My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter 03 system tasks: teacher for all ages!

Chapter 03 system tasks: teacher for all ages!

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In the evening, luminous and parents around the small table to eat.

"You kids, how so quit it? Why not tell your dad say." Luminous mother complained. "Resign resigned. How? Now regret it? Let you did not listen. You said you let me what to say? Did not have to report a Nanchang University, also studied painting professional. Graduated not find a promising job , not go to primary school teacher! this time these days, you say, you take for how long? says the resignation gave resigned. you kids, you say you want to doing? "

"Come." Dad interrupted luminous mother's words. "Her children, his own things themselves, and ramble so much muscle. So much can you let him back on the University of the professional way to come back."

Mom waved and said:. "Well, I is not been this bastard gas Well, OK, OK, do not say."

"Resigned to quit. Like a good what the future yet? Continues to be a teacher?" Dad asked.

Luminous not speak, the mother to Jiecha:. "Hey, I think this is what Guizhu Yi mixed kid Zhibuding simmering it."

Luminous touch nose, smile: "? Mom, have you say the Son of"

. "You did not hit light" Mom said: "Well, you do not talk, Han also mention, let your dad and I ah secure in it before eating the meal you have Guizhu Yi now. Esen hold back. "

Luminous Hey cry:. "Your mother too, ah well, do not eat, the air full.." Said luminous Fangxiawankuai up going back into the house.

"You have gas?" Mom angrily:. "I do not eliminate the fire, you still on the air."

"Line of the line, eat it, what ah." Luminous Dad rounders Road.

Mom playfully grunted: "eat eat."

Night at eight.

Luminous parents is the living room sofa watching television.

Glow in the room looking at Taichung, counting down: "Five, four, three, two, one!"

Up to eight hours. Sound system sounded on time.

"Bite the system is turned on."

"System starting ......"

"Countdown three ... two ... one."

"There is division system has been opened."

"This system is the only system."

"The system can grow, currently the primary system pupil standard values ​​phase system can be upgraded, using the present system consumes Reputation value function. Reputation value and the basic properties of the system pupil. Meditation system is turned on / off to turn on / off the system. Have fun. "

"Newcomer award has been sent."

Think of a bunch of sweet female voice in the system luminous mind. Luminous suddenly felt dizzy, quite Huanguo Lai. In front of nothing, but I was able to clearly see the luminous light blue window screens of a laptop screen size.

Screens display the slogan on one line:

Japan has been far philosopher, teacher dare for the world!

Four sub-system window tabs. They are:

Property, lottery shops, items

Luminous want to reach the point at Properties tab, just mind a move, the page will automatically jump to the property bar.

"The system is operated by the idea that you can directly operate the system with the idea, I wish you happy."

System Properties

System Level: Beginner

Prestige value: 860

Disciple value: 11

Character attributes

Constitution: 100

Power: 110

Agility: 90

Title: None

Skills: never forget, primary painting,

Each value has a little question mark behind, luminous open a little, have a basic understanding of what the values ​​represent.

Various effects prestige and personal reputation, personal achievement, welcome degree of confidence index and other factors, the system is one of the growth index. Reputation must be a positive reputation, doing things must be accepted by the public support in order to gain popularity, if all kinds of evil, even if it is to be known to the world can not get a little prestige.

Disciple value obtained is relatively high, a person must be recognized from the heart, under his influence, and he is regarded as a teacher or role model. If considered a prestige value the number of fans of the star, and then the disciples on the value of similar brain residual powder! Also, a person can only produce a little disciple value. Disciple value obtained is very difficult, and some people even if he liked admired you, even your lifestyle can be affected, but not necessarily generate disciple value. Disciple value is a heartfelt deepest recognition and worship.

Character attributes like to understand more, three standard healthy normal between 80 and 100, depending on the physical strength of a slight deviation, luminous sub-meter eighty, plus the usual exercise regularly, he is considered a very three values one of the very strong health.

After reading properties, luminous thoughts of a move, sweepstakes page came up.

"Monthly lottery number lottery number has been issued for the currently available:? 1, to confirm whether the lottery now"


"This is a monthly lottery draw, the winning rate of 50%. Lottery began."

End sound system, a full screen of Russia Big Wheel saw appear on the page, a lot of entries on the Big Wheel, a little more than half a painted chest. There are a handful of options blank, evidently, have to be able to get the reward chest.

Big Wheel rapid turn up, slow down slowly after a few seconds, the pointer is currently in the position it is concentrated in the chest area, no accident, then draw a chest no problem.

