of hot!" Quite a head of the family style.

"De le!" Luminous Pidianpidian go to tea Dad.

Mom eyeing looked at Dad, whispered loudly: "Back in the room to pack you."

A father feel so cold, shrink the shrink neck, momentum suddenly weak half.

For the luminous matter, the mother did not say anything, be default, and a strong return strong woman at home, but the family two guys who decided things that still have to face given. This is a clever woman approach. Let this kid toss it, no matter. Let him stay home watching too upset himself. Also too lazy to wait on him.

Thus, the organization of work so luminous even settle down.


The next day, luminous wake up early, shave, wash my hair, but also wipe the hair spray, wearing a suit and a tie. Mom hastily ate breakfast and went out to do, and today was his first day on the job report.

Luminous home from the radio and television from very far away, he can not get a small car battery, take the 5 metro, bus trip turn two, plus walk a thousand meters, finally at 8:30 the entrance to the station JX,Radio working time is 9:00 am. Luminous is a concept of time heavier people, today is the first day of the reported Moreover, if late, how to say not very good.

Building housing a total of twenty stories JX radio station, the JX JX radio and television stations together constitute the radio station only takes eighth ninth floor, the other floors are part of JX television and other sectors. Building name is called JX television and radio stations also affiliated with JX television affiliates. JX is the capital of the radio broadcasting station, JX can cover the entire region. Over the years, the program has done tepid, but those cities and radio stations can only cover a city compared to, JX radio station received the command of be far ahead. Of course, the central station and the first line of the metropolitan population centers and those that can not be compared.

This is where future work, ah!

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