Sure enough, the final pointer firmly Dangdang stopped at a chest.

"Congratulations, you get a chest, has been sent to the Inventory."


Luminous state of mind of a dynamic, open bar items.

"Welcome to bar items, this column is the primary items before a maximum capacity of five by five a total of 25 storage compartments, with the kinds of items can be accumulated superimposed 10. realities items can be stored, but can not be superimposed, and each storage grid largest It can accommodate one cubic meter items. Have fun. "

Sure enough, luminous objects in the column to see a golden chest. Storage compartment next to the chest and a colorful gift: the new package.

Click chest.

Confirm use.

"Congratulations, you get the skill books: articulate whether directly?"

Luminous looked at the notes, articulate skill books: After use, acquire skills articulate. Skills: The mother also need not worry about my stuttering pronunciation and friends!


Skill book into a white disappear,Between the tongue There was a cool feeling fleeting.

For luminous skill system, but like the incredible, never forget a skill just let him benefit from small to large endless.

"Very good, very powerful! It seems good luck today, should go more than a few times prize draw, see if you can be able to get good at something." Said, luminous and opened the draw bar.

Click on the lottery began luminous lottery wheel, the system pop-up dialog box: primary lottery system each draw consume 30,000 prestige value, currently 860 prestige, lack of prestige, can not draw.

"I went to every 30,000 points, prestige ...... Well, look at the store it."

Open shops, night suddenly dumbfounded.

Opportunity Knocks: 30,000 Price

No jump of the disaster: the price of 30,000

Refreshed: 30,000 Price

Erotic: 30,000 Price

Kongwuyouli: 30,000 Price

The rock solid: 30,000 Price



Well, no one is luminous now buy from. Regardless of the draw are also commodity prestige value of thousands of counts. He is now only 890, can be doing? We got to work to earn prestige value of the job ah.

Store is temporarily not buying things may luminous, luminous think, storage bar as well as a new package.

Open storage bar, luminous with the idea of ​​using a new package of orders. White Light eyes, there was a series of system prompts:

Congratulations, you get good fortune 1

Congratulations, you get no jump of the disaster 1

Congratulations, you get refreshed 1

Congratulations, you get 1 Erotic

Congratulations, you get 1 Kongwuyouli

Congratulations, you get a solid rock of 1

Congratulations, you get the skill books Attractively

"Ha ha, get rich, get rich." Originally hit stores by the luminous suddenly laughed out loud.

This series looked at the system prompt, just like a kind of luminous farmers stand to sing catch the foot.

"Great good fortune, lucky state for 10 minutes. Not bad."

"No jump of the disaster, for others to use for 10 minutes. Oh, this is the legendary female human artifact Yeah, good, good, good."

"Refreshed, enhanced version of the coffee, no side effects, do not worry about my mother in overtime it!"

"Erotic, others may be forced to tell the truth also pretty good, with this, if a police officer should be able to hit the big time. Hey"

"Kongwuyouli, fighting artifact!"

"The rock solid, tortoiseshell baa legendary. Well maintained anti-bullet do not know. It is a good thing!"

"Those are consumables, the best thing is this skill book, extremely rich, speak more emotional after use, more influential. Used, with the decisive"

Then, white light flashed, affectionate and Mao skills luminous book was used.

Luminous jumped up and down with excitement in the room, he kept the research system.

And experiment a bit storage function bar, the room large and small objects were all he received storage column and out, to and fro, tossing a few times. Also repeatedly pinch his thigh, sharp pain made him happy laugh.

"Bite, the only main task of publishing: the title of the ultimate title of teacher for all ages."

The only main quest? Teacher for all ages? What the hell. Luminous some wonder, I do not know so little about this task.

"Japan has been far philosopher, teacher dare for the world since the holy saints hole, no one teacher for all ages get the title, the only task of the host system to obtain the title of All Ages, St. par with hole depth analysis Kong Shengcheng system power factor, a!.: high cultural level; two: individual ability; three: thinking; four: fame; V: disciples and believers of many systems have been combined with the current social environment based on five factors, has the task to formulate the best solution for the host. ".

Luminous understand how it is a system task. But a little ignorant circles.

I go!

Do you want to play so much ah?

Teacher for all ages? St. par the hole? Tease it?

Confucius is the teacher for all ages, is a teacher ah, that why we make the teacher's job to resign now? Play with?

Luminous some depressed. I do not have confidence ah.

